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Wow, what an amazing few weeks. After months of research into European Union (EU) illegal activity in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, we went public with a bang!  A simultaneous release of our explosive report on Israel TV Ch.2 News and the UK’s 2nd largest newspaper, the Daily Mail, initiated an immediate response from PM Netanyahu directing the Defence Minister to use all necessary powers to rectify the illegal activity.

This was followed up by a letter to the European Parliament and European Commission, initiating a media frenzy and controversy that is still in progress. Hold on to your chairs, as you read below for more exciting details.

Report on the Illegal EU building the Adumim Region.

Illegally built by the EU. Attaching their flag to give “diplomatic immunity”

Regavim has released its latest report into the illegal EU building in the Adumim Region.

The survey conducted by Regavim reveals that the EU illegally financed, within the Adumim area, between 2012-2014, the establishment of more than 400 structures.

Among them, Regavim identified 181 residential structures and in addition, 232 service structures (located separately from the residential structures).  In other words, most of the structures set up in this period, in violation of the law, were the result of direct EU action.

On each and every one of these residential structures the EU affix’s with pride, the flag of the EU.  Next to these residential structures, one can see service structures, bathrooms and water tanks, and even these bear the symbols of the EU.

See the report and photos here:

Media Storm over Regavim’s Exposé.

Media Reports on Regavim’s report on EU Illegal building in Jerusalem and Area C.The report based on our extensive research has been very well received being featured in the following major media outlets:

The Daily Mail, IBA News, Israel Ch2. News, IBA English News, Jerusalem Post, Israel Hayom, Times of Israel, Arutz Sheva, i24News & the Voice Of Israel  is continued here



Arab Palestinian Stone Throwers narrowly miss Regavim Drone over Illegal EU Settlement near Jerusalem.

JERUSALEM- The Regavim organization have released real-time footage of a research drone that was almost downed during a routine surveillance mission over an illegal EU settlement on the outskirts of Jerusalem.  The drone was collecting evidence of continued illegal EU building in and around Jerusalem on behalf of the Palestinians without any coordination with the Israeli authorities.

A recent report by Regavim highlighted this new EU policy of unilaterally building on behalf of the Arab Palestinians in Jerusalem and Area C of the West Bank to  the detriment of Israel.  The Regavim report has subsequently been presented to the European Parliament by a number of concerned MEPs and awaits a hearing in the Foreign Policy Committee.

Viewers can clearly see large rocks narrowly missing the unmanned aircraft as it flew past a cluster of buildings bearing the EU flag.  Luckily,the Regavim field researcher that was operating the machine, managed to steer it away from the incoming rocks and fly it back to safety.

Ari Briggs, International Director of Regavim was at the scene and described what he saw:

“We use drones to monitor the ongoing illegal activities across the country, without having to go into villages themselves, these machine are extremely effective and costly, this near miss could have cost the organization thousands of dollars.  Although we will not be deterred by this violent attack against our equipment we may now have to purchase a more advanced drone that can take close-up footage much higher-up in the sky and out of projectile range.”

Regavim is a research based NGO that focuses on ensuring the responsible, legal and environmentally friendly use of Israel’s state lands. The organization is made up of legal professionals and field workers that monitor, compile reports and litigate against improper land use across Israel and the West Bank.

EU Illegal Building IBA English News.

After, “in the field segments” with Ch1 and Ch2 TV news, the English News interviewed Ari Briggs to hear a more detailed view on the issues that was capturing so much public interest.

Video Animation.

To draw extra interest to the issue of illegal EU activity in Israel, coupled with the EU’s hypocritical demands on Israel, we produced an animated video for Facebook and other News Media outlets.

Everything is possible if you are European.

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