Amnesty International Snubs Britain’s Jews.

Writing in the Times of Israel, Stuart Winer tells us:

amnesty internationalAmnesty International rejected a motion to campaign against the rise in anti-Semitism in Britain, saying it battles all discrimination and would not single out individual groups, the British Jewish newspaper The Jewish Chronicle reported Tuesday.

The resolution called for the group to “campaign against antisemitism in the UK and lobby the government to tackle the rise in attacks.” It was struck down 468 to 461 at the group’s annual general meeting at the beginning of the week, the report said.

“It was the only resolution to be defeated during the whole conference,” said Andrew Thorpe-Apps, who submitted the motion in March after becoming concerned over press reports of rising anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom.

I have been warning for years that the western left is turning against the Jewish people and this is a perfect example of just the type of thing that we have been discussing.

Amnesty International claims that there is no reason for a resolution to fight anti-Semitism in Britain, because they claim to fight all forms of racism in the United Kingdom, as it is.

Mr. Thorpe-apps, who put forth the resolution, had this to say after his friends in Amnesty rejected it:

“I recently joined and I believe passionately about human rights,” he said. “I was aware that the organization has been outwardly pro-Palestine in the past but it hasn’t stood up for the Jewish population and I think it would be good if they did that.”

Yes, we here at Jews Down Under and Israel Thrives – where this piece was first published, join Thorpe-apps in believing that it would be “good” if Amnesty International stood up for the Jewish people, as well.

As the western-left makes a home of itself for anti-Semitic anti-Zionists it is having a deleterious effect on the relationship of the Jewish people to the Democratic party in the United States and is kick-starting a process of driving Jews out of the progressive movement, as a whole.

In the United States we are seeing a fall-off in support for the Democrats among Jewish Americans.  We can argue about just why that fall-off is taking place, or the permanence of it, but that it is taking place is beyond question.  In 2008, almost 80 percent of American Jews voted for Barack Obama, including me.  In 2012, that number fell a paltry ten points to around 70 percent.  (Yes, I was disappointed.)  But, now, Obama’s support among American Jews has dropped to around 50 percent.  Jewish support for Obama, of course, is not the same as Jewish support for either the Democratic party or the progressive movement, but it is a significant indicator.

Meanwhile in Europe some Jews are considering leaving entirely because they do not feel like being kicked around by immigrant Jihadis from Pakistan or North Africa and groups like Amnesty, despite their claims otherwise, are highly particular about the forms of racism that they care about.  They very much care about white racism toward “people of color.”  But that is, essentially, where it stops.

boatI do not envy our brothers and sisters in Europe.  As Muslims throughout the Middle East take their knives toward one another – as well as toward their persecuted Christian neighbors – Europe is seeing desperate efforts by terrorized people to cross the Mediterranean on rickety boats.  People are drowning in an effort to get out of there and there was even a report that a bunch of Muslims on one of these boats tossed a bunch of Christians overboard.

Nick Squires of the Telegraph reports:

A dozen Christian asylum seekers drowned in the Mediterranean after they were thrown overboard by Muslim migrants in a furious row fueled by “religious hatred” on a smuggler boat sailing from Libya to Italy.

And since I am the master of beating the hell out of dead horses, I want – yet again – to remind people how strange it is that virtually no one cares about the fate of Christians under Islamic dominance.

Raymond Ibrahim is one of the very few scholars or activists focusing on the catastrophe that is being played out on a daily basis wherever Islam dominates a population.

In the mean time, Jews need to take care of themselves and that means, among other things, pressuring groups like Amnesty to either acknowledge their indifference to violent Muslim anti-Semitism in Europe – and, thus, their own hypocrisy – or to rectify the situation.


First posted at Israel Thrives

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    “The left” has a long ignoble tradition of antisemitism.
    The forerunners of socialism, and then Karl Marx and the later “leftist icons” were antisemites.
    More recently, Bruno Kreisky, the vicious antisemitic socialist “of Jewish background,” was a powerful influence in radicalising Western socialists against the Jewish People. He was one of those “non-Jewish Jews,” as Isaac Deutscher characterised himself.
    We are blessed with a few in Australia, too. They trot out their “Jewish background” only when they think that it will harm the people from whom they sprang.
    One of these “celebrities” is on record as having said, ” They’re not my people,” referring to the Jews; when he promotes his antisemitic agenda, however, he makes it known that his forebears were Jews. Howard Jacobson satirises these types mercilessly in his novel, “The Finkler Question.”
    On the left there are antisemites just as vicious as any on the right.

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    Incidentally, it was highly ironic and quite appropriate that Bruno Kreisky, the antisemite “of Jewish background,” was elected chancellor of Austria, Hitler’s homeland.