Still Intact: The CUFP that runneth over with poison

The arch-antisemitic Facebook group Christians United for Peace (CUFP), proving how geographically and historically challenged they are:

CUFP proving how fiercely, obscenely, viscerally anti-Jewishly racist they are:

I’ve provided plenty of other examples in the past (see here, for instance) of the CUFP that runneth over with antisemitic poison.

Now, some people might argue that it is better that these antisemites are permitted to continue unimpeded, in order that we know what exactly passes through their minds.

Other people will, if course, argue that such filthy lies as contained in the examples I’ve given here and elsewhere are akin to Nazi propaganda and, being likely to infect with the virus of Jew-hatred large numbers who come in contact with them, should be removed.

In any case, people can be forgiven  for wondering why the CUPF’s still intact on Facebook when so many “hate sites” have been taken down.

Inter alia by Australian cartoonist Larry Pickering (who has narrowly escaped a total ban from Facebook himself) in “The Pickering Post” today (hat tip: A Concerned Reader):

‘…. Hundreds of Google sites and Facebook pages have been shut down by a well-organised group purporting to be against “hate speech” and citing anti-Jewish speech as their main aim. Funny, but it seems only sites containing the words “Islamic”, “Muslim” and “Jihadist” are being removed while facebook sites that pay for “likes” are allowed to remain.

 This Islamic group, which is reported to involve Getup finance, has devised a program that floods Google and facebook with hundreds of co-ordinated complaints about the one article. Google and facebook bots (robots) automatically react to delete the post and either suspend or cancel the site….

“It seems those of us who are against the Islamisation of Australia have a fight on our hands.” ….’

Please read the whole article

Muslims posing as Jews flood facebook


Article originally posted at the Daphne Anson blog.

Editor’s note:

A part of this article was on this site a year ago. Now all we have now is the link. I urge you to follow it, it’s quite an eye opener

The War on Judaism and Evangelicalism: “Christians United For Peace” (aka “CUFP”)

(And, the making of a radical anti-Semite in pursuit of the next Holocaust)

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  1. Daphne, CUFP is certainly racist and anti-Semitic. It would be interesting to know who runs the group which purports to be against hate speech, but in reality seems to be protecting Muslim sites. Presumably it is run by a Muslim organisation. Is there any way of finding out who is behind it?

    • Pam. American woman Darlene something or other runs it. Theres an article somewhere on the site about it.

  2. Thanks Shirlee. I’ve just checked out the link. It really is an eye opener, and I had no idea it existed before this article. It’s sad how the word “peace” has been subverted, so that any group with ‘Peace’ in its title seems to be suspect – Jews for a Just Peace etc

    • We’ve been trying for years to get it taken down. OBOLER won’t even look at it.
      Imagine if it was a Muslim page!!

      I accidentally deleted another comment from Anne re your Greste article last night on my phone. I have her address in the Dashboard. I’ll send her a note. I answered it and then deleted her comment. They’ve updated the App is my only excuse

  3. Strange how Oboler is so quick to take down pages offensive to Muslims, yet ignores pages extremely offensive to Jews and Christians. I wonder why and what his motivation is.

  4. Give up wondering Pam. When I asked him he said it was too difficult. Oh how I wish I’d saved that email.

  5. The person behind CUPF is Darlene Jones-Owens as far as I’m aware.

  6. Daphne, apart from what’s on ‘Cloudfire’ I had a heap more information that was passed on to me by a reader. I have no idea where it is though. The woman is really something else.

  7. Shirlee, I had a look at Cloudfire after I posted – so I saw that the link had already given her name. Had not seen the Cloudfire demolition job before
    .I meant to add that there are Facebook groups, and CUFP strikes me as one of them. in which Christians who appear to harbour deep antisemitic feelings against Jews make common cause with Muslims in denouncing Jews, Israel, and Zionism.

  8. Oh dear. Should’ve gone to SpecSavers. Sorry about those misplaced fullstops. One of them should obviously be a comma.

  9. Daphne, presumably CUFP and similar groups are part of the Christian Palestinian movement:

  10. the CUFP page appears to be gone. did you have anything to do with that? if yes, kudos to you!

  11. Thank you for this ‘heads up’. Hold your breath and pray it’s for real.

    Polly a great many people have been working on this for many years. IF, and I say IF advisedly, because this has happened before when the site has been down for maintenance and it reappears again in a week or so. I am not aware of any organised activity of trying to get FB to take it down. Maybe, FB has seen the light??

    PLEASE keep your eyes peeled and left me know if it appears.

    Something just may be amiss with the “Good lady” herself as she hasn’t touched her page in two months.

    Thank you so much.

  12. There is something definitely going on. In the past month, Darlene has unsubscribed from all her anti Semitic & anti Israel groups. She started a new group for country bus drivers with 2 members. She has joined several other groups that have nothing to do with Jews or Israel.

  13. How do you know all this Polly? Seems to be a gigantic shift.

    I actually have a hard time accepting it, to be quite honest with you. I’m not disbelieving you, but her.

    I don’t have words strong enough to condemn this woman and yet you say she’s had a complete turn around?

    What are the names of these groups please.?

  14. I used to go to her FB page to check out the anti-Semitic & anti-Israeli groups she had listed there. Those groups are all gone from her page.

    I don’t believe for a moment that she’s had a turnaround. I think something or someone scared her & she is covering up. The new group she formed is for county bus drivers. There is no way that she is a bus driver. That was yesterday. Today her own page is down & she dropped out of the bus driver group.

  15. Someone once sent me a whole heap of very damning information about her which unfortunately I deleted after passing it on. If that was ever revealed she’d be gone anyway.
    I just did a search on her. I found a photo from 2012 and she looked in the picture of heath then. Maybe she’s ill?

    I found another Blog on Blogger which may (?) be her. Though I doubt it

  16. That blog is her. She must have forgotten about it. She wrote it when she set off to visit Palestine in 2012. She also had a blog of her Palestine visit with photos but she removed that.

    I don’t think she is ill. She has removed herself from FB thus eliminating all posts she ever made. The only place you can still find her on FB is if someone else mentioned her name — she can’t remove other people’s posts. Being sick wouldn’t cause her to do that. It definitely looks like something scared her to go offline.

  17. I imagine I’m interested for the same reasons that you are. I came across Darlene online a few years ago. She claimed to be a critic of Israel, not an anti-Semite. But she certainly smelled like an anti-Semite. It was actually through you that I found out about CUFP. I found you when I googled her name. I followed that page because I was flabbergasted about the pathological hate exhibited there. I don’t know if you’ve read there recently, but according to Darlene, ISIS are actually a Mossad group set up to make Muslims look bad.

    • I haven’t looked for a while and had no idea the page was closed. A great many groups tried to close it, but being what’s called the ‘New antisemitism’ it seems that FB moderators aren’t trained to recognise that.
      When I first found the site it was overtly antisemitic, I guess after being bombarded she changed tack.
      All I can say is that she is a vile excuse for a human being. How she can call herself Christian is beyond my comprehension.
      Thanks for the info anyhow. Please stay in contact if you come across anything new. The email address is at the foot of the Home Page.


    This is about the time she vanished from public view. There are videos on YouTube about her [which I found on Pinterest] and the ‘Occupy Atlanta’ demos