Biased MSM Practically Justifies Tel Aviv Terror Attack.

A look at a BBC article which seems to downplay the attack in Tel Aviv by victimizing Palestinian Arabs while demonizing Israel…

Cleaning up blood from the horrific attack. (Photo Source: AFP/Jack Guez)

A savage terror attack perpetrated by an Arab Palestinian against Israeli commuters left 17 people injured on Wednesday, January 21, in Tel Aviv. The Muslim terrorist brutally stabbed commuters riding a bus in the morning hours and admitted he was seeking martyrdom for his place in “Paradise.” However, the mainstream media reported on the attack, practically victimizing the assailant with its accusatory tone toward Israel in an attempt to subtly justify the violence- or at least sympathize with the attacker’s “plight.”

Let’s look at some excerpts from the BBC:

“More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in Gaza during the conflict in July and August last year. The majority of those killed were civilians, according to the UN.”

And then, as an aside- oh by the way-

“Sixty-seven Israeli soldiers, and six civilians in Israel, were also killed.”

It’s that same old trick of implying guilt on the Israeli side by looking only at the number of casualties.

Hamas uses human shields.

The article neglects to mention the thousands of rocket and other terror attacks from the Palestinian side leading up to the war, the terror tunnels Hamas had built with money and supplies which were meant to help their people, or most importantly, their use of civilians as human shields, including their own children. Hamas is responsible for whatever civilians were killed during Operation Protective Edge, but the BBC did not find that part to be pertinent information when writing this article.

Another subtle bias is the statement that the attacker was from “occupied” West Bank.

Further down, the BBC mentions Hamas calling the attack “heroic,” but not before taking a swipe at Israel:

“Hanan Ashrawi, a senior official with the Palestine Liberation Organisation, condemned the Tel Aviv attack. However, she added in quotes carried by AP news agency: ‘You cannot have a violent military occupation with full impunity and then expect all its victims to be calm and quiet.’”

Its “victims”?


“Late last year, a number of Israelis were killed in attacks by Palestinians…”

A NUMBER of Israelis. But now, how many Arabs?

“At least 12 Palestinians were also killed,”

And who were they?

“including several of those who carried out the attacks.”

The attacks vaguely mentioned include barbaric violence resulting in:

  • Four Rabbis killed on November 17, as well as a police officer.
  • A week prior, a 25 year-old woman and 20 year-old IDF soldier murdered.
  • Five days before that, an Israeli Border Police Officer;
  • And in October, a 3 month-old baby and 22 year-old woman.

They were all killed by Palestinian terrorists.

The IDF reports that there have been more than 150 suicide bombing attacks in the past 20 years, “an average of one attack every two months, and this is without taking into account rocket attacks, stabbings and car rammings.

The Jewish Virtual Library keeps track of the attacks:

From the Oslo Accords (Sept. 1993) until September 2000- nearly 300 Israelis were killed in attacks.

During the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Intifada (Sept. 2000- Dec. 2005) another 1100 Israelis were killed.

Since December 2005, Palestinian terrorist attacks have claimed at least another 153 Israeli lives.

Altogether there have been over 3700 fatalities resulting from Arab terrorism in Israel since 1920, mostly Jews murdered by Arabs for so-called “nationalistic” reasons. Those fatalities are accompanied by a far higher number of wounded and do not include attacks on Israelis abroad and Jews in Diaspora.

But the BBC wouldn’t dare include these numbers in its report. Yes, it’s giving an account of the attack, but the BBC is doing its best to soften it and almost excuse it because those “terrible Jews” are “occupying Palestine.”

Will there be solidarity marches for Israel and against Muslim terrorism? No. Instead we get the victimization of terrorists, justification for the violence, and removal of Islam from the picture.

More on other mainstream media’s biased reporting at Israellycool.


First Published at Cherson and Molschky


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