Hamas On Campus.

Crossing The Line – Exclusive Preview

This is the second video  – Submitted by Hamas On Campus

 MSA (Muslim Students Association) and SJP (Students for Justice in
Palestine)  market themselves as peaceful student organizations, however upon closer examination both share anti-Israel and anti-democratic values.
Whether it is at their events where students who disagree with their one sided rhetoric are harassed, and sometimes even threatened.  Or speakers who are brought in who call for genocide.
SJP declares itself to be secular in nature but in fact, supports the values and deeds of Hamas. If you follow the trail, SJP is financially connected to Hamas via a network of organizations including the MSA, CAIR and the AMP.
MSA leaders on campus have been influenced and have gone on to hold high positions in terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda.
These organizations are “Hamas on Campus”, today students are faced with radical Islamic campus organizations that share speakers, financial ties and coordinate activities with other Hamas affiliated activities.  To find out more about the SJP or “Hamas on campus”, watch our video and sign up on HamasOnCampus.org 
Please watch and share to join is exposing these organizations for who they really are.

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  1. As Jews are increasingly being harrassed on campus and pro-Palestinian groups are openly calling for Israel’s destruction and supporting Hamas, who urge genocide of the Jews, the human rights groups remain silent.

    How come they rush to defend any group they consider ‘the other’, yet Jews remain outside their protection? Shamefully, some of the biggest participators in these so-called human rights groups are Jewish.