Sydney University to act on BDS melee activists.

Just in case readers aren’t aware of what’s gone before regarding Associate professor Jake Lynch, the director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney; an executive member of the Sydney Peace Foundation, secretary general of the International Peace Research Associationyou can read the account of  his latest episode here.  peace-and-conflict-1-638Jake Lynch: A study in ‘Peace and Conflict’.

As reported by Ean Higgins in The Australian today:

Sydney University administrators are expected this week to send out “show cause” letters to some of the individuals involved in a melee last month where pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted an ­address by retired British Colonel Kemp.

The move comes amid ­rising tension on campus ­between students and academics who support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel, and Jewish students who say the campaign is fuelling anti-­Semitic sentiment.

It’s not just this that’s fuelling the anti-Israel/antisemitic sentiment, it’s been going on for years thanks to the influence of Leftist academics and staff in general. They even have their own little BDS group.BDS abounds at USYD.

Vice-chancellor Michael Spence launched an investi­gation into competing complaints about the conduct of the protesting students, security guards, pro-BDS academic Jake Lynch and a woman who allegedly threw water on Professor Lynch and kicked him in the groin.

By all accounts the ‘kicking in the groin’ incident never happened and it certainly doesn’t seem like it on videos. I think considering the fuss he made waving money at a woman and goading her, if the incident had happened he would have made a great deal more fuss than he did.

An elderly woman with red hair can be seen throwing water, and refusing requests from security guards to leave.

“Keep going. Keep going. Get your money out,” Professor Lynch is heard to say to the woman. Jewish students last week submitted a petition to Dr Spence calling on him to sack Professor Lynch, with 6328 signatures.

The investigation, conducted by lawyer Jane Wright from Work­dynamic Australia, is understood to have been completed, and university sources said they expect letters will be sent out putting findings of alleged breaches of university rules to some of the individuals concerned.

Letter from Col. Kemp to Vice-chancellor Michael Spence.

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  1. What’s the betting that nothing will be done and that Lynch will keep his job and become a hero for standing up for what he believes in the eyes of his students and fellow academics.

  2. Ditto once again Pam. I think we have been afflicted with the same form of ‘Reality Bug’….though still believe it never hurts to raise one’s voice in criticism of this loathsome cretin.

  3. Leon Poddebsky

    The so-called “PeaceCentre” violates the norms of academic process.
    It is an advocacy and propaganda entity, and therefore has no place in an academic institution.
    The question therefore arises why The University of Sydney hosts it.
    So confident are Lynch and his cronies that their tenure is secure, that they do not even try to hide their non-academic agenda.
    What is the nature of the hold which they have on the university?
    Anyone care to speculate?
    Given that ultra-zealously pursued agenda, it is clear that there are sound grounds for suspecting that any student who deviates from the centre’s ideological line is liable to be discriminated against and penalised.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about, evidenced by not actually knowing the name of the academic centre you are referring to. The Centre for Peace and Conflict studies is not just some anti-Israeli wing of the University of Sydney. A small number of it’s senior academics have called out Israel on human rights abuses and argued for material sanctions. Other academics focus on Palestinian atrocities and focus on the regional politics and effects of radical Islam. The center engages with countless issues of peace and conflict around the globe, in which Israel is neither exempt, singled out or unjustly critiqued. Please look into something before you make incorrect and unhelpful generalisations about it.

      • Jews Down Under

        How interesting.

        Here we have a person calling himself Marcus, whose IP address shows him to be posting from the USYD and who doesn’t have the good manners to use his surname.

        You call the refusal for Prof. Dan Avnon to work in your faculty as calling “out Israel on human rights abuses and arguing for material sanctions.” ?

        You call Jake Lynch’s abominable behaviour a few weeks ago nothing too I suppose.

        BTW do try to comprehend what you read. You say “You have no idea what you’re talking about, evidenced by not actually knowing the name of the academic centre you are referring to.”

        The so-called “PeaceCentre” is what was written.

        Get it? SO CALLED “PeaceCentre”

        • Marcus….Having read your description of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, along with it’s Staffing Numbers and Faculty Undertakings, I am more convinced than ever that you ‘Centre’ is no more than an endorsed Palestinian ‘Hate’ Cell being conducted under the auspices and benefactory funding of the University of Sydney.

          An insidious endeavour to be undertaken by any Faculty within any University within the Commonwealth of Australia!

          It is obvious from your very generalised comments that this ‘Centre’ has taken it upon itself to ‘call Israel out’, with what can only be the University of Sydney’s academic stewardship approval.

          To my mind, the University, the ‘Centre’ and your Dr. Lynch are in urgent need of Professional, if not Governmental scrutiny, in a bid to establish just how much this ‘Hate’ exercise is costing the people of NSW, in addition to establishing the identity source of any additional forthcoming funding that may exist.

          Your suggestion that “other academics”; presumably from your ‘Centre’, are focused on ‘Palestinian atrocities’ is no more than bogus embellishment, meant no more than to lend legitimate status to the fake intent, and purpose of both Dr. Lynch and this/your ‘Centre’. In lay person’s terminology….Lies!

          It is quite obvious Marcus that you are of no consequence or relevance to the readers of this Web Page….nor perhaps even the ‘Centre’ you purport to speak in stead of.

          A suggestion Marcus, next time you decide to embark upon one of your mindless, near judgemental anti-Semitic rants, please handle the truth a bit better…for you will never be taken seriously or credibly, by resorting to just making it up as you go along….oh, and establishing the truth of yourself; identity, also goes well towards establishing the veracity of your bona fides. Look forward to hearing from you, and your identified self Marcus.

      • Leon Poddebsky

        Well, Marcus, I do happen to know the official longwinded name of that university department, but I use shorthand for convenience.
        As for your defence of that department, I reject it, as do academics who do adhere to traditional norms of academic conduct.
        By the way, “Marcus,” just check your use of “it’s.” The way in which you have used it does not add lustre to your credentials.
        Maybe that other pillar of academic propriety and integrity at Syd Uni (note the shorthand, Marcus), Dr Riemer, could enlighten you about “it’s” and “its.”

        Thanks for your post, Marcus.

        Peace and justice!

      • I would like to say to Marcus that if the Centre for Peace and Conflict studies is not just some anti-Israeli wing of the University of Sydney, as he claims, then I would strongly suggest that it gets itself a new director. Associate Professor Jake Lynch is certainly the wrong person, given his track record, to head up that department..

  4. Leon Poddebsky

    Further to my previous post, I venture to speculate that the latest Lynch scandal has not added lustre to the university’s reputation, and may well deter prospective students from applying to study there.

    • You are spot on Leon. I read somewhere, on a website or Blog, a young guy posting that due to the leftist activity on USYD, he and two of his friends were withdrawing their applications.

      • Leon Poddebsky

        Shirlee, it’s sad that Australia’s oldest university has come to this.
        What is it that has persuaded the university to clutch to its breast such an anti-academic entity?
        Many universities seem to struggle financially, so the temptation is always there to compromise core academic values in pursuit of funds.
        Has this happened in Sydney, I wonder.

  5. I wrote this a few weeks ago, with a link.
    BDS abounds at USYD

    Read the comments on this

    “Open letter to University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor: Dr Spence, reject calls to punish Palestine-justice supporters”

    They are saying that Lynch should be sacked as all he was doing was exercising his right to free speech

  6. For myself Leon, my speculation is that Lynch’s tacit patronage for his Sydney University based Advocacy Group is founded in the concurring agreement by a significant number of like minded Sydney Uni senior academics…even though non declared, as to reach right into the Vice Chancellor’s Office space, in addition to being unwittingly supported by a disinterested and apathetically wider academic culture.

    From my experience, the number of senior and middle level academics leaning to the progressive left of the political spectrum, as well as sharing a declared affinity with the various pro-Palestine/Gaza groupings is actually mind boggling….as if every last one of them is press stamped from the same mould, with only slight differences as to the level of their individual commitment….as for their consideration in respect of career advancement.

    Inherently, Academia; near universally, determines, protects and guides the head space of it’s practitioners….hence my belief that Lynch’s greatest (unsung) allies will be found among those sent to ‘report’ upon his nefarious activities.

    The forgoing is what I truly believe is “the nature of the hold” both Lynch and the Sydney University have other each other….as occurs within a wider number of Universities on this Planet. A Collective of Fellow Travellers….A Collective of Parasitic ‘Progressive’ Like Thinkers….all feeding off each other, and where unfortunately, the Jew is regarded as the Collective Target. (Undoubtedly, there are exemptions.)

    To get them to agree to this overview would be akin to digging unending, gushing water wells in the Sahara Desert….for that is not how they play their sick game!

    • Leon Poddebsky

      The ramifications of this state of affairs for society’s future are horrifying.

  7. It’s really sad to see a once respected university transformed from an institution committed to expanding minds into a place to spread anti-Israel propaganda. How have so many universities come to this?

  8. Over the years I have seen so called Peace study Groups. Cause more trouble than peace. I’m all for the right of freedom of speech and expression. I was taught that acadamics are smart intelligent people, but in this case i watched a rabbid dog (minus the jackboots) causing a stir to impress his motley left wing so called peace loving followers. Sydney university can hang its’ head in shame over this if he is allowed to stay on.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      All those PhD’s and MD’s, like Dr Mengele, for example, and many others at the top of the Nazi hierarchy, were “smart intelligent” people, too.
      Being “smart and intelligent” is no guarantee of morality or honesty.

  9. Larry Langman

    Shirlee Finn was good enough to provide a link to the open letter generated by sydneystaff4BDS. Other articles on this site and the generous provision of links to supporting material allow one to get a grip on what BDS is all about and to draw some conclusions about the campaign. At its heart is a call for the destruction of the State of Israel. I would suggest that no signatory to the sydneystaff letter could be under any delusion that that is what BDS is all about. It simply is not conceivable.

    That a Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies should come to the view that by their own reckoning a state should be destroyed and that they should support the advocacy of that view, brings not just the Centre into question but the School and University that supports that activity. I think Leon Poddebsky nails it when he notes that such support “violates the norms of academic process”.

    Study BDS – Yes. Write learned papers on BDS – Yes. But advocate for its success – No.

    Over the past weeks we have witnessed the destruction of artifacts that speak to our material past in Irag. We have witnessed those who thought so little of their life as to destroy 150 other lives in the alps of France. These were acts both, of incredible self loathing and arrogance. I would put into that same category those who call for the destruction of a state. And might I add in the destruction of one the still birth of potentially another.

  10. Larry, I agree with what you say about BDS – “At its heart is a call for the destruction of the State of Israel” there is no ambiguity, nobody who supports it can honestly claim to be supporting human rights; rather they are endorsing a proposed genocide, of a people and indeed a whole culture.

    Universities should never enable those who advocate genocide. The destruction of artefacts so as to destroy evidence of other cultures has been happening for decades, from the huge Buddhist statues in Afghanistan to the destruction of the ancient Assyrian artefacts of Nimrud. Yet the world seems far more incensed about Israel and their supposed ill-treatment of a recently invented (in the 1960s) Palestinian people.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      It’s a well established phenomenon that some entities which attach the” magic word,” “peace,” to their titles are front organisations for sinister causes.
      The former Soviet Union did this on a global scale, and BDS has learnt from the Soviet communists.
      Other prefixes which are useful to such front entities are “justice,” ” rights,” “resistance,”etc etc
      The founder of BDS, an Arab, one of the Barghouti clan, was funded by Israeli taxpayers to achieve a PhD at Tel Aviv University. He learned this tactic from his study of the Soviet Union.
      If you study the cv’s of people who belong to such “peace” entities at various institutions around the world, a clear pattern emerges: they are people who believe that absolute truth resides only in their minds; that any one who questions their way is an obstacle to “progress,” and must be silenced; that telling lies justifies the ends which they wish to achieve; that if they are challenged by conflicting evidence, they lapse into denial.
      The University of Sydney hosts such an entity and Australian taxpayers subsidise it.

  11. Leon Poddebsky

    “Marcus,” you asserted that my comments are “unhelpful.” I disagree.
    Those sorts of comments by me and by others will help people choose at which university to study or work. What makes you think that I am ignorant of what passes for “academia” at the centre?
    You are comfortably ensconsed in the warm make-believe world of “The Peace and Conflict Centre”, but most people want to live in the real world.
    This is not just a Jewish issue; it goes to the heart of the nature of academia.
    In Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and today in the Arab world, academia means / meant one thing; in the West, traditionally, it means something entirely different.
    You know what they say, “Marcus,” “one man’s university is another’s lunatic asylum.”
    Peace and justice for all!