An Endless Political Möbius Loop.

escherThis strikes me as a rather eerie moment in the seemingly endless Arab-Israel war.

We just recently came out of Operation Protective Edge and things are pretty much where I expected them to be.  Hamas shoots rockets for years into southern Israel making life there something close to unbearable as Israeli children are practically born with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Israel thus kills a bunch of Gazans in securing the military objectives of degrading Hamas’s rocket capability and destroying those terror tunnels which were to be used to kidnap and kill innocent Jewish Israeli civilians.

Much of the west, naturally, ran with the Hamas playbook in the sense that they did their bit for the organization by screaming to the rooftops that Israelis are fascist, racist, apartheid, murderers… and, of course, they insist upon this because they ever so deeply care abut the well-being of the Jews under siege in the Middle East.

Hamas, meanwhile, was quite literally willing to lose a few thousand of its own people in order to give Israel an international public relations black eye and it was the western left that delivered that black eye, via the press, in fulfillment of what Dershowitz calls Hamas’s “Dead Baby Strategy.”

But now as Obama starts bombing the Islamic State in Iraq the level of howling against the Jews in Israel has abated for the moment and I feel like we’re just bobbing in the political waves.  Obama just stood up before the United Nations and made some marshmallowy feel-good sounds that will amount to little or nothing.

Concerning that speech, Ben Shapiro said this:

Speaking at the United Nations on Wednesday, President Obama performed the signal feat of cramming his head so far up his own ass that his head actually emerged from his mouth again, thereby creating the first human Escher loop.

I have to say, I do not know about Obama, but that is a very apt description of the Arab-Israel conflict.  It is an Escher Loop.  It is a Mobius Strip that just goes round and round and round.  And we’re just the little ants scurrying along a hopeless and endless and consistent path to nowhere.

That, I suppose, is one way of looking at it in my darker moments.

I see no upside, though.  Do you?

Is anyone seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, because I am not.

The best that we can hope for in the long run, probably, is maintenance of the conflict.  The Arab governments have no intention whatsoever of ending the aggression and why should they when it will primarily be their cousins next door to Israel that will pay the price?  The vast majority of ideologues who hate on Jews throughout that part of the world will suffer no consequences for promoting violence and spreading malice for political reasons, so why should they stop?

Furthermore, since much of the west is more and more agreeing with them that Jews should only be allowed to live in certain restricted areas in the Middle East it often puts us in an exceedingly difficult position via our political alliances.

I have to say, though, I’ve seen this movie before and I very much hope that I do not have to watch it again… and again and again.

No matter how many times that I see it, it just never ends well.

Originally posted at Israel Thrives

Michael Lumish is a blogger at Israel Thrives, as well as a regular contributor/blogger at Times of Israel,   Jews Down Under and the Elder of Ziyon. 


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  1. Time to dip the sour apple into some organic honey, dear Michael.

    The up-side of the recent events, more or less connected intimately to Israel, is that a bunch of Arab states have found good reasons to join the Devil’s Camp, that dreaded USA alliance, of which I, as a proud Australian, is a major flag bearer.
    Be it for idiosyncratic reasons of the sectarian kind, we are witnessing a transition from obtuse rejection of anything ideologically Western to a hora of harmonies which are bound to have some effect on the traditional Middle Eastern enmities . Obama has worked out that his rhetoric needs to please all palates if the strategy of taking care of core terrorist targets is to be successfully assimilated.After all, there is plethora of “home consumption”s to be satisfied in the current alliance mix and the American PR taste buds need to make some allowances, bitter sweet as they may be. Otherwise, I am with you 100%.

    • Like….without the need to add further.

    • You must have a more subtle political palate than do I, Otto.

      I do not see that a bunch of Arab states have actually joined the US alliance. I see a highly divided

      Middle East wherein various Arab factions are going for one another’s throats since the

      “Arab Spring” which western morons, including the president of the United States, did so much to welcome. Some of these dictatorships will sometimes lean in our direction, but none will honestly ever stand with Israel and all will continue to inspire hatred among their people toward Jews… for the simple reason that ultimately anti-Semitism is a form of politics that serves particular interests.

      The Arab leadership portrays Jews as demons, often quite literally. The western-progressive-left merely bolsters that hatred by claiming we are a vestige of European imperialism.

      It is, as you know, Sunni versus Shia and radical semi-theocratic authoritarian versus full-on radical theocratic authoritarian. Obama favors the former.

      As for diaspora Jews, we get to watch as Arabs shoot rockets at Jews and western-leftists yawn until

      the Jews dare to stand up for ourselves. And then they scream to the heavens about Israeli aggression

      and apartheid and racism and colonialism.

      The hypocrisy is both vicious and exceedingly dangerous, given our numbers, and is precisely the kind of thing that led to the great pogroms of the past. All it takes is enough people on the sidelines, spreading enough malicious lies and disinformation before the Jewish blood starts flowing.

      Will there be another Holocaust around the corner? Could be, but it would be in the form of a nuclear

      Holocaust and, in truth, that is not entirely unlikely.

      But what we definitely will see – because we are in fact seeing it before our very eyes today – are ongoing, low-level, international pogroms inspired by the the local Arab fascists, under Abbas, and the greater Arab dictatorships, as a whole.

  2. Otto Waldmann

    Michael I beg to differ in certain respects.
    – the ostensive attitude toward the complex Arab world as displayed by Obama reveals a strategy ( nearly said personal traits, but I consider Obama to be in the service of “his” Administration, being manipulated by a number of inner forces with direct and immediate finger on the pulse, triggers, realpolitik MUCH better placed that the President himself – will come back – ) which is as deceiving as the actual unfolding of events. Best example is Egypt. The whole world perceived ( and still does ) Obama as sincere supporter of the MB, yet The Muslim Brotherhood has been practically wiped out politically and the same Obama enjoyed watching the spectacle as if …”nothing happened”, so to speak .Sisi is in full control and with comprehensive US support.
    I come back to the necessary exercise in pacifying the “traditional” opponent as a NEW form of geopolitical control. At the same time, Obama – actually the entire free world – must retain its profile as a DOMINANT force capable of engaging in conflict as well, at times as open as its massive military contingents are prepared for.

    – The Arab world has been extremely fluid , yet predictable, as much as short term predictions are affordable.
    The notion of unity among Arabs is falsified by a few tender associations, linguistic, religious, regional, otherwise tensions are EXPECTED as much as any OTHER conventional state groups – European, Americas, Pacific, Asian etc. –

    – The rise of the religious entities within the former secular Arab nations is as natural, as inevitable as the reality that the religious content in the muslim (sic) world has never ceased to operate at the populace level MUCH more effective than poiltical parties which were devised to dominate a…….heavily religious nation(s).
    Post independence Northern African states as well as levantine newly formed entities were design primarely to be run by a new elite educated away from the religious institutions, thus challenging from the beginning the entrenched authority. The permanence of the BAAS party system was never guaranteed as it had NO natural genetic connection locally at all.

    How can a massive military, intelligence , economic and cultural presence , such as USA cope with the myriad of idiosyncratic elements of nations which can hardly assimilate and digest Western values in the space reserved by people like you and I for the notion of satisfactory efficiency. We cannot wait two generations for the natural progression/changes ( the normal and ONLY way to achieve the drastic changes required ). Sadly we can only cover ONE generation with the only one lifetime we have been gifted.

    to be continued…………..