No Justice, No Peace.

2 WaWriting in the Jerusalem Post, Lahav Harkov tells us that Israeli firebrand Naftali Bennett has a few words for Israeli parliamentarian Tzipi Livni concerning the recent rebel attack upon the French Occupying Power:

Speaking at the same event, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett slammed Livni, saying she “talked about the occupation and diplomatic isolation, and I wondered why she didn’t get on a plane to Paris to solve their problems? Maybe she can run their negotiations, offer them a diplomatic horizon, tell them there’s a solution.
“Offer them to stop the occupation for peace, tell them to apologize for the caricature; that always works,” Bennett sarcastically suggested to Livni. “Tell them that you make peace with your enemies, that they have a partner. Maybe they can divide Paris and give it to Muslim fundamentalists.” Bennett wondered what else needs to happen for the world to wake up: “Do they not understand that a terrorist who runs over a baby in Jerusalem and a terrorist in Paris are the same, Muslim fundamentalists?”

No, in fact, they do not understand that a terrorist attack in Paris against non-Jews comes from the same ideological well-spring as does a terrorist attack in Jerusalem toward Jews.

Most white western anti-Zionist “liberals” tend to believe that killing Jews in Jerusalem is justified due to the racist, colonialist, imperialist, apartheid nature of the insidious Jewish state.

When a Muslim kills an innocent non-Muslim in Paris that is terrorism.

When a Muslim kills an innocent Jew in Jerusalem that is righteous resistance against the despised Zionist imperialist authority.

In my opinion, Livni deserves Bennett’s mockery.

Perhaps the French do need to apologize to the Muslim world for their extreme insensitivity through allowing satirical newspapers, such as Charlie Hebdo, to make fun of the Prophet Muhammad.

{Peace be unto him.}

You can poke fun at Jesus and you can poke fun at Moses, the Easter Bunny, and Barack Obama, but if you say anything about Muhammad you better watch your backside.  Not all of these intense, dark-eyed, hawk-nosed, desert deities have much of a sense of humor, after all.

So, yes, the French must apologize not only for their extreme insensitivity toward their Muslim citizenry, but also to Islam, in general.  Just as Hillary Clinton stood up before the world and groveled after Jihadis slaughtered Ambassador Chris Stevens and his diplomatic team in Benghazi, Libya – allegedly because some unknown guy with a camcorder in California was mean to the Prophet – so the French need to grovel now.

Or, perhaps Paris should be divided in order to make a capital for an Islamist state in that part of the world.

Arabs and Muslims have lived in France for centuries and deserve a state for themselves in peace next to the French state.  The ethnically “French” have no exclusive claim to the land that they occupy and by any measure of human justice need to end the occupation of Islamic and Arab lands in Europe.  France, after all, has been the home to any number of people aside from the exclusively “French.”  Over the centuries the place that we call “France” has been the home of Romans, Greeks, Franks, Celts, Carthaginians, Arabs, Africans… and even Jews.

The “we got here first” argument holds no water.

France is a major part of the European imperialist infrastructure that dominates and controls people of color throughout the world and therefore deserves no special privileges or considerations.  Crusading white European powers, such as France, deserve a commupence due to centuries of racist abuse of indigenous peoples everywhere, most particularly within France itself.

France needs to be a state for all its peoples and so long as France defines itself exclusively as French then it can expect the kind of understandable response from the indigenous population that we just saw in Paris.

The indigenous Arabs are persecuted by the racist French government which keeps them in poverty and in separate and entirely unequal economic and educational systems throughout the country, so what would the French expect?

For example, French government intransigence in insisting that the French language exclusively be the official language of the French state just screams white, western privilege and is a well-understood insult to other native peoples throughout the country, such as the Basque.  The Israelis, for an alternative humanist perspective, are not nearly so xenophobic and therefore have institutionalized Arabic as one of the official languages of Israel and France must do likewise if it wishes to be considered among the fair and civilized nations of the world.

The French, it must be further understood, are guilty of centuries of foreign oppression in places like Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and even India; not to mention Syria, Lebanon and parts of Turkey, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

France recently voted at the United Nations, over the objections of the Jewish people worldwide, for the creation of a 23rd Arab state to be imposed directly upon the heartland of the Jewish people in Judea and Samaria.

If the French wish to be free of Arab-Muslim resistance toward the French occupation of Muslim lands in Europe then it must end that occupation.

Until it does so, France will never know peace and therefore a French version of J Street is necessary.

We’ll call it F Street and, much like F Troop, it will be the necessary moral French equivalent of J Street.

What we need is for progressives to tell the French people and the French government what they must do in order to make peace with the native population.  What I recommend is that we finance a series of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to monitor French settler behavior, and the behavior of the French government, toward the native Arab population.

There will be no peace until there is justice toward the Arab-Palestinian population of France and there shouldn’t be.

No Justice.

No peace.


First published at the Elder of Ziyon.

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  1. What a load of tosh. One or two reasonable points destroyed by factually inaccurate ranting. I’m curious: has the author ever read Haaretz?? I suggest she/he might benefit from so doing. If the article here is typical of the quality of the writing published in ‘Jews Down Under’ I want no part of it. BTW, I’m no ‘self-hating Jew’ before the usual unimaginative slights begin.

    • A “load of tosh”?


      The Jews have been hearing precisely this kind of “ranting” coming out of Europe for decades.

      Maybe it’s now time for you guys to eat it.

    • You Jonathan M of Victoria “want no part of it.”?

      So what are you doing here then.?

      If you can’t add a reasonable comment go play elsewhere.

      I, and any reasonable level headed person who has half a brain in their head, wouldn’t sink to the bowels of the earth to read the utter garbage spewed forth by the gutter rag Ha’aretz.

      Clearly too you are unable to read when you say by reading that garbage “she/he might benefit from it”

      Are you unable to read the name of the author?

      • Yes, you are right, before posting I should have checked the name and sex of the author. But the quality of the work presented is much more important to me than the name or the credentials of the author.It is often a habit of mine to read articles without noticing details of the author as the content itself is always what counts. FYI, I subscribe to an online Jewish publication out of the USA, the “Tablet”. I had hoped this might be a somewhat similar localised version. Seems I was very wrong. I only subscribed this week. Didn’t know ‘Jews Down Under’ existed until then. So far it seems to feature articles that would not be out of place coming from Bennett’s mouth. Or alternatively, perhaps this is a Chabadist publication?? If so, I will cancel my subscription.

        BTW, You betray your own particular bias with your laughable comments concerning Ha’aretz. I cannot take you seriously, Shirlee, but you have the right to your own (ignorant) opinion.

        • Jews Down Under

          Do us all a favour mate, take your ignorant opinions and skidaddle.
          We don’t need rude Leftists here. If you want a discussion yes. However that is clearly what you do not want as you demonstrated clearly from your first comment.

          • I HAVE TAKEN THIS VILE PIECE OF TRASH FROM THE SPAM BOX IN ORDER TO SHOW IT AS AN EXAMPLE of the LOONY LEFT or as Mike prefers to call them the progressive left.

            I will happily leave this forum of mostly ignoramuses and bigots.I am proud that I was raised by parents within Reform Judaism by ethical parents who married at a Reform Shul in the 1950s. If you wish to ignore the lessons of history and the ethical constraints at the heart of Judaism (without which, as a religion, it has little value) that is your grubby business. Please cancel my subscription with immediate effect!!! You uber-Zionists and your Christian Fundamentalist allies in the US deserve each other: Israel will be the ultimate loser and that, my friend, is a tragedy. You assume that the US will always have our backs (or perhaps you think Schneerson or Bennett will ‘protect’ us). Don’t bet on it.

    • Michael Lumish

      Jonathan, you do understand that this piece is largely satire that is meant to point out European hypocrisy, do you not?

      I am sorry if you are offended, but I assume that it will not cause to run amuck.

  2. John McDonagh

    The ironic thing about irony is that the ironist is often assumed to be speaking literally, Jonathan M
    Je suis Juif

  3. Leon Poddebsky

    The French are relatively recent descendants of Germanic barbarian Franks, who colonised the region.

    • Hilary Rubinstein

      And of Gauls, Bretons, Normans, Greeks, Phoenicians, and all. Stop with the slurs against French people already! Their nation was, after all, the birthplace of the European Enlightenment!

      • Leon Poddebsky

        Well, well, Hilary, so we’ve arrived at the point where a description of historic ethnic origins is considered a slur.
        Nice one.
        Consistent with the spirit of the times. Worthy of “The Guardian” or Fairfax.

      • Leon Poddebsky

        “The birthplace of the European enlightenment”- yes, Herzl witnessed it first-hand.
        Proudhon and his antisemitic French enlightenment co-ideologues expressed it.
        Petain, Lavalle, de Gaulle also belong to this Pantheon of Progress.

        • Please don’t lump de Gaulle in with the other two. He was a man of stature, after all 🙂 I must say, I never did think much of Voltaire, with his view that Jews and Judaism were atavisms. All said and done, the English attitude was always preferable, since the Protestant Reformation did away with Marian superstition and such cults as that of “Little St Hugh” – and, along with Henry VIII’s ordering of the Bible in English into parish churches (thus making the text accessible), led to a more philosemitic mindset which saw the Readmission of the Jews under Cromwell. Unlike in France and on the Continent, where there was specific disabling legislation against the Jews that required emancipation edicts to overturn, Jews suffered virtually no disabling legislation against them as such, since they shared discrimination with other religious groups who stood outside the Anglican communion at a time when subscription to the C of E’s Thirty-Nine Articles was necessary for a man to hold public office, a commission in army or navy, and graduate from Oxford or Cambridge.

          • Leon Poddebsky

            Hilary, to what extent is the following a manifestation of French Enlightenment: the President of France invited His Excellency, Mr Mahmoud Abbas, President of the’ “Palestinian” Authority’ to march in the front row of world leaders who assembled ostensibly in protest against terrorism and for freedom of the press?

            Perhaps His Most Frankish Excellency, M. Hollande, was unaware of how much freedom of the press M. Abbas permits in the territory which is under his control.

          • Leon Poddebsky

            Your historical excursus is very interesting, Hilary, but it also demonstrates that before the rebirth of Israel, the Jews were mere playthings of the world , to be persecuted or exploited or to be the recipients of grudging Christian charity.
            Today many in the world fervently desire to restore the Jews’ plaything status. Europe is among the leaders in this unholy undertaking.

      • Leon Poddebsky

        Apologies: I should have spelled it Laval, so clearly I don’t belong to the “French Enlightenment.”

      • Leon Poddebsky

        How could I have omitted to mention the French National Railways which, impelled by French Enlightenment philanthropy, have agreed to pay out filthy lucre in memory of the Jewish lives they helped to snuff out..