The Big Lie and “Palestinian” Jew-Rammin’ Fun.

Itamar Sharon, writing in the Times of Israel, tells us this:
gazamanFive people were injured Friday morning in a car-ramming terror attack near a Jerusalem Light Rail station in the north of the city. Four of the wounded were young border policewomen, in their twenties, and the fifth was a civilian bicycle rider in his fifties

A Palestinian man in a private vehicle hit the five as they stood on a sidewalk. He was identified as Mohammad Salima, 21, from east Jerusalem’s Ras al-Amud. After the car attack, he then emerged from the vehicle with a butcher’s knife and attempted to stab passersby, but was swiftly shot and incapacitated by a Border Policeman and a Light Rail security guard at the scene.

We need to remember that our alleged allies on the Left literally believe that “Palestinians” have every right to murder Jews, or attempt to murder Jews, because of the so-called “Occupation of Palestinian Territories.”

They would rarely put it in such blunt terms, of course.  Instead, with a shrug of the shoulders, they wave away any Arab responsibility for attempts to murder Jews by portraying those attempts as perfectly reasonable responses to Israeli Jewish bad behavior.

Of course, the only way that they can get away with this is through ignoring thirteen hundred years of Jewish (and Christian) persecution under the heel of Islamic-Arab imperial aggression and the fact that it is not an Israeli-Palestinian conflict, because the Arabs involved include pretty much every Arab government on the planet, to greater and lesser degrees.

It is, in fact, a Koranically-based ongoing Arab war against the Jews.

The reasons that young Arabs in Israel seek to kill Jews – aside from the fact that Israel is practically the only country in that entire part of the world where Jews can be found – is because the greater Arab world and the progressive western-left continually feed their hatreds and prejudices.  They constantly tell the Palestinian-Arabs that they are victims of Israeli-Jewish aggression.

This is The Big Lie of the Arab-Israel conflict.

The Arabs of the region are actually what you might call “pathetic aggressors.”  They are aggressors because they have sought to keep Jews as second and third class citizens under the rules of Sharia and are more than happy to use violence in order to reestablish Jewish submission.  They launched the contemporary war against the Jews out of ingrained anti-Jewish Arab-Muslim bigotry which, for hostile theological reasons, simply cannot accept Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land, because at one time that land was conquered by Muhammad’s armies and thereby incorporated into the Umma.

And, needless to say, once any bit of land, whomever it may rightfully belong to, becomes part of the Umma it must, under al-Sharia, remain within the Umma in perpetuity.

It is this which they have never gotten over because they feel that their honor has been violated. Furthermore, they are too often willing to ruin the lives of their children, if it results in Jewish death or injury.  The Arabs who live in and around Israel have no moral case for their continuing aggression against their Jewish neighbors.  It was the Jews, after all, who were willing to share what little Jewish land that there is and it was the local Arabs who have continually, up until the present moment, absolutely refused a state for themselves in peace next to the Jewish one.

So, yes, the Arabs, taken collectively, are aggressors against the small Jewish minority in that part of the world.

They are pathetic aggressors, because they do nothing but lose.

The Palestinian-Arabs have, through this poisonous hatred for the Jewish people, degraded their own culture to such an extent that they cannot even feed themselves through their own efforts.  Instead they get by as the world’s foremost welfare recipients, even as they bite the European and American hands that feed them.

Of course, many in Europe and the United States, not to mention throughout the Middle East, blame the Jews for Palestinian-Arab poverty – despite the fact that they tend to be more well-to-do than most other Arabs – and the toxicity of their political culture.  But, then, many in Europe and the United States share a reflexive tendency to spit hatred at Israel, anyway, and always blame everything to do with this ongoing Arab aggression against the Jews on the Jews.

For example, in 2005 Ariel Sharon did what the western-left had been demanding for years.  He yanked 15,000 Jews out of their homes in Gaza, thereby ending the “occupation” of the Strip.  This was a hugely controversial move and it tore at the social fabric of the country in a painful way.

So, the Strip was left Judenrein, but did Israel accrue any credit whatsoever from its self-righteous critics in the West?  Of course, not.  On the contrary, because they need the “Occupation of the Palestinian Territories” as a club against the Jews, they merely changed the definition of the word “occupation” to include circumstances where the occupying forces are not actually occupying anyone.

Thus we are told that Gaza remains under “Occupation” even though it is not under “Occupation,” which is why there is not a single Israeli soldier in the Gaza Strip, today.

When Israel ended the occupation of Gaza, Gazan leadership could have said something along these lines:

“For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, we wish to normalize relations with Israel economically, politically, and even academically.  We want prosperity and a government by, and for, the people.”

If they had said anything along those lines, and meant it, there would be no blockade today and many thousands of Gazans would be working within Israel, proper.

Instead they embraced the Jihadi Death Cult known as Hamas, that calls literally for the genocide of the Jews in its charter, and started shooting rockets into southern Israel, giving Israeli children a “thank you” gift for departing the Strip of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

For fourteen hundred years it has been the Arabs, not the Jews, who have been, and still are, the aggressors in this conflict.  Part of the reason that it doesn’t look this way is precisely because they have been pathetic aggressors.  

Many in the western-left, for reasons having to do with The Tyranny of Guilt, favor “people of color” and despise “Zionists.”  Thus in any conflict between Arabs and Jews, it is always the Jews that are a priori guilty and any and all Jewish measures of self-defense are viewed as forms of aggression against a persecuted Arab minority.

The truth is, the general western understanding of, and orientation to, the Arab-Israel conflict is entirely upside down and backwards.  The West points the trembling finger of blame at the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, while totally ignoring the men who hold aloft their swords and their automatic weaponry while crying out “Alahu Akbar!” and “Death to the Jews!”

The Jewish people, of course, are in no position to ignore such aggression from a far larger, majority population.  If history has taught us anything, it has certainly taught us that.

In any event, Israel must put its foot down on Arab attempts to murder and otherwise harass the native Jewish population.

And Mahmoud Abbas should be sitting in an Israeli prison for incitement to genocide.

From the comments:

Margaret Kelso ·

How the BBC, Guardian and NY Times will report this.

Israeli Jews prevent Palestinian man from driving & walking peacefully with knives

That is kind-of how much of the media headlines such attacks.  But as we know from Matti Friedman, the Jew Rules are not for Daily Kos alone, but also for journalists covering the war.

Originally posted at Israel Thrives.

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  1. I am a wee bit fed up with these leftard journalists. Why don’t they REPORT the news and STOP trying to MAKE what they say appear to BE the news.

  2. Another excellent piece Michael. I also used to harbour the idea; naive as I now believe it was, that when the Arab Islamists got a hold of Gaza, they could have continued turning into the flourishing society that the departing Jews had started…in all respects, and worked in with Israel for a more enhanced and dynamic region, and respective homelands.

    Idealistically, my view was that all would be good for everyone….then in the early 2000’s I woke up to myself, or at least to the Quranic agenda of Islam, Arab Islamists and Hamas. Savages simply have no conception of constructing or envisaging an ordered, cultured and plentiful society, beyond wailing and screaming five times a day from a minaret.

    These savages have no interest or intention of ever working in with Israel in respect of anything….regardless of how much some Israeli’s would like to believe they share a common goal.

    Cutting the last Jews throat is wired deep into their Islamic DNA….a fact I can only hope every Israeli is constantly mindful of. Though for what I have seen of late; the current Election campaign, I am not so optimistic…i.e. Israel’s security budget is as paramount to it’s ongoing economic development, if not just a little more so…the regretful price to be paid for living among 400m odd Arab Islamists.

    More in smiling with you, I noted that you are still having a ‘love affair’ with those tools at Daily Kos. As said, a top article.

  3. Kol ha’Kavod Michael Brilliant piece.