How does it feel to be targeted for genocide?

I think that this is not an unreasonable question.

The Jews are targeted for genocide by millions of Muslims the world over and our western allies often think that we have it coming.

None of this, of course, is socially acceptable to say, but it also happens to be the truth.

One thing that is interesting to me, however, is the Jewish reaction which, much like in the early part of the twentieth-century in Europe, is practically non-existent.  The Jews – if I may stereotype my own people – can be the most reactionary people on the planet when it comes to threats to others and the most passive when it comes to threats to themselves.

In terms of the recent slaughter by Muslims against non-Muslims, liberal free speech practitioners, and Jews, the typical reaction among westerners has been to question the limits of free speech.  The “Jewish” part of the attack is often white-washed and the question of the rise of political Islam is generally ignored in favor of an almost neurotic western political self-reflection – which they probably learned from the Jews – to be frank.

{Oh, my!  What can we do to be better people so that they won’t kill us?  Are we failing to be quite as supine as we need to be?  Perhaps if all the Jews in Israel stood together in a line and hopped up and down on one foot while facing Mecca and playing the kazoo, that would placate Islamic wrath.}

What we should be doing is strategizing over ways to defeat political Islam.  Instead we are picking lint out of our collective navel and wondering how we can be better people so as not to upset Jihadis.

It’s actually kind of pathetic and it makes me wonder how it is that we are the children and grandchildren of the “Greatest Generation.”

When I take a gander at a place like Daily Kos, which simply represents typical left-leaning blog space, it indicates a disinclination to actually focus on the murderers in favor of focusing on the crimes of the murdered.  They cannot very well blame the Jews at the kosher grocery for being Jewish, so they generally ignore that aspect, or twist it into something to do with Israel in order to place blame on the victims.  Generally, however, they simply leave the Jews out of it and place the blame for Jihadi aggression on western “racism” of the type allegedly published in Charlie Hebdo.

It is for this reason that while almost the entirety of Paris was claiming “Je suis Charlie” many Kossacks were insisting “I am not Charlie.”  Rather than condemning the source of the Parisian attacks, which is political Islam, the western left generally prefers to blame other westerners who they consider politically incorrect or not sufficiently progressive to avoid the wrath of justifiably angry Jihadis.

In any case, how does it feel to be targeted for genocide?

Not only do many of our supposed allies actually think that the Jewish people deserve whatever beating we get, but they even refuse to acknowledge the reality and vitality of the political movement doing the genocidal threatening and beating.

It is truly a remarkable thing to see the leadership of many tens or hundreds of millions of people literally screech for the blood of the Jews and then see our western “friends” either blame Israel or simply turn their backs.

The fine fellow above, in Berlin no less, cried out that “Zionist Jews” need to be killed to the last man, woman, and child in the name of Allah.

Let me ask you, do any Jewish leaders ever speak in equivalent terms?

I do not think so.

Yet, the Euros still believe that the hatred toward us from a far larger hostile majority population is our own fault and we deserve whatever punishment that they hand out to us in their genocidal rage.

First posted at Israel Thrives Blogspot

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  1. So true Michael. It seems to me that progressivism has taken over – a movement which seeks to castigate victims by claiming they are colonialists/racists or whatever, while excusing perpetrators bent on genocide. In the process, reality and common sense have been thrown overboard.

    Jews are often in the forefront of new movments, and have eagerly jumped aboard this wave, which claims to care about human rights and equality, whilst supporting those who have nothing but contempt for these two concepts. The worst offenders among Jews are the highly educated and professional classes, who are among the elite of society. Maybe they realise that if they want to retain their elite position, they have to go along with the Big Lie, or maybe they have just imbibed the distortions of postmodern education, so the more highly educated, the more out of touch with reality they become.

    • Michael Lumish

      Hi Pam,

      I think its the latter.

      The more highly educated they are, the more indoctrinated they often are.

      What’s needed at that point is the will to continue to educate oneself and, most importantly, to start thinking in a manner independent from the so-called “Palestinian narrative.”

      We need to root out “narratives” and stick with historical truth.

      • Michael, unfortunately in Australia, for decades now the far left have seized control of education, so now history is taught from a Marxist perspective. This starts from the earliest years of schooling, so young kids are indoctrinated, often against the knowledge of their parents. These kids go through the system and those who continue spreading the narrative are rewarded by their teachers, getting top marks, while those who think for themselves are often given low marks or even failed. Thus there is a huge disincentive to stick to historical truth and people have been sacked for doing just that. One tragic example is Merv Bendle, who spoke up for truth and was forced out.

  2. My ‘friendly’ neighbour at the Prahran market, Romanian guy who lived in Italy and now in Australia for 3 years I believe – when I went back to the market on Saturday after Charlie Hebdo and Hyper casher (I am from Paris, been in Australia 1 year) and told him how I felt dumbstruck and horrified by what happened, and very angry, he said to me that Islam and Islamists are different, Islam religion of peace and that really the Jews are the biggest murderers of all time since they commit a genocide on Palestinian children. So we are targeted for genocide and also for perpetrating a genocide !!! he is not a muslim, as he puts it himself he is an atheist and hates all religions ! but when it comes to Islam or Judaism he still prefers one to the other. Of course he is an idiot, but it shows what information we are fed in Europe and how people like him would be influenced by it (and maybe just very happy to be influenced…). Anyway, I have to see this guy every Saturday so we are on non speaking terms now as I am worried I could go genocidal on his stupid biscuits !!!!

  3. Hi Agathe… and welcome. Good to have you posting here.

    Unfortunately it’s only only in Europe where people are fed with lies and false information.
    I’m very active working against pro-Palestinian groups. Just get into ‘discussion’ with any of them and they don’t know the most basic of facts. It’s mind boggling.
    They say they aren’t aren’t antisemitic just anti-Zionist.

    “Hello is anyone home?”

  4. Hello Michael ;-),

    Nice write up. I think this is the Lefts way of acting like the Far Right Capitalists who deem that if you’re poor or downtrodden by someone or something larger, it must be your own fault and you obviously deserve it… and don’t go punishing my success by raising my taxes because those lazy people need to stop making trouble, asking for handouts, and pick themselves up by their own bootstraps.

    You know where to find me.

  5. I wasn’t able to find the miserableness you described at the Daily Kos site.

    • Michael Lumish

      Try here

      It’s a very big community blog, so Israel only plays a relatively small roll. In fact, the site owner, Markos Moulitsas, refuses to comment on the Arab-Israel conflict, period, because there is no upside to it for him.

      If, however, you go to the URL above you will see all the “diaries” published concerning the conflict and you will find that the great majority of material is deeply anti-Israel, if not heinously anti-Zionist.

  6. Excellent analysis by Michael Lumisch. I hardly understand he as may others understand so well the problem and the psychology behind it and do not come up with a sturdy idea as to how to react in particular against the muslims since they are presently the worse enemies of the jews and Israel. I see the Israel-arab conflict as the DETONATOR and if it is taken away by expelling arabs which is the only way, you have all the needed time to check the kind of explosive and what to do with it. Of course demography being the real cause of the civilisation war with the West it won’t vanish away but it will give time to Israel and the West to find out ways to “take care” of the muslim world and destroy it one way or another either by forcing it to stop its demography or getting it viruses,nukes or whatever until it becomes another mongol state ie a pacific one thru a small demography. Time is important to find out.

    • Michael Lumish

      Robert, thank you for the compliment, but I want people to understand that I thoroughly disapprove of your comment.

  7. Robert, I think most of us believe we need to open people’s eyes to the dangers of radical Islam, a political system with a racist/sexist/supremacist and homophobic system of law and governance, the sharia. Any Muslim who claims to be moderate yet supports sharia is an Islamist.

    We don’t want to kill people, just destroy political Islam, a fascist movement akin to Nazism, but with global ambitions, which is opposed to everything a liberal democracy represents – freedom of thought, religion and conscience and equality for all.