European Anti-Semitism: Slandering Israel Is Self-Serving

There is a self-serving reason why Europe slanders Israel. A look back at the Struma and other inhumane attacks against Jews trying to get to Palestine before and during WWII…

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Al-Husseini and Adolf Hitler in 1941.

Two incomprehensible events happened in just one day not long ago: the European Court of Justice took Hamas off their list of terrorist organizations, and the European Parliament approved a resolution supporting a “Palestinian State.”

Surprise? No, just the “same old Europe.” For 1500 years European Jews lived under antisemitic laws. They suffered contempt, ghettos, expulsions, pogroms- culminating in the biggest of such pogroms: the Holocaust, perpetrated by Germany, the most cultural nation of Europe, the nation that gave the world great philosophers, poets and musicians. Unfortunately, many Germans supported Nazis and actively participated in this genocide.

Great Britain, another impressive European nation, after getting from the League of Nations the Mandate for Palestine with the condition that in this Palestine it would promote the creation of the Jewish National Home, hurried to create it- and as a first step,  gave 75% of Palestine to Jewish enemies: Arabs. Instead of the Jewish National Home, what was created on this 75% of Palestine was the Arab Emirate of Transjordan, an artificial “state” whose very name was invented “on the run” and just meant “over that side of River Jordan,” nothing more. Now this is the Kingdom of Jordan.

In 1923 the British “chopped off” 75% of the proposed Jewish Palestinian homeland to form an Arab Palestinian Nation of “Trans-Jordan.” Credit. Jewish Virtual Library.

Moreover, this same “civilized” and “cultural” Britain who is crying today at every corner about how “democratic” she is and how she cares about international law, human rights and freedom, cooperated- during the war- with those same Nazis who were bombing British cities in closing to Jews any possibility to emigrate to Palestine, condemning them to extermination in German concentration camps.

In a House of Commons debate on July 20, 1939, Mr.Malcolm MacDonald, the Colonial Secretary, had to admit that a ‘Division of Destroyers’ supported by five smaller launches was being employed to ascertain that those who had escaped Hitler did not escape the British capture as they approached Palestine. [PRO House of Commons Debates, July   20, 1939] Those who had fled the German destroyer and his cohorts were now hunted down by four destroyers of His Majesty’s Royal Navy: HMS Hero (flagship), HMS Havock, HMS Henward, and HMS Hotspur. These  were among Britain’s newest and fastest fighting ships — all four commissioned just two years earlier. At least one other destroyer, the Ivanhoe, was also used in that lopsided warfare. Those conspiring in London to block the saving gate of Palestine really meant business. The ships had been authorized to open fire ‘at or into any ship that was suspected of having illegal immigrants on board and that did not obey the warning to stand by. [Palestine Gazette, Extraordinary Issue, April 27, 1939].

They had been authorized to shoot, and shoot they did. Thus it happened that on the very first day of World War II, on September 1,1939, while German dive bombers rained death on Warsaw and a dozen other Polish cities, His Majesty’s ship Lorna opened fire on a rickety overcrowded refugee ship, Tiger Hill, as she approached the  Palestine Coast to unload her cargo of misery, 1417 survivors of man’s inhumanity against man. She did not, could not, heed the order to turn back toward Germany. The encounter between HMS Lorna and the Tiger Hill ended with a victory for the Royal Navy. (William Perl, Holocaust Conspiracy An International Policy of Genocide. New York: Shapolsky Publishers, 1989, pp.85-87).

In order to prevent Jews from entering Palestine, the British Foreign Office created a true diplomatic network covering all possible countries of Jewish “escape.” And British officials worked in full accordance of the Foreign Office instruction that Jews are no less enemies than Germans.

The Struma

On December, 12,1941, 769 Jews started on a journey to Palestine on board the “Struma,” a decommissioned German barge used to carry 100 heads of cattle. The ship left Romania and on December 15, 1941, it reached Istanbul. The Jewish Agency declared it was ready to issue permits of its quota established by the British “White Paper,” but British High Commissioner for Palestine, Sir Harold MacMichael said “No.”

Eleven days later the British informed the Turkish Foreign Office that no permission would be granted for the Struma to land in Palestine, and the Turks should do everything in their power to stop the voyage and return the ship to the Black Sea. The Turks ordered the Struma to leave- and just days later, it was torpedoed in the Black Sea. Only one out of 769 Jewish refugees survived. (Read The Untold Story of the STRUMA and WWII’s Holocaust at Sea by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins)

Before the Struma, on November 25, 1940, a ship called Patria was sunk near Haifa. This ship was carrying 1800 Jewish refugees to Palestine. Right after MacMichael had refused to accept the immigrants on the Patria, there was a big explosion which lead to the death of 202 passengers and 50 crew members on board. Following this incident, another ship, the Atlantic, was also rejected, and this ship with 1700 Jews on it was sent back to Nazi-occupied Europe. Almost all of them were sent to concentration camps and exterminated.

The policy of Great Britain was copied/pasted by all its colonies and dominions; Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India combined accepted less Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe than Shanghai alone.

As Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs Richard Kidston Law stated bluntly, by admitting Jews, the Allies would be “relieving Hitler of an obligation to take care of these useless people.”

Those “useless people” in a mass grave at Bergen-Belsen in 1945. (Photo source: US Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Officially, the King in the UK has no say in political matters. But when it was about Jews, His Majesty had said his word. In February of 1939, just three months after Kristallnacht, a personal secretary of His Majesty The King George VI informed the Minister of Foreign Office that he was “glad to think that steps are being taken to prevent these people leaving their country of origin.”

The shock of the Holocaust gave Jews a temporal break from the traditional European antisemitism.  But the break was pretty short, and soon Europe got back to its 1500 year-old tradition. Anti-Semitism has just changed its disguise in accord with the winds of political correctness. If a hundred years ago Jews were Jesus Christ murderers who used the blood of Christian newborns to make matzah, today the main reason for the European anti-Semitism is supposedly Israel. And the role of the Christian newborns passed today to the “poor Palestinian people.”

By slandering Israel, Europeans get rid of their guilt complex for the Holocaust. It’s a kind of collective European purification. And besides, this slandering placates numerous Muslim immigrants in Europe and ensures Arab oil. Good old anti-Semitism, Muslim immigrant votes and Arab oil; it’s a 3-in-1. Ideal variant.

First published at:  Cherson and Molschky

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    Not only do they think that they are getting rid of their guilt feelings regarding the Holocaust, but by using the demonisation tactic against Israel, just as the nazis did against the entire Jewish People, European governments, intelligentsia and populace are laying the groundwork for rationalising any future anti-Israel and anti-Jewish atrocities which they will perpetrate.

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    Y.K. Cherson correctly points out that Great Britain was in effect complicit in the Holocaust.
    Britain was fighting for its own life, not for the lives of the Jewish People, and, in accordance with the basic guiding principle of international relations, self-interest, it appeased the Arabs by enabling the murders of millions of trapped Jews and by violating the Mandate which it had solemnly undertaken before the entire world in 1922.
    The USA was no different.
    Today the Obama administration, together with its supporters among the Americans “of Jewish background,” are preparing to repeat the exercise, but, as Ariel Sharon z’l, and Naftali Bennett, may he live long, have said, “Israel will not be another Czechoslovakia.”

  3. The US wasn’t prepared to join in the War either, they were too busy making money selling armaments.

    If if hadn’t been for an Australian, Cpt. Eric Nave, breaking Japan’s codes and Britain withholding that information of the impending attack on Pearl Harbour the US may have never been part of the war effort.

    The photo here of Bergen-Belsen holds significance for me as my late father-in-law was in the British Regiment which was part of its liberation .

  4. I was brought up in England, and taught by my parents how noble the Brits were, and how grateful we should be to them for giving us a home. It might well have been true for my grandparents, who were all from Lithuania and found a safe haven in Britain, but certainly during WW2 the British government betrayed the Jewish people in order to appease the belligerent Arabs. Plus ca change!

  5. This is an excellent article, and I thoroughly agree with Cherson’s conclusion. Nobody likes to feel guilty, and slandering Israel achieves two purposes – ridding Europeans of their guilt complex plus giving them the illusion of having the moral high ground by championing a group which has been promoted as the underdog, plus appeasing the increasingly belligerent Muslim population and ensuring a ready suppy of oil. It’s a win-win for Europe, but the death sentence for integrity and for civilisation. Welcome to the Dark Ages