Statement Pres. NSW BoD.Royal Commission-Child Sexual Abuse.

In Australia we are in the midst of a Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.

Some rabbonim within the Chabad/Yeshivah were complicit in the covering up of sexual abuse within their communities. They excused themselves by wrongly covering it up using Jewish Law and tradition.

The numbers are small, but even one is too large.

An article regarding Rabbi Yosef Feldman of the Sydney Yeshivah in the Jerusalem Post

Don’t go after reformed pedophiles, Australian rabbi tells gov’t tribunal

With this firmly in mind. Jeremy Spinak, President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies issued this statement, which I might add, is the first strong one in my memory from a community leader.

Kol hakavod Jeremy for showing some guts.

“The evidence which has emerged in the last two weeks has been absolutely disgraceful.  It reflects appalling failures in dealing with incidents of child abuse and protecting children in care.

While these awful events occurred in a small section of our community, it is now up to all of us to ensure that the abhorrent practices, attitudes and failures that have come to light never again happen. 

It is our view that after his appalling comments to the Royal Commission, Rabbi Yosef Feldman is unfit to hold any position of authority or leadership in the Jewish community.”

As of today The Yeshiva Centre in Sydney has accepted Rabbi Yosef Feldman’s  resignation as a Director on the Board of Management of The Yeshiva Centre.





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