Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Rosh Hashana Greeting


September 21.2014.

My Friends,

As Jews celebrate the New Year around the world, we can take pride in all that unites us. The Jewish people always unite when faced with great challenges and the past year was no exception.

Over the past few months three of our teenagers were kidnapped and brutally murdered, thousands of rockets were fired at our country and too many of our bravest young men and their families made the most painful of sacrifices on Operation Protective Edge.

Throughout all that we witnessed tremendous support from Jewish Communities everywhere. At the same time we in Israel know that it has been a difficult time for many of your Jewish Communities. You face increasingly virulent and even violent antisemitism.

On behalf of the people of Israel, I thank you for supporting our just campaign to defend ourselves; to provide the sustained peace Israelis deserve. I assure you that we in Israel will continue to stand by your side as you confront hatred and intolerance. Jews everywhere must be able to live proudly and without fear.

As we celebrate Rosh Hashana with our family and friends, we should also celebrate the strength we derive from our commitment to one another. The strength will serve us well as we meet the challenges and also the remarkable opportunities of the New Year.

Israel is a remarkable story. The Jewish people are again sovereign and free in our own homeland. Together we have built a vibrant democracy, a robust economy and a global technological powerhouse.

In the New Year Israel will remain a beacon of freedom and human rights in an intolerant area; Israel with continue to be a source of innovation to the benefit of the entire planet; and israel will not give up its dream of a secure and enduring dream with all our neighbours.

Israel will remain a source of pride and strength for Jews, no matter where they live and I have no doubt that the future of the Jewish people is one of hope and promise.

 On this holiday of Rosh Hashana that is definitely something we can all celebrate.

Shana Tova to all of you,





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