West Supports Terrorism Against Israel via UNRWA

The biggest financial supporters of the UNRWA may be surprising. More surprising are the people employed by the UN organization and their belief system.

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The season of giving has officially begun. Unfortunately, many people have grown weary of donating to charities after so many cases of corruption have been uncovered, or the money has gone to pay the salaries of charity workers, rather than to the people in need. There is one “humanitarian” group however, unlike any other. It is a group which receives millions of dollars in aid from many countries, with the US and Europe topping the list of donors. And it is a group that is perhaps more dangerous and more corrupt than any other. It is called the UNRWA.

In the past several months, the corruption of the UNRWA has become more evident than ever, though most of the mainstream media has kept it under wraps. Over the summer, for example, during ‘Operation Protective Edge’ when Israel fought back against Hamas in Gaza after the terrorism against Jews had reached a boiling point, it was revealed that Hamas rockets were being stored in UNRWA schools. In one case, the rockets had “mysteriously” gone missing after discovery and in another, the UN returned the rockets to Hamas despite publicly condemning the terror group for using the school as an arsenal.

The schools served another purpose for Hamas as rocket launching sites. At one point during the war, when a UNRWA school was bombed and Israel was blamed, it turned out that Hamas had misfired a rocket, which exploded on its own school. The initial media outrage was aimed at Israel, but the subsequent findings against Hamas were not quite so newsworthy.

More recently, UNRWA educators have been caught supporting terror, but this news, uncovered by the “Elder of Ziyon” blogger, has not made it to the mainstream media. More specifically, the contents of the social media accounts of UNRWA school principals demonstrate blatant anti-Semitism and full support of terror against Israel. As “Elder of Ziyon” writes,

“Is it a UN principle for principals to support terror?”

The principals are not alone. A UNRWA teachers group on Facebook includes “inspirational jihadist videos,” jokes about “prescribing” Zionist patients “a rocket in the morning and a rocket in the evening” before eating, photos of children dressed up for jihad and admiration for Hitler.

For years, the Holocaust denial/approval and anti-Semitism taught in UNRWA schools has been reported by websites like Palwatch, JTA, and of course, Elder of Ziyon. Yet instead of making headline news in the global media, Palestinians are victimized while Israelis, who are simply trying to live their lives in peace, are demonized.

So what is the UNRWA anyway? It is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

On its own website, it explains:

“Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict, UNRWA was established by United Nations General Assembly resolution 302 (IV) of 8 December 1949 to carry out direct relief and works programmes for Palestine refugees. The Agency began operations on 1 May 1950.

“In the absence of a solution to the Palestine refugee problem, the General Assembly has repeatedly renewed UNRWA’s mandate, most recently extending it until 30 June 2017.”

In 1948, there were approximated 700,000 “Palestinian” refugees (if you could call them refugees- many of them left because the surrounding Arab countries advised them to leave before attacking the Jews, hoping to “send them into the sea.” They got the surprise of their lives when the Jews won, and suddenly the Arabs, who thought they would return after obliterating the Jews they hated, became “refugees.” Their Arab friends in the nations which attacked Israel did not absorb them but instead, created “refugee camps.”)

Now this number of 700,000 has turned into over 5 million. How does the number of refugees grow? It turns out, “Palestinians” are a privileged group. Not only are the original Arabs who left “refugees” (most of whom have died by now), but their descendants are as well.

Using this same logic, the nearly 1 million Jews who became refugees when Arab nations persecuted them and forced them out upon the official creation of modern Israel, would have multiplied to far more than 5 million.

Where is the special UN organization to take care of them and all their descendants?

Why is no one pleading with the world for millions upon millions of dollars in donations to care for these desperate people?

The answer is simple: Israel took them in, and these people were absorbed and assimilated into the general population. There was no victimization, and the Jews did not turn into professional beggars.

Arabs are a different story. They do not take care of their own people, yet use them as pawns in a political/religious battle against Israel. Rather than giving Palestinian Arabs citizenship, they maintain their refugee status, victimize them, cry to the world about their “plight,” and expect the West to take care of them.

As a testament to that is the list of the top donors to the UNRWA, which is mainly funded by various governments and UN member states. At the top of the list is the United States. That’s right. The United States is the number one donor to the UNRWA, an organization created specifically for “Palestinians” only. And the second top donor? The European Commission.

The numbers are astounding. In 2013, the US pledged $294,023,401 to the organization. The European Commission (EC) was not far behind, but this is a conglomeration of many countries together. The EC’s pledge was over $216 million. Finally, an Arab country held the third position. It was Saudi Arabia whose pledge was only around half of that of the United States and far less than that of the EC. Saudi Arabia is the only Arab country in the top ten.

Following Saudi Arabia are the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Norway, all apart from the European Commission’s pledge. Then Japan, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, and finally Kuwait in the 13th position. Following Kuwait are more European nations.

Many of these “refugees” are actually Egyptian. Yasser Arafat himself was Egyptian. Yet Egypt’s pledge in 2013 to the UNRWA was a mere $15,000.

Altogether, the United States, Japan, Australia and European nations in the top ten pledged over $820 million to “Palestinian refugees.” The only Arab nation in the top ten pledged less than 20 percent of that figure. In fact, all of the Arab and Muslim countries of the top 30 donors combined do not even reach $200 million.

Is it because Arab countries are poor?


Among the oil-rich countries that “helped their fellow Arabs” aside from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are Qatar and UAE, the third richest oil country according to Forbes, whose yardstick is oil wealth per capita. Forbes ranks Kuwait at number two, Qatar at number one, and Saudi Arabia at number six. These are not poor nations, and they certainly have the money to donate to the “Palestinians” they pretend to care so much about.

The overall numbers demonstrate that it is mainly the West providing for the so-called “Palestinian refugees,” and the oil-rich Arab nations’ share in giving to their brethren is only a fraction of the total. In the end, we are giving money to the indoctrination of Arab children to deny or approve of the Holocaust, to hate and want to kill Jews, (many fulfilling that desire after growing up), and ultimately to want to destroy Israel, the only true Western-style democracy in the Middle East, with ideals most closely resembling those of the United States, Europe and Australia, and one of our most supportive allies.

In the spirit of giving over the holidays, it would be best not to focus on victimizing terrorists and donating to a “humanitarian group” focused on hate and violence. The true victims are not the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of people who left Israel so their brethren could destroy the Jews. The mere existence of the UNRWA should be questioned, but instead, the donations from our governments go to funding the incitement of hate and violence.


Originally posted by Rachel Molschky  at Cherson and Molschky as

The West Supports Terrorism Against Israel Through UNRWA.

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