Red Rattler – Hillel follow up – Mayor’s Statement – Denial.

I spoke with the Assistant Director of Hillel, Shailee Mendelevich today , who told me that she has accepted the apology from the Red Rattler management and will be meeting with them .  No time frame given.

If you have no knowledge of what has gone before, please read this Antisemitism, Racism & Hypocrisy at the Red Rattler

Now the issue in hand is the fact that the  “Australia First” Party denies any truth in the ‘Red Rattler’ article published on their website and it will be removed in a few days.

The article was posted here and even though removing it messes this post up. I have removed it.


Golden Dawn is described as neo-Nazi and fascist. They have made use of Nazi symbolism, and have praised figures of Nazi Germany in the past.  According to academic sources, the group is racist and xenophobic, while the party’s leader has openly identified it as nationalist and racist.

The President of the Australia First Party, Dr. Jim Saleam, was refused a visa last year to enter New Zealand. The reasons cited were that he was “a threat to public order”, or “likely to be a threat to public order”. He had been the previous year and  was told by Immigration New Zealand he was on a “watch list” and that he should never really have been allowed entry to New Zealand previously.

Now this from Dr. Jim Saleam on Facebook:

This is very, very odd. I cannot believe that this item was posted on the website of the Australia First Party, without permission and the President of the group said he hadn’t looked at the website in 5 months. It took a radio station to point it to to him!!

Very fishy indeed in my book. You just have to love the mention of the Australian Jewish News.!

At least the following is a positive and maybe Marrickville Council will think more carefully in the future as to which loony left fringe groups they hand money out to.  Rate payers in the very diverse multicultural area would be not be at all happy about this.

Following is a Statement from the Mayor of Marrickville.

This story has more twists and turns than a maze.

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  1. While the Mayor’s statement condemning Red Rattler is to be commended, he should go further and demand that the “small amount of council funding” be immediately returned.

    Shirlee, as you say, this story has more twists and turns. what is beyond doubt is that Marrickville is infested with anti-Semitism, mostly emanating from the Greens, who are obvioulsy over-represented in the Red Rattler establishment.

    Maybe the best solution would be to send the whole crew to the shunting yard. There is no place for racism in the creative arts.

    • Don’t know if you can put this entirely on the Greens. It’s the whole loony left/alternative lifestyle thing. You walk down the shopping strip in Newtown and you feel like the oddity not them.

      • I don’t mind alternative lifestyles, nor do I think that most hippie types are anti-Semitic. However, we know that the Greens, hiding behind environmentalism, or extremely anti-Semitic/anti Israel.

  2. Adopt the Tricycle Theatre format
    Last year the Tricycle refused the booking from the Jewish Film Festival due to it having received a small donation from the Israeli Embassy .
    A mix of grass roots activists some 200 strong picketed the theatre and promised to come back every night . Add to that the withdrawal of several key patrons and the involvement of the Minister for culture who threatened to withdraw state funding plus several other tactics – legal which I will not refer to on open forum , and the Tricycle very soon backed down . It strikes me the Australian community needs to hit hard in the pocket of these BDS fascists .