Bob Carr of ‘Australia’s Protocols of Zion Paranoia.’

Posted with the permission of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from his Facebook page.

As an American who is married to an Australian, whose children are Australian citizens, and who visits this beautiful country annually, I care deeply when the decency of Australia is maligned by the likes of Bob Carr. His vicious assault on Israel demands a response.

In April of this year Carr made his bid for continued relevance by signing on to a version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in a bizarre claim that Melbourne’s Jewish lobby controls Australia’s Middle East foreign policy. To be sure, a distressed former political figure scapegoating the Jews with claims of Jewish control of governments to get into the news is nothing new. And it usually works. Carr’s book, Diary of a Foreign Minister which, like himself, would have been relegated to obscurity, sold a couple more copies through the press coverage he received with his claims of a Jewish conspiracy. Still, it’s sad to see a once-influential man reduced to crude antisemitism to remain relevant.

But not content to impugn the Jews of Melbourne with the scandalous charge of dual loyalty, Carr has just come out with his newest allegation. Israel is an apartheid state committed to disenfranchising the Palestinians, as evidenced by their expansion of settlements. It is for this reason, Carr claims, that he is turning on Israel and becoming a supporter of Palestine instead.

In this too Carr is wholly unoriginal. If you’re going to savage the Jewish state surely you can do so by saying something novel? But is this all we get, the over-roasted chestnut of Israel as pre-Mandela South Africa?

But in his obsession with Jewish world domination there are things that Carr omits.

He omits the fact that the land ceded by Israel to the Palestinians in peace deals has been transformed every time into terrorist enclaves.

He omits the fact that Hamas is a genocidal organization committed in its charter to Israel’s destruction and the murder of Jews worldwide.

He omits the fact that the Palestinian Authority is now a dictatorship run by Mahmoud Abbas who has not gone to elections in more than a decade.

He omits the fact that Abbas runs a kleptocracy enriching his sons Tarik and Yasser who illegally control the construction and cigarette trade, among other lucrative industries.

He omits the fact that Nelson Mandela was a true apostle of peace who languished in jail for 27 years, while Yasser Arafat is the father of international terrorism who made his name by blowing up children.

He omits the fact that Arab citizens of Israel enjoy more rights than Arabs anywhere in the Middle East. In his charges of Jewish racism he omits the fact that Arabs serve at the highest levels of Israeli officialdom, including the Supreme Court, something unthinkable in an apartheid regime.

He omits the fact that Israeli hospitals treated Abbas’ wife and the daughter of the current Hamas leader.

He omits the fact that the single greatest threat to world civilization today is not the Jews and the puny State of Israel but radical Islamic terrorism which is producing monsters like ISIS, Hamas, and Boko Haram.

Oh, were it so, Bob, that Australia’s biggest worry was Melbourne’s Jews, a community famous for its philanthropy, civic responsibilities, and patriotism.

All this Carr omits as he assails the Jews as apartheid racists. And in so doing Carr not only shows his cards but offends the brave black population of South Africa who are models of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Sorry, Mr. Carr, but the Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. It is not I who says it but your own Christian Bible.

Read the New Testament and try and find mention of a single Arab resident of ancient Israel.

The Jews were the land’s inhabitants and they were displaced by a European colonial occupier named Rome. They were forcibly removed from their land and displaced for 2000 years, while a small remnant always remained. The Jews prayed thrice daily to return to their land. And when finally granted the political opportunity, they came and drained the swamps, irrigated the sands and made the land so much more inhabitable for Arab brethren that had migrated in the interim.

  • The Jews were happy to share the land but it was a sentiment that was sadly rejected by the Arabs.
  • They rejected the 1936 Peel Commission Partition.
  • They rejected the 1947 UN partition plan. They rejected Israel’s offers to return all conquered 1967 lands with their famous three “No’s” in Khartoum: No peace, No recognition, No negotiation.
  • And they turned the Oslo peace accords – which granted Arafat political autonomy over 95% of the Palestinian population – into a murder-fest by launching a never-ending terror war against Israel’s buses, schools, and cafes.

Rather than Western statesmen like Carr demanding from the Palestinians to stop the never-ending incitement against the Jews and the promises to push them into the sea, rather than calling out Mahmoud Abbas for his monstrous lies about an Israeli genocide in Gaza, rather than objecting to the rampant assassination of Palestinian gay men by Hamas and the honor killings of innocent women, Carr would defend this barbarity by pointing the finger at the Middle East’s only democracy.

Australians are some of the warmest, tolerant, and peace-loving people on earth. Australia is a model of social harmony and ethnic integration. Australia took in scores of holocaust survivors who fled Hitler’s ovens after World War II. Australians love and support Israel. I know that they will reject pathetic attempts at Jewish character assassination leveled by desperate former politicos like Bob Carr.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, “America’s Rabbi,” is the international best-selling author of 30 books, winner of The London Times Preacher of the Year Competition, and recipient of the American Jewish Press Association’s Highest Award for Excellence in Commentary. He has just published Kosher Lust: Love is Not the Answer. Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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  1. As a former Sydneysider I am offended. MELBOURNE Jews indeed!

    As a current Israeli I am offended. Melbournians, if you control Australia’s Middle East policy why did you let them send troops to Iraq, the Gulf of Aden and UN efforts in Sudan and Egypt and do nothing to protect Israel from Gaza and Hezbollah rockets and nothing about Iranian plans for Israeli destruction? Where is your imagination?

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    He claims that for the last 25 years the “Palestinians” have been on the road to peace.
    This reminds me of George Orwell’s political novel, “1984,” in which the dictatorship introduces a new lexicon which inverts semantics. Australia, too, has ideologues that love to do the same.
    Hence “progressive” people support left-wing entities such as Hamas, Hizballah, Hizb u Tahrir, PLO, “Palestinian Authority,” etc.

  3. Bob Carr is not a clown! He is Satan’s servant and will be with Satan for Eternity.
    I am an Englishman by birth an Australian by paperwork. I a gentile believe Israel the people have every right to Ertz Israel, their own land, given to them by Almighty God.
    After finally gaining Control over land in 1967, lost in 1948; they are not “Occupier’s” at all but “The Owners” who finally have control of a little of the land given to them in around 1947 by the World’s then government. Jordon is a far larger area than Israel.
    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, were not written by Jewish authors but, from a Alzheimer’s memory Russian.
    The Holy One of Israel -El Shaddi will protect Israel to the End.
    Where will the “New Jerusalem” be? In Israel of course

  4. Bon Carr is heading for a very sticky end as he continually mocks the Israeli people. He is a communist and a useful idiot of Satan.

  5. Bob Carr consulting “his” Christian bible? I think Bob Carr would have a problem with the New Testament’s apostle Paul writing that- ” the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable” (Romans 11:29) in his letter to the Christians in Rome, in which he outlines the particular benefits of being Jewish, which includes the “promises” (Rom 9:4) eg land as a homeland for the sons and daughters ie the physical descendants of Jacob (Israel). Paul also stated that the Jewish people had been “entrusted with the very words (or oracles) of God.” (Romans 3:2). Bob Carr may have once been entrusted with an important role in State politics, and as the foreign minister of Australia, but he does not understand or acknowledge the real “specialness” and “uniqueness” and “importance” in many ways of the Jewish nation and people to the whole world, including Australia, such as a righteousness (which is a righteousness that can be imparted to Gentiles who were once “far off”) being manifested apart from the law, but being witnessed by the law, and by the the old testament prophets and psalm writers such as King David, going all the way back to Abraham as the father of nations that are blessed through faith.. Bob Carr would probably not agree with the apostle Paul also on the fact that Christian believers are in an “indebtedness” to the Jewish people, as Paul wrote once concerning the Christians in Macedonia and Achaia who assisted materially their needy Jewish brethren in Jerusalem: “They were pleased to do this, and indeed they owe it to them; for if the Gentiles have come to share in their spiritual blessings, they ought also to be of service to them in material things.” Rom’ 15:27. Like Abigail the Carmelitess, as described in 1 Samuel 25, who understood and recognised the right actions of the future king to be – David, son of Jesse, she helped him and his men in their time of need with provisions, rather than question his origin and motives; she was unlike her mean spirited husband Nabal, who was in a position of power and wealth to help, but chose not to, even though David had protected his (Nabal’s) men, and had not mistreated them . Abigail was blessed for her kindness, as it was the right (and smart) thing to do. Abigail did the opposite of BDS. Indeed, one of the first known Gentile Christian believers, a Roman centurion, called Cornelius, who lived in Caesarea, even though he was part of the occupying forces, was “well spoken of by the whole Jewish nation”, presumably because of his actions towards them (such as helping the poor amongst them), which actions were recognised by God, and so he and his household were blessed for it. . (Acts 10) Peter said of this: “Truly I understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to Him.” Like Abigail, Cornelius recognised the Jewish basis for the ruling “root of Jesse”, (Isaiah 11:1-2,10) and put his hope in the “One who rises to rule the Gentiles”, and acted accordingly; actions which recognised God’s calling on the Israelites and transcended any misguided and so-called Roman or non Jewish state claims on the land of Israel or visions of ruling over , or even destroying, the Israelites .

  6. Julia Ferguson

    I posted elsewhere that Bob Carr is a mouth-off from way back and a total embarrassment to Australia. Like Senator Lambie, he should be gagged! He doesn’t have a clue about Israel and the right of the Jews to be there. I think he should read “his” Christian Bible again. In the Old Testament GOD makes a number of promises to the Jews and who should live in the area GOD designated as “Israel”. For a supposedly “educated” man, he sure is an ignoramus! It WASN’T the Jews, the Palestinians (who didn’t exist in biblical times), or any other human who made these promises, but GOD HIMSELF, so get used to it Mr Carr!

    • Leon Poddebsky


      Bob, like a number of other ALP and Greens people, have adopted the morality code of all those Middle Eastern societies that have chosen to be Israel’s mortal enemies.
      If their values were to triumph in Australia, would that benefit this country?

  7. Julia Ferguson

    Leon, what morality code are you talking about? Oh, silly me..,.they don’t have one – it is an immorality code. Sarcastic, aren’t I?