Among Australian Jewry,none so Blind as those who Won’t See.

Newly posted to Facebook by The Online Hate Prevention Institute  (run by Dr Andre Oboler):

As breathtakingly naive as it is ostensibly nice.

For this goes far beyond condemnation of attacks on individuals who happen to be Muslim, and gratuitous baiting of members of the Muslim community, disgraceful behaviour which most decent people deplore.

I am hardly the only Australian Zionist concerned that Jews are giving aid and comfort to those who hate Israel, and that Jews are helping to muzzle free debate on an ideology that is widely regarded as misogynistic, antisemitic, and violent, and at odds with Western democracy, let alone that Jews are abetting the concept of “Islamophobia”.

The latter is, as Australian Jew Michael Burd put it in the Australian Jewish News (26 December)

“an over-used term … meant to shut down all debate and leave many an innocent person feeling like a racist”.

This post by the ‘Online Hate Prevention Institute’ has received “Likes” on Facebook by people who, frankly, should know better.

The attitude seen represents the thin end of a wedge which might well lead Australian Jewish leadership organisations to ban the likes of Dr Mordechai Kedar from addressing communal audiences, as the British Board of Deputies recently did.

“None so blind as those who won’t see”, as the old saying goes.

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The Problem with OHPI’s Reliance on the Islamic Council of Victoria 


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  1. The late Christopher Hitchen’s definition of the word “Islamophobia” was:

    “a word created by Fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons”.

  2. As timely piece as I have seen touched upon by this Web Site. I truly didn’t believe, for the supportive vocal hoopla emanating from Australian Jewish Organisations, that any Jew in Australia was consciously awake to just what a vile, and cancerous organisation the OHPI is to Australian free speech.

    Some two to three months ago I was on the cusp of quietly walking away from…and disregarding as a lost cause Australian Jewry. My unshakeable belief in the State of Israel and it’s people is all that has seen me hold to my own convictions.

    It doesn’t need me to preach or lecture to any rationally minded person what an insidious organisation that the OHPI truly is…totally at odds with genuine Australian culture and values. A little; if not serious research, starting in Australia, then tracking off to New York, and then back to Australia should bring up the most ardent admirer/devotee of this seditious cancer with a jolt….providing they have an abiding loyalty to Australia, first and foremost!

    Oboler has carefully crafted this ‘organisation’ from day one, into the premium electronic watch dog that Islam has in Australia, at the same time as enlisting the hands on ‘support’ of well placed representatives of the Jewish community, and Indigenous lefties as a legitimising veil.

    To say I was gobsmacked to recently read the number of Australian Jewish Organisations proclaiming their unqualified support to the then upcoming Conference being ‘staged’ by this ‘organisation’ is an understatement.

    I have no idea who the Executive Committee of Australian Jewry is, though one of their female staffers; for the enthusiasm she displayed in its’ advance publicity airing, should be ashamed to call her self of Jewish heritage…which I am assuming she is!

    My dislike of this ‘organisation’ is the knowing of the now many anti-Islamic FB Pages it has been responsible for having removed from the Web by off shore FB ‘call centres’ located in two suspect Islamic fawning countries. Two of these Pages I was a member of….credible non red necking sites that had a case that needed to be heard…the reason why it is widely felt they were taken down.

    OHPI’s agenda is as transparent as a shop window, for any one who wishes to delve into them a little carefully. It is an Islamic stooge…100%, supported I believe by the exciting notion by the Jewish devotees of it’s carefully scripted controls of ‘wild and irresponsible hate speech’ Free speech will never bother anyone of Jewish heritage that lives in the Australia I know. What will (eventually) hurt them is the like of ‘organisations’ such as OHPI and the fawning dhimmi’s that give succour to their prostituted intent in, and for this country.

    When you have Webpage representation of the like of Hizbut ut – Tahrir Australia and Ustaach Mohammed Junaird Thorne championing OHPI’s ‘wonderful’ reporting work, it doesn’t take much to join the dots that tell one that we have a filthy Islamic cancer in our midst…allied with the rabid FB Pages of Government Intervention into the Muslim Community, and Australian’s Against Islamophobia….who enjoy OHPI for it’s poster girl adoration….which while are repeatedly reported, are never taken down.

    What I find equally insidious though, is the number of Australian Jewish representatives among the founding pack of this ‘organisation’. Oboler and his Victorian Muslim cronies must sleep with grins from ear to ear! I personally have no qualms about saying that eventually, this ‘organisation’ – OHPI will come under far greater scrutiny…possibly even enforced Government scrutiny, not unlike that which will be coming Hizbut ut – Tahrir and Junaird Thorne’s way.

    My primary concern is what Oboler is doing to Australia….If his anti-Semitic by-product is not apparent to Australian Jews, then I can do know more than feel for them. Islam works in the ‘strangest’ ways!

    A well constructed Post….I hope it has some bearing on the many number of the Jewish community who I periodically see heaping praise on this ‘organisation’ In truth, as unpalatable as it may appear, accept and recognise, no person of Jewish extraction in this country is doing themselves any favour following Oboler’s scripted, though Islamic shrouded narrative or intent. Oboler couldn’t care less about one Australian Jew….beyond the ‘legitimacy’ it provides to his dangerously crafted ‘organisation’….and I don’t deal in conspiracy theories.

    Until I regain my faith in Australian Jewry – in respect of OHPI, I’ll stick with Israel solely! That is how seriously I personally take Oboler and his ‘organisaton’

    • More’s the pity that we don’t have people of your ilk in our pathetically weak Community Graham.

      Lisa Michelle and Adina Kutnicki, have done an amazingly brilliant presentation, as you’ve seen in the article. The amount of time and work that has gone into this is phenomenal.

  3. Graham, you hit the nail on the head…the above link, re OHPI, I am more than intimate with. Check it out!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  4. Graham, totally agree. Oboler is using the guise of being a Jewish group, ostensibly set up to counter antisemitism, to promote the Islamic agenda and naive Jews are rushing to support him. Daniel Pipes writes about the origin of the word “Islamophobia” here, and points out it was the product of Hizb ut Tahrir – which should tell us something about its intentions!

  5. Thanks Daphne, for this timely article. It needs to be widely circulated.

  6. Adina posts her excellent articles frequently on my personal Facebook page, some of which I do post on Jews Down Under web site or check out her site.

    ‘Adina Kutnicki – A Zionist & Conservative Blog’

  7. I thought after posting my comments that perhaps I was being unnecessarily hard on Australian Jewish Organisations…that support OPHI. I bear absolutely no malice towards the Jewish community per se. I believe that a good number of Jewish folk initially saw OPHI as a means of combatting hate speech…though the end result is vastly different.

    As late as two hours ago – i.e. at 9.50 a.m. 2/1/15, I opened the hard core Islamic FB Web site AAI – Australian’s Against Islamophobia, to be greeted with the admin of that site giving ‘good’ direction to a Commentator as to how to contact OPHI….knowing in the same breath that OPHI is closed over the Xmas/New Year period until 5/1/15.

    The Commentator wished to ‘report’, and ‘take down’ the FB page “Fair Suck of the Sav”. I acknowledge that this FB page does have it’s fair share of bogan’s, though does not engage in hard hate speech…and is followed by what I term as a lot of decent and good Australian’s…seeking no more than reassurance that at least someone is speaking up to, and back at the threat we will (eventually) face.

    What breaks my spirit, is that as a purveyor of many hard Islamic FB and Web Pages, OPHI repeatedly and constantly pops up as the preferred ‘reporting’ authority to silence any individual or Web Page that speaks to the contrary of Islam. OPHI is the preferred place you go to if you wish to start upon a journey of undermining, and pulling Australia down.

    To this end, knowing Islam’s ‘interest’ in and towards Jews, I privately despair that Jewish organisations allow themselves to be ensnared by those who I personally regard as the greatest threat World Jewry faces. When I see the OPHI logo on the many hard Islamic sites/pages it appears on, my heart genuinely goes out to those of Jewish heritage/connection.

    • “I thought after posting my comments that perhaps I was being unnecessarily hard on Australian Jewish Organisations…”

      Wake-up calls need to be hard, soft ones dont wake you up.

      Unfortunately, Pollyanna seems to rule and the badies are winning the propaganda war, a very important component in the successful destruction of the other side, just ask Goebbels and the graduates from his school.

      What you have attacked, and rightly so, is a whole bunch of not-so-lonely halal wolves in kosher clothing.

    • Hey, hey Graham what’s your problem with the truth? This article and what you are saying is exactly why I started this site. I was sick to death with being silenced. We have had a few such articles here.

      If you look at the top of the page you will see ‘Rules and About’ which says

      “Jews Down Under is a ‘not for profit’ site,

      which originally came to being for a need to have a space somewhere in the Jewish world, in Australia, to be able to speak openly and honestly about OUR Community

      and Israel without being silenced.”

      • Graham for a few years I thought about starting a Blog, which this was initially, as every time I opened my mouth someone jumped in to shut it.

        I was raised in a very progressive left home and taught to always speak my mind and to stand up for what I believed in.

        I don’t go along with the main stream of thought in the Jewish Community of staying ‘shtum’ (quiet)

        I thought and thought. Then about May 2013 I posted a comment on J-Wire to receive an email from the CEO of the Board of Deps telling me that if I thought that way I should resign.

        I went into orbit. Which i might add I do frequently. !! To cut a long story short that’s when when I thought that we needed a place where we could voice our opinion without being silenced. Michael Burd has done that a few times, and we did it as a group effort a few months ago apropos the vile Temple in Melbourne hosting their Muslim friends..

  8. Shirlee…I take your thoughts and comments on board. My difficulty is that I am one of those people who genuinely believe that Jews truly are G-ds’ chosen people, and to speak ill of them, for myself at least, is near to sacrilegious….be they good Jews or bad Jews.

    Put simply, I do not like, or get any joy out of casting a critical net over Jews or the Jewish faith…and for this reason I started doubting myself if it was my place, or whether I had been too hard, in my critique of the OPHI.

    The base of my hostility is that by default, this ‘organisation’ – OPHI, which sadly is top heavy with Jewish representation, is drawing anti-Semitic flak onto Jews. Let me explain. During the past 2/3 months, it has been becoming widely known among a lot of anti-Islam Web and FB Pages that the OPHI is now the main effective identity targeting anti-Islam on line….for the damage that it has already done….i.e. removal of numerous individuals and Pages….the bulk of which is unjustified.

    Constant commentary chatter…more so at late evenings, is now starting to centre around ‘f…….Jews’, ‘Two-faced Jews’…and a lot I won’t mention on your Page. The word is now well and truly out as to the Jewish management stewardship, and representation of and on the OPHI.

    In my book this is anti-Semitic chatter I am witnessing, and growing more virulent, by people who would normally never come in contact with someone of Jewish heritage. Without seeking kudos, I have been repeatedly savaged for being a ‘Jew Troll’ and ‘Jew Lover’ when taking exception to, and defending Jews across the board. ‘Bogans’, as good and simple minded people as they are, do not take the time to allow for their tongues and brain to operate in sync.

    It is for this reason that I have been scathing of the OPHI….for the UNNECESSARY anti-Semitic vitriol they have drawn onto Australian Jews. As said, the near total number of caustic remarks are coming from people who detest Islam…and would normally NEVER come in to contact with a person of Jewish heritage/extraction…..i.e. they wouldn’t know a Jew if they fell over one….yet in pack mentality, are now ‘hating’ Jews with the best die hard anti-Semitic or Leftist…..while Islam, the only (apparent) benefactor, goes on grinning with delight. Study Hizbut ut – Tahrir’s glowing approval of OPHI!

    The Jewish people have NOTHING to be thankful for of the OPHI, or it’s over represented Jewish management presence. Having said this, I still don’t like berating Jews. I personally hope that the powers that be within the Jewish community move to clean up this stupid, non-benefical mess before anymore anti – Semitic damage is done….not withstanding I am conscious of the fact that Jews are sensitive to hate speech, as they have every right to be. The current approach of the OPHI though, will continue to have the opposite affect.

    They’ll win the Islamists, while polarising mainstream silent Australian’s…..and again, Islam wins!

  9. My last post vanished probably my fault.
    Don’t you know the old joke Graham in answer to being G-d’s chosen people?

    Why doesn’t he choose someone else for a change!!!

    The make up of the Board changes every couple of years. At one stage there were more non-Jews than Jews on it.

    Considering they remove far more anti Islam sites than anti Jewish or antisemitic ones should say something. In one of the many rounds I went with Oboler he admitted to not bothering with antisemitic ones, as they were impossible to remove and anti-Islam was easy.

    He made a bee-line deliberately too for Jewish ones. Adina’s was one of them

  10. I saw/liked the humour in your joke of G-d’s chosen people….it had me smiling. I think I am too (respectfully) wary of your, the Jewish Faith. I’ll probably drop out of sight towards the end of next week….leaving for Europe for two and a half months. I was to have gone to the States on December 17, but had to cancel out that section due to then rapidly deteriorating health of my daughter. Take the very best of care, and best wishes for the coming Year. Catch up with you some time in late March.

    • I kept meaning to ask why you hadn’t left yet, just haven’t had time to write.
      Shame you can’t hang on . I arrive in Cairns on the 20th.

      Joking about ourselves is part of being Jewish Graham. How’d you think we have lasted for so long?