Israel’s Message to Obama.

 I woke this morning in far off India to the news that Israel had done what I wanted it to do, what India did when the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, tried to interfere in their elections.

As we watch the dust settle over the election results, several things are readily apparent. A much stronger Netanyahu has emerged. The question of how he will form a coalition is as yet unanswered. It will take a few days but it will happen. But even now, as they are counting the final votes, there are two very clear messages that have come out of this election.

The first, by far, is a message to Obama – don’t mess with us; don’t mess with our democracy. By far, the loudest sound heard from Israel this morning is the sound of Israel spitting in Obama’s face and if that seems too crude, too graphic a message, I’ll remind you that this is what Obama has been doing to Israel for weeks as he mobilized dozens of campaign workers to fight Netanyahu for the will of the Israeli people.
Cochin cemetery now a heritage site.

We answered. Good Lord, did we answer and for that alone, I am very proud this morning. I’m making my final visits, saying my final goodbyes to new friends in India and I’m heading home. I have so many impressions of India that I will take with me. But yesterday, as Israel voted, I visited the last “remaining” Cochin synagogue and was driven to tears…something that even Poland’s synagogues didn’t cause.

Just before going to the synagogue, we managed to force our way into the Cochin cemetery. We had to call the rabbi of the Bangalore Chabad for help and even then it took a while but eventually, we got in and walked past the graves of centuries of India’s Jews…like the synagogue, it was like watching them die. There are six left, only six. Old…refusing to leave and so left behind…
Oldest synagogue in the British Commonwealth built in 1568CE

The cemetery is locked to visitors; the synagogue turned into a museum more than anything else. Indian tour guides take groups in and tell them what they want, the little they know, of Judaism and Jewish practice. I hear them say words like “Shabbat” and “Torah” and finally, in tears, I walked over to a British couple and began to speak,

“that is the ten commandments in Hebrew, the first words of each; and on the left is the Shema prayer – we say that every morning and every night and it is the last prayer we say before we die.”

“This is where on Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath, we take out the Torah, the five books of Moses, and read from it aloud. Here on the benches, the men would crowd around. See how the wood bench curves around – men would stand there and read along from all angles. Up there, where no one is allowed, that is where the women would sit.”

“Don’t cry,” said the nice British woman, “they are preserving it.”

I longed for home; for a land where we do not need non-Jews to preserve us. I prayed not for a political party but for all Israelis to vote. I was ready, I am ready, to accept the will of the people.

And that is what spoke yesterday.

The results were resounding for a simple reason – the second message I mentioned above. Likud is where it is…because many voters sacrificed their true opinion to enable Benjamin Netanyahu to remain in power. The message to Obama is stunning and clear; whether Bibi understands the message to him is another issue.

Bennett’s power is far greater than the 8 seats he now commands because he has something more. He has seats within the Likud and those seats, or at least the voters who represent them, will be ready at any moment to pull out if Bibi refuses to now deliver on what he promised to get re-elected.

Bibi will spend time now evaluating the very clear message sent to him…but Obama need not take any time. Israel has spoken, roared its message brilliantly.

From the beautiful city of Jerusalem, at the heart and center of Israel, our eternal and united capital…from the streets of Tel Aviv…from the north and from the south…from ancient cities that date back to Biblical times and have been renewed…no Obama, we will not let you choose who will lead us. We will forever be the best friend America will ever have in the Middle East. We will share a common goal – a commitment to freedom, democracy. We will share such important values as loving life, fighting to preserve all that we are. We, little Israel, will continue to reach out to help others in times of crisis…but we will not let you do what you tried so desperately to do.

Israel has spoken. We will choose our destiny and we will, as Bibi told the US Congress, defend ourselves – for the first time in 100 generations, we will not rely on others to defend the Jews.

Israel has spoken.

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  1. We are in a very odd place when spitting in the face of Israel’s strongest ally, the USA, is considered a proud achievement.

    • Well Ben you haven’t been following the News on how Obama has been pouring money into an NGO called ‘One voice’ which has worked hard throughout the entire election campaign to discredit not only PM Netanyahu, but his wife too.

    • Ben, that’s only because the marxist con-man-in-chief has been a bad little boy. He deserves the world’s contempt simply because of his actions. He “unprecedentedly” has “behaved stupidly”. It’s the first thing he does in the morning and the last thing he does before bed.

      A nicely poetic piece, Ms Stern. Always best to remember the past perhaps because it is heart breaking.

      • Ben:

        Just a piece of news you clearly missed.

        “…With the help of American money and a former campaign adviser to President Barack Obama, V15 is trying to replace Israel’s government. The money and organization comes from V15’s partnership with OneVoice…
        “Their secret campaign weapon is Jeremy Bird, a 36-year-old American political strategist who worked for Obama. Bird has come with a team of four consultants that will try to channel the energies of V15 into an organized methodology.”

        And this:

        “…the [Senate] probe is looking into funding of the OneVoice Movement, a Washington-based group that has received $350,000 in recent State Department grants. A subsidiary of OneVoice is the Israel-based Victory 15 campaign, guided by top operatives of the White House, which openly seeks to ‘replace the government’ of Israel.”

  2. A wonderful result for Israel. Diaspora Jews can now sleep easier, knowing that Israel is in safe hands and will not give away her ancestral land to those who want to destroy her.

    Surely by now the American people can see Obama for what he is. Not only has he sought to undermine America’s democracy, but he interfered to try and destroy the only democracy in the Middle east. We know who his friends are – the Muslim Brotherhood – and hope that gradually more people will wake up to him.

    • American friends tell me that 70% , or more, people are now aware of what Obama is about.
      Shame these people didn’t listen to what I and others knew before he was elected.
      I still don’t get what the desperation was for them to have a black president was. Black, white, yellow, green who cares?

  3. So it’s Obama as Marxist, Obama as friend of Muslim Brotherhood, Obama destroyer of Israel…I’m sorry is this a site for Jews down under or Followers of Fox News?

    Look forward to more purple rage if Hillary is elected.

    • Ben do us all a favour and go play elsewhere unless you can hold a reasonable discussion

    • Andrew Krakauer

      Ben, what does it take for a person like you to understand how dangerous Obama is for the Jews?

      • Obama is dangerous for the WORLD, Andrew. Ben doesn’t have a clue. He thinks Bibi is dangerous for Israel. The invitation from the Republicans was intended to put the US population in the picture, regarding Obummer’s subversive behaviour regarding Iran. It is all being revealed now, as the world sees him kowtowing to the Iranian leader, like the true Muslim that he IS!

  4. Andrew, what does it take for you to understand how dangerous Netanyahu is for Israel.

    Shirlee, reasonable discussion includes those very many Jews – particularly in America – who were horrified by the actions of Netanyahu addressing Congress at the behest of some Republicans. We delude ourselves thinking that losing long-standing allies is a sign that we are right.

  5. Shirlee all 3 examples I used were taken from respondents here who think reasonable statements include calling Obama a Marxist.

    • Carry on Ben and you are out of here. This is not the other Jewish website which tolerates your idiocies

  6. Ben, you are not up with what is going on, at all. You are digging a monumentally deep hole for yourself. Go and play with the kids down the street. Sorry Shirlee, but this needs to be said! GET LOST, BEN!

  7. Jews Down Under

    Ben is now blocked from this site.

    Other points of view are welcome, but unlike another site where he is happily left to post his Spam to the annoyance of all, it won’t be tolerated here.