True son of Israel: Muhammad Zoabi.

Muhammad Zoabi.  Proud Israeli, Arab, Zionist, Muslim.

I first came across Muhammad back in September 2013 in an article at “ A Jewish Israel” entitled

“Against the Grain: Muhammad Zoabi Talks About His Love for Israel and the Jewish People”

Please read this very enlightening interview.

Muhammad was born to a Muslim Israeli family from Nazareth and is currently studying in high school. He has an older brother who lives with his father. His parents are divorced and he has lived with his mother and stepfather for approximately 10/11 years now.

Muhammad comes from a traditional Arab home where he’s had to deal with his share anti-Israeli propaganda. Muhammad has overcome overwhelming odds in order to become a voice of common sense and freedom in his community.

In an interview he said:

“I’m seriously considering serving in the IDF and I’ll need a lot of support to overcome the problems that my father’s family will create for me if I do so.”

When asked why he supports Israel he replied:

“I support Israel and I always will because very simply Israel is my country and I have no other place to call home. Whatever happens to my country, it affects me, my family, friends and the rest of the world no matter if they are Jews or Arabs!

I don’t support Israel just because of the benefits that I get like health care, a high standard of living, the local democracy, etc. I support it because it’s my country.”

In June 2014, Muhammad released a video of himself talking about Israel and about being a proud Israeli, Zionist, Arab, Muslim!

Then the worse thing happened.

On 12 June 2014, three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped at the bus/hitch-hiking stop at Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion, in the West Bank, as they were hitchhiking to their homes. The three teens were Naftali Fraenkel (16), Gilad Shaer (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19).

Muhammad being very angry and trying his best to secure the release of the three young men, made the following video:

This really caused one hell of a storm  let loose by his brother Arabs.

His Facebook page was covered in the most vile comments and threats imaginable. Truly beyond disgusting.  The threats were bad too, so Facebook put his page into hibernation.

Some time later he released this message:

Dear Friends,

Recently, I have been receiving a large amount of death and violence threats only for showing sympathy with the 3 innocent Israeli teens that were kidnapped in Judea and Samaria by terrorists.

Because of that I have decided meanwhile to keep a low profile.

I just felt that I have to inform you all that I’m OK, and I’ll be OK.

And I will continue to speak up for what is right, as long as I’m not hurting innocent people.

I’m safe and I will be safe, especially in a great country like Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai

Mohammad Zoabi

[Message repeated in Hebrew]

The abuse  and death threats coming from some quarters, mainly Arab was crude, abusive and violent. So much so his mother spoke out.

Please read this link in order to see where Muhammad gets his strength from and to see what he has endured at the hands of his OWN family

Sara Zoabi is an amazing woman for raising such a  strong, independent and loyal human being.

She defended her son  and castigated those who criticised and threatened him for expressing his views.

You know what?

she said on Tel Aviv Radio.

“Maybe I taught my son to fight for justice, my son got up and had the courage to speak. In my life, I have never spoken like this. Maybe I felt it inside, but I never dared [to speak out]. He had the courage.“Ultimately, he is a child, not quite 17, and he feels this and wants to broadcast it; he has hope that he can [make a difference], change things,” she said. “It’s truly unfortunate that he thinks he can make a difference. He doesn’t know that he lives in a world that is so cruel that it won’t let him say what he wants and what he feels.”

Things became so bad that Muhammad had to disappear from sight and Kay Wilson, who survived a brutal terror attack herself in 2010, helped save his life by hiding him in her apartment whilst arrangements were made for him to leave the country for his own safety.

Finally home. Taken from Muhammad’s Facebook page where you can read it, not only in English, but in Hebrew and Arabic too.

(עברית בהמשך)
(العربيه بالكماله)

This picture was taken the moment I landed in Israel, after spending 5 months in the United States of America.

I felt Happiness, joy and uncertainty about if I am really back home or it’s just a dream that will end soon.

After I passed through security checks, I immediately took out an Israeli flag, or in other words, I took out MY flag and waved it proudly!

As I walked towards the entrance, where my mom was waiting for me, my heart was beating, faster and faster each moment that passed.

I mean, the day I was told that the best option for me is to flee my country, I understood that it’s going to be a long time, long time without seeing my mother, family and country.

Couple of minutes after I got to the entrance, I saw my mom’s face getting closer and closer. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I am really seeing my mother and it was true, that was her – my mother!

We both ran toward each… We both felt that we will eventually squeeze each other!

I felt so happy, So happy to feel my mom, to feel her arms around me, to feel her love and warmth surrounding me, both physically and mentally.

I also felt determined not to leave her, ever again! As well as never to leave my homeland Israel, never ever again!

Now, I do have to say, recently I have been feeling very disappointed, lonely and very dumbed.
I felt that way simply because I couldn’t understand why a democracy like ours is doing all its efforts to protect those who sit in our parliament, occupy our seats and call for our destruction and not protect a citizen that was, still and will always be ready to sacrifice his life for his country and people?!

Unfortunately I have no answer for such questions. But what I can do and will for sure do is, no matter how hard is it, no matter how dark is it and no matter how dangerous is it I will always stand up for what is right! I will always stand up for the State of Israel and the people of Israel – My people!

Am Yisrael Chai
Mohammad Zoabi

 Parts of this post were taken from one I wrote last June 2014.                                                           

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  1. What an amazing young man. If only the rest of the Arabs living in Israel felt like this. I’m sure there are some who are loyal to Israel, but how many would brave the wrath of the Arab street by speaking out like Mohammad Zoabi has?

  2. I am amazed by the strength, determination and sincerity of this young man. I have been hearing about him for a year now. His mom is an amazing woman. He and his family must be protected. G-d Bless you Muhammad and thank you for standing up for what’s right!!!

  3. Julia Ferguson

    I first heard of this amazing young man last year. It is hard to understand how someone SO young can have amassed such wisdom and maturity at 16! Mohammed’s mother has done a better job than most, to raise this young man up. I am delighted he has joined the IDF and I pray for his safety at all times. The Lord has his own plans for Mohammed Zoabi and I will be watching his career in the IDF.

    • He’s an amazing young man. I am in contact with him and with his mother. The sad part of it all is that the worst of the death threats came from his own family, his father, his grandmother and I believe his brother too.

      You know the vile Haneen Zoabi the Arab MK who is violent and a real threat to Israel, is his aunt. She participated a few years back in the Mavi Marmara incident

      Haneen Zoabi