An Open Letter to Mahmoud Abbas.

Mr. Abbas, I am sorry to say, you have destroyed all hope of a Palestinian State under your leadership. You are in the 9th year of your four year term, and you have still failed to create change. You have stolen from the Palestinian public, amassing over $100 million dollars for yourself and your cohorts, money that should have been used to help the refugees you claim to care about.

Mr. Abbas, you no longer have any credibility, not only in the pro-Israel world, the world which you recently resorted to calling genocidal occupiers at your speech at the UN. You no longer have credibility with the Palestinians you seek to represent. You had the opportunity to offer a historic compromise, you had the opportunity to make a change. You failed to do so on both accounts.

You had the opportunity to make a change when you rejected Israel’s demands to be accepted as a Jewish State. You had the opportunity to change when you chose to make peace with a terrorist organization bent on destroying Israel and Jews rather than the partner you claim to be working with.

Mr Abbas, I listened to your speech at the United Nations General Assembly, a speech filled with hate mongering lies; this fails to surprise me as your dissertation prided itself on Holocaust denial and denouncing the Zionist conspiracy.

You began your speech with the ever inflammatory accusation of genocide by the Israeli government. Mr Abbas, at no point in history has any government taken the precautions that the Israeli government has in sparing civilians. At no point in history, has a country called its enemy combatants prior to bombing in order to spare civilians. At no point in history has the line been so clear between terrorists and morality: Israel used its missile defense system to protect its civilians, and Hamas, your unity government for which you are responsible, protected its missile launchers with its children. Your unity partners placed children and families on rooftops, fired rockets from hospitals, stored bombs in schools. You are responsible.

It is not Israel that is “destroying the remaining hopes for peace”, it is Hamas, the terrorists who you have chosen to align yourself with, and the corruption that you have allowed to occur in Fatah that is “destroying the remaining hopes for peace”. You are not a partner for peace, Fatah is not a partner for peace. Thanks to your fumbled leadership, the Palestinians are left with no choice: support a terrorist regime that seems to have limited success and become victims of retaliation, or die at the hands of that regime as “collaborators of Israel”.

Mr. Abbas, the occupation that you have carefully crafted into the excuse for your actions is just that, an excuse. It is you who is occupying the Palestinian people in the Disputed Territories, and it is Hamas, your partner, who is occupying the Gaza Strip. The blame rests on your decisions and your actions.

Hamas rocket launch pad near Gaza homes

Sir, you called Israel’s latest war with Gaza “a series of absolute war crimes carried out before the eyes and ears of the entire world” and you could not be more accurate. Hamas committed a terrible atrocity, a double war crime: not only did they fail to protect their civilians, but their civilians became forced protection for its leaders.

Sir, you affirmed the Palestinian people’s legitimate right to defend themselves against the racist Israeli occupation. Are these the racists who provide full and equal rights to Israel’s 20.5% Arab citizens? Do you justify terror tunnels and the systematic targeting of civilians as resistance? Sir, the targeting of civilians is not resistance, it is a crime against humanity.

Mr. Abbas, you claimed that the Israeli government has failed the test of peace. I ask you today, where are your compromises? How have you come to seek peace? You come to the table knowing full well you will never agree to a Palestinian State. How dare you usurp the narrative of the Palestinians for your personal gain? You are an insult to the Palestinian people.

Mr. Abbas, you had the opportunity to instill change, the world was listening word for word to your speech, a beautifully written speech I must say, in the hopes that you would call for compromise, for a change, for a better future. Instead, you slandered Israel with baseless calls of genocide, calls that have been denounced by the left, the right and everything in between. In that sense, perhaps you have created change. We can all come together and agree on one thing, you are a washed up theocratic diplomat with no hope of creating a future. Step aside and allow for a true peace partner to rise. If the Palestinians are left to choose between corruption and terror, Fatah and Hamas, they will be left in the dust. The Palestinian people are leading themselves, allow them to speak for themselves and create change. Step aside sir, before you reach the decade mark of your 4 year term.

First published at Times of Israel.

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