Palestinian Response to Israeli Election Results.

Palestinian Arabs are not joining in the celebrations, perhaps because no Jews were killed in the process?

Israelis have spoken- they want more Bibi. Despite all the efforts of the liberal Israeli media, and regardless of President Obama’s whining about Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and the subsequent Israeli fear of alienating the US, Israelis remain content with their leader.

Shortly before the election, the Israeli Prime Minister said that under his watch, there will be no Palestinian State. Frankly, this is a relief. After all, why should Israel continue to waste time negotiating with a people who refuse to compromise? These are people who have been offered a state ever since the very beginning, but have declined every time- and why? Because they do not want to share the land with Jews; they want to dismantle the Jewish State and “send all the Jews into the sea.”

The Palestinian Authority calls all of Israel “occupied Palestine.” In other words, it is all their land. They even lay claim to the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. And both Hamas and Fatah advocate terrorism against Jews.

Keeping this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Palestinian leaders were not exactly jumping for joy upon hearing the news of the election results.

Hana Levi Julian of The Jewish Press writes:

“Senior official Yasser Abed Rabbo, speaking for the PA’s parent organization, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), said, ‘Israel chose the path of racism, occupation and settlement building, and did not choose the path of negotiations and partnership between us.’”

Partnership? Negotiations for decades have been fruitless, and the compromising has only come from the Israeli side.

Another Palestinian Authority representative complained that if Israel is not willing to negotiate for a two-state solution, the possibility of returning to the peace process is over. But this is merely an excuse. At this point it is easy to shove all the blame onto Netanyahu after the statement he made, rather than accept responsibility for the failure to come to an agreement.

What’s more, a comment like this is leaving the door open to more condoned terrorism from the Arab side against Israelis. This will be their justification for the “freedom fighters” a.k.a. Muslim terrorists and murderers, and the antisemitic European press will write in every article about another act of Arab terror in Israel, that the violence has come after Netanyahu announced the end of the “peace process.” The fault of the violence will, as usual, be placed onto the victims, rather than the savage terrorists.

Just wait. It’s coming.

The good news is that Israel will still have a strong leader, who is not willing to hand over the Jewish State on a silver platter to a government which pays its people to kill Jews. And Israel will continue to be led by a man who is not afraid to recognize Muslim terrorism for what it is and who does not bow down to an American President who has made it perfectly clear he is not on Israel’s side.

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas will always have something to say. After every act of terror, it never fails that some Palestinian government representative comes out applauding the violence. Negotiations with a government that celebrates the murders of innocent civilians, including Rabbis, elderly Holocaust survivors, pregnant women and babies, are pointless. Let them whine and complain to a liberal and anti-Semitic Europe. Meanwhile, Netanyahu will continue his work, and Israel will still be the Israel it is today.

UPDATE: For clarification, PM Netanyahu’s statement about a future Palestinian State has been taken out of context in the Western media. Here’s what he really said…

However, as the mainstream media is already putting its spin on the PM’s words, it proves the point that this will no doubt be used in future articles as well as by Palestinian leaders in order to try to justify the violence and sway public opinion. The anti-Israel media bias lives on.



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