AUJS Condemns vicious attack on free speech & intimidation of Jewish Students.


AUJS Condemns vicious attack on free speech and intimidation of Jewish Students by student protestors led by Professor Jake Lynch.

At 1pm on March 11 at the University of Sydney, Colonel Richard Kemp gave a public lecture on the ethics of Military Tactics in recent conflicts to a large audience, amongst them were many Jewish students, before being aggressively interrupted by a group of students and professors.

Colonel Richard Kemp is viewed as one of the most internationally respected military analysts, after being commander of British Army forces in Afghanistan. He is well known for his analysis on the recent Israel-Hamas conflict, where he acknowledged the Israel Defence Force’s ethical military tactics to avoid civilian casualties.

The Colonel had been talking about militant groups in Ireland and Afghanistan when a group of students stormed into the lecture theatre and started shouting from megaphones “Richard Kemp, you can’t hide, you support genocide”, and proceeded to interrupt the event, aggressively resisting security when asked to leave.

“AUJS thoroughly condemns the highly aggressive tactics used by the purportedly ‘pro-Palestinian’ protestors to intimidate audience members and impede on their right to listen to a public lecture given by a highly respected expert, who happens to disagree with their view of the world”, AUJS National Political Director, Julian Kowal said.


“This aggressive attack on the academic pursuit of knowledge and information, as well as free speech, was undoubtedly intended to intimidate the largely Jewish student audience and make them feel unwelcome at the University of Sydney”

The group of protestors had been led in part by Professor Jake Lynch, the Director of the University of Sydney Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, who actively participated in the protest, shouting in the faces of Jewish students, obstructing the campus security’s ability to remove the protestors and filming the Jewish students in attendance without their consent. Professor Jake Lynch is an outspoken BDS advocate.

“AUJS calls on the University of Sydney to have all options available in deciding how to discipline Professor Jake Lynch for intimidating Jewish students by hurling verbal abuse and filming them after he was repeatedly asked to stop.

”Many of the Jewish students were traumatised by the highly confronting and violent experience, and will feel unsafe to attend future public lectures and events with the fear of further abuse.”

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  1. This “Lynch” carries an appropriate name (did he get it by deed poll?). I wish AJUS good luck to get the ear of the University of Sydney who has become a hotbed for pro-Islamism and the ensuing Jew Hatred. My opinion on this comes from personal observations and discussions with students and staff. Lynch has a rich field there which he can infect with his nasty pathology – and he has obviously done so.

  2. As someone who was at this event it is clear that this event has been followed by some seriously unbalanced and distorted media coverage (including the above press release), coverage which omits key events -including the physical assault of two University staff by one of Richard Kemp’s supporters- and makes inaccurate claims about what actually did happen. I have published these observations on On Line Opinion here:

    Michael Brull has published another reliable account of what happened at the disrupted lecture -along with new video footage of the event:

    • Leon Poddebsky

      Mr Duffill,
      As a part-time employee of The University of Sydney in Associate-Professor Lynch’s department, you are manifesting loyalty to Mr Lynch. Some might regard this as a virtue, but in academia (at least traditionally) the ultimate virtue is the dispassionate, disinterested sifting of all the evidence and the arrival of rational conclusions therefrom.

      In academia, in free and open societies, traditionally, free and unfettered discussion, debate, even argument are considered obligatory norms.

      By contrast, under totalitarian regimes such as communist and nazi regimes, the norms are different. They consist of selective presentation of data, predetermined conclusions, strict adherence to the wishes of the regime.
      The Department of Peace and Conflict Resolution at The University of Sydney is an advocacy entity, one that is zealously committed to propagating and disseminating and inculcating one particular world view, one that is at variance with the traditional Enlightenment notion of academia.
      It cannot, therefore, legitimately claim to be an academic body despite all the footnotes and quotes and other scholarly apparatus that inhabit the writings of its staff; nor do all the formal university-awarded qualifications necessarily reflect an adherence to traditional Enlightenment values.

      The conduct that I witnessed at Colonel Kemp’s talk was in keeping with totalitarian values, not Enlightenment values, and the academics who were in league with the baying mob brought only disgrace on themselves and, unfortunately, also on The University of Sydney.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      Oh, and, Mr Duffill, Gaza’s population when Israel assumed control there in 1967, was about 300,000; today it’s about 2 million. The Peace Centre mob cry “genocide.”
      Only a non-academic propaganda entity (an inept one at that) would shoot itself in the foot by telling us that “genocide” means “exponential population growth.”

      It would be hilarious if it weren’t an indication of the downward trajectory of education at The University of Sydney.

  3. Please spare us from your loony left aspect of what transpired at USYD.

    It’s a pathetic joke as shown by the comments on your equally pathetic article on OnLine opinion, where you have been slammed and which clearly you haven’t bothered reading

    G-d help me. Michael Brull and New Matilda in one sentence is more that the mind can take. Clearly if you thought you had any credibility at all, you have lost it in that sentence.

    I would take the word of Colonel Kemp any day over that of yours, Brull’s and good heavens above the New Matilda, the bible of the loony left.

    Maybe you should read the FB pages of others of your ilk to see what they think of your mate Lynch.

  4. Bill Rubinstein

    Leaving what should happen to Lynch to one side, it is the student demonstrators from the Fascist Left who should also be investigated, for deliberately disrupting a public lecture. If they are students enrolled at the U of Sydney, there is a strong case for expelling them. One would also want to know how many are not university students, but components of the rent-a-crowd extreme left and extremist Islamic groups. One key question about Jake Lynch is just what his prior knowledge of the disruptors actually is- did he know of their intentions in advance? Did he have a role in organising them? I’d like to know.

    • I have also wondered what Jake Lynch and others of his ilk knew about the protestors. The venue was very heavily stacked.

      Lynch, Brull, Porsolt, Duffill, Reimer, Gibson, Torlakovic (RedFlag), McGoldrick, other members of ‘Sydney Staff for BDS’, and I wonder how many other Israel haters had a part in this that we are unaware of.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      Did he promise to pay them in bonus marks for practical work as an inducement to disrupt?
      Why is Dr Nicholas Riemer being let off the hook?
      I witnessed what he was doing as did others, and the V-C knows about it.

  5. Lynch and his fellow Marxists should be expelled and charged under racial discrimination legislation. They are modern day nazi thugs