Arab Terrorists Attack Jewish Kindergarten in Jerusalem.

Writing in Arutz Sheva, Ari Yashar tells us:

On Wednesday morning a gang of Arab terrorists descended upon the Jewish neighborhood’s kindergarten, firing potentially lethal fireworks and hurling rocks at the institution.

The description of the video, which shows three security personnel eventually chasing off the rioters after a long period of unchecked assault, notes that the fireworks set off a fire adjacent to the kindergarten.

Below is a video of the attack:

It looks as if attacking kindergarteners is a new Arab terrorist fad because this is not the first time this has happened in Jerusalem and according to the article just two weeks ago about a dozen masked Arab terrorists attacked a kindergarten in the town of Lod, setting it ablaze.

It clearly speaks to the character of these people that they would choose to go after children.  It is sick.  It is twisted.  And Israel needs to crack down on anyone throwing rocks or explosive devices at people.  Throwing rocks, not to mention fireworks, is attempted murder and the police and the IDF need to use the force required to meaningfully reflect this truth.

One thing, however, that I find interesting is that the enemies of the Jewish people over many centuries, through until today, constantly accused the Jews of killing children.  It is the blood-libel and in the classic medieval form the claim was that Jewish people kill Christian babies so that the blood might be used (somehow) in the making of matzoh.  This claim, consciously or not, was meant to stir up violence against the Jewish people.  Today the blood-libel takes the form of accusing the IDF of intentionally targeting Arab children or youngsters and it has the identical effect.  It creates hatred in people toward Jews, incites them to violence against us, and provides a profound justification for that violence.

Every time some self-righteous, yet entirely ignorant, “peace activist” screams that the IDF is killing innocent “indigenous” children, this is precisely what he or she is doing.

Meanwhile, Jordan is pounding ISIS positions in Syria or Iraq or both, but no one is crying out, “What about the children??!!”  The reason for this is because western political activists honestly do not care when Muslims kill Muslims.  Nor do they care when Muslims kill Jews.  They only care when Jews kill Muslims and then we are always accused of being baby killers.

Now here we have actual direct evidence of Arab terrorists literally targeting Jewish children and I guarantee you there will not be a peep on Daily Kos, nor the Huffington Post, nor the Guardian.

Heck, I am not even sure that Ha’aretz will cover the story.

By the way, is it “racist” of me to complain about the fact that Arab terrorists are attacking kindergartens in Israel?  Or is it only “racist” if I dare to mention that they happen to be Arabs?  And if they cry “Allahu Akbar” while they are doing so, and if I dare to mention this, would it make me an Islamophobe?


I guess the only thing that we can do is, in the traditional fashion, take our beatings like good Jews have century upon century upon century.

Originally posted by Mike Lumish at ISRAEL THRIVES

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  1. I can think of nothing more vile than attacking a kindergarten.

    These people are depraved.

  2. Michael, yes, it’s truly horrific, and even more horrific that the civilised world tries to sweep under the carpet the fact that Arabs are targetting Jewish children.

    Mind you, they abuse their own kids as well, so what can we expect?

    • Much of the civilised world probably hasn’t even heard about it.
      I follow many news feeds and have seen it nowhere other than the Israeli pŕess

  3. Shirlee, the media choose to ignore things that make Arabs look bad, and emphasize things (even if they have to invent them) that make Jews look bad.