Pro-Israel On-Line Community & Unexpected Friends.

You guys should know that Jon Haber from Divestthis! has a piece that I need to address entitled, What’s Left? – Arguing with Mike.

I honestly do not know that we arguing more than we are having a discussion.  So far I have mainly been responding to Jon over at the Elder’s joint and as you may know we are discussing the nature of the progressive-left viz-a-viz the Arab-Israel conflict.

It is my contention that as time goes by the western Jewish left is awakening to its serious problem with the larger western progressive-left.

Certainly Richard Landes over at Augean Stables knows this very well.  I have to say, I like Landes very much because he’s an academic who is willing to stick his neck out to say the truth… which seems to be getting rare within the academe.  The main thing to take away from this guy is that the foremost nature of the problem of terrorism is cultural, rather than economic or due to Jewish or western wrong-doing.

Denis MacEoin of the Gatestone Institute and Newcastle would agree, as well.   MacEoin is important because he is a non-Jewish academic who cares about Israel and, like Landes, is willing to stick his neck out to speak the truth and I think that you guys should make some time to check in with this gentleman, now and again.

Who I really miss, however, is Dr. Barry Rubin.  I was in occasional touch with him via email and I think that we all agree that the pro-Jewish / pro-Israel community suffered a considerable loss upon his death in February of this year.  Rubin, to the unhappiness of the Jewish left, did much to point out the problems of the Obama administration in its dysfunctional relationship with Israel and its encouragement of political Islam.

Thankfully, however, we still have unexpected friends in the world.

Chloe Valdery and Ryan Bellerose are individuals who over the last few years, or thereabouts, have really come forward to stand up for Israel.  Valdery is, from what I understand, still a student down in New Orleans.  I like Valdery very much because she has that old-timey, African-American fire-in-the-belly about Civil Rights and she’s putting that passion into the defense of the Jewish people.

Which is why she is natural for a video:

Bellerose is unique in the sense that – well? – how many pro-Israel Native-American Canadian football players are out there?

I tell you guys, I could spend all day going down the entire list of the pro-Jewish / pro-Israel media and blogosphere, but Bellerose stands out for me and let me tell you why. He’s not Alan Dershowitz. He is not a big and famous name… although he is definitely large!

But what Bellerose insists upon is that native peoples need to stand up for their rights and the Jews are native to the Land of Israel.  From a historical perspective he is absolutely right.  There are no people on the face of the planet – and that most certainly includes Arabs – who can claim greater indigenousy – I just coined that one, by the way – than the Jewish people within our own home.

It is important, at least now and again, to reference people who are doing good and important work, but I have barely even scratched the surface.

And, in truth, I cannot believe that I almost decided to stop writing this piece without mentioning our Australian friends.  Geoff is a card, so to speak, and a tough fighter who I admire and who is keeping the beer on ice down at the bar and grill.

But Shirlee of Jews Down Under fame has done something that I think needs recognition.

With no finances she created, purely out of her own will, a news magazine.

Go to that link.  This is not a blog, but something more on par with the Times of Israel.  She does not have the extent of content, of course, but heck, the Times of Israel comes out of the Jerusalem Post and the JP has been around since before the State of Israel.  The JP has been around since long before anyone thought to call Arabs “Palestinians,” yet Shirlee created a significant space practically on her own.  She had some help – including mine, if I may say so – but the vast lion’s share goes to her.

There are just so many people out there having very interesting discussions concerning the Middle East and, in truth, most of those conversations are not even happening in the English language.

Keeping up is always a challenge, but I have to say, it always lightens my heart when I realize that sometimes we do have friends in unexpected places.

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  1. I admire Shirlee for what she has done here. What would have happened to us a hundred times over without women like her?