All Shuk Up.

Written by Hayley Hadassin for the Zionist Federation of Australia.

The Zionist Federation of Australia’s Israel Program SHUK came to Sydney and Melbourne and was a tremendous success. As the largest Israel programs fair held in Australia it was a great opportunity for people thinking about participating on short or long term Israel programs to obtain first-hand information from a range of providers.

ZFA Israel Program Co-ordinator, Sarit Braver said;

“The SHUK was a great success with lots of interest in all of our Israel Programs. The range of Masa Israel programs on offer is truly unbelievable but our biggest issue is getting word out about the amazing opportunities for young adults to advance their careers or take some time out from work or study by either spending a semester studying in some of Israel’s top universities, volunteering in disadvantaged communities or Interning in some of Israel’s most cutting edge companies all while tasting what it is like to live in Israel like a true Israeli.

 The SHUK was a great way to showcase these opportunities and for those interested to speak to program organisers and alumni about their own experiences.”

We in Australia are familiar with gap year Israel programs and increasing numbers of school leavers are participating in such programs. There are more options for Australian group (youth movement and others) and special interest gap year programs for 2016 than ever before.

But Masa long term Israel programs aren’t just for gap year students. There’s a fabulous range of programs on offer for young adults, professionals and graduates too, up to the age of 30.

It is not too late to find out more about the range of programs on offer. Internships with Google, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and working as a journalist for the Jerusalem Post are just some opportunities that can provide invaluable professional experience and life changing results.

Nastasja Caminer, 25 attended the Shuk and said: –

“I received an email through Taglit-Birthright after applying with them for the summer 2015 trip. My unfamiliarity with the culture and life lived in Israel and my heritage drew me to see what the SHUK offered. I have previously not been greatly involved in the Jewish community, however as I get older I feel more of a desire to discover my roots.

 We as the young Jewish community in Australia are very fortunate to have so many diverse opportunities open to us and the SHUK had a smorgasbord of these programs – for career development, volunteering, Jewish studies, and cultural holidays.

 Everyone there spoke with experience from these programs and they were all wonderfully kind and helpful. I am currently in the application process of seeing what opportunities await me in 2015. I am grateful to have been shown what is out there and available.”

 Masa offers generous support – a universal grant to all eligible applicants and means tested scholarships of up to $10 000 USD to assist with program costs.

Danya Cohen from Hebrew University said: –

“The Shuk provided an incredible atmosphere and forum to find out about the many options Israel programs have to offer.

 As the Student Liaison Officer of Hebrew University it proved to be a great opportunity to meet and talk to many potential students, and help the community realise that the Hebrew University is able to offer dynamic courses for all individuals at any stage of life.

I would like to thank the ZFA for organizing the event, which both program organisers and attendees benefited from”


For more information please contact Sarit on (03) 9272 5584 or email

The Israel programs Department are a team dedicated to helping find the perfect program for you

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