Not a “Palestinian problem”; A Jewish problem.

The West, Muslims, Israel and “Palestine”: Europe is not doing itself any favors by being weak.

The target is clear.

The supposed “Palestinian problem” of  how to create a “Palestinian State” is nothing more than a lie which camouflages an entirely separate issue, one that can be formulated as “how to destroy Israel.” Why do I think so? Because when the Jordanian Army in the 70s winded on the tracks of their tanks the guts of 100,000 of their “Palestinian brothers,” nobody in the Arab world tore out their hair in despair or initiate any UN Security Council “urgent meetings.” And when Lebanon deprived Palestinian refugees of any rights and crushed their uprisings with tanks and heavy artillery- nobody in the Arab world moved a finger. And when Kuwait, in a wink, kicked out almost 200,000 “Palestinian brothers” who supported Saddam Hussein- again there was no fuss. Nor did the “humanists” of the West open their mouths in any of these cases.

So the destiny of Palestinian Arabs worries not a soul, neither in the Arab world, nor in Europe or, what is the most amusing of all- in Palestine itself.

Another example: Arab mothers hysterically crying over the dead bodies of their “beloved children”– when Western media cameras are focused  on them. But quite recently there was a film which passed absolutely  unnoticed about the body exchange of those who died in the Iraq-Iran war. And their mothers were not only calm- but very businesslike: no hysterics, no tears… They even discussed compensation! And there were no screams about 1,000,000 Muslims who died in that war. So when Arabs kill each other, the Western and Arab media, as well as the public, yawns- no interest, no sensation. But when Israeli soldiers, 18-year-old guys, decide to dance “sertanejo” in Hebron, Western and Arab journalists go amok. How could they dance, when their role is to shoot right and left and eat Arab children for breakfast?!

The conclusion is obvious: the world is absolutely indifferent to “Palestine”- but it is NOT indifferent to Israel. There is not a “Palestinian problem”; there is a Jewish problem.

Second: what is the core of this problem? Keeping the oil prices high is good for Arabs and big international oil companies. The best way to keep them high is to have blood near oil. Keeping the level of tension in Israel and around it high is a good business. Miserable expenses on “martyrs” and “European humanists” are compensated by the highest profits from oil. But the story does not end here.

Oil makes Arabs stronger economically– and they want to play a role in world politics. To destroy Israel would be ideal for Arab self-esteem: look, we’ve destroyed your Israel, and you can do nothing about that! And it’s not about Israel, which by itself is as uninteresting to “Big Arabs” like Saudis or to Iranians as Palestine. They want to destroy it because Israel is a bastion of the West in the Middle East. It is in Israel where West meets East, and Israel is one of the main places where the East tries to challenge the West. Israel is a symbol, a probing stone, a first ladder to world domination; if Israel let Arabs destroy her, Europe would be next. And then… America. You think it’s impossible? Well, Romans thought so too.

AntisemitismThe destiny of Jews in history is the center of global world conflicts. Nothing can be done about this: Jews are the Elected People. And now Jews are in the middle of the clash between Christian (well, relatively Christian) and Islamic (well, ABSOLUTELY Islamic) civilizations. In this clash, while Muslims hate Jews openly, Christians hate them covertly- which does not make their hatred less intense.

The current situation in the world is a repeat of Europe in the 30s, when Europe and the US partly feared Hitler- and partly admired him. But neither Europe nor the US showed even a feeble trace of anger about Hitler’s anti-Semitism- let alone stronger emotions like hate or disgust! Europe together with the US started moving only in 1940,when “la belle France” suffered a humiliating defeat it had never suffered before and cracked under Hitler’s boot like a rotten egg.

So the Jewish “problem” does not exist by itself: it is a part of the Arab-European, or even wider: Arab- Western clash, where Jews play the role… well, you can define this role in a high-flying style like a “vanguard of the Western civilization”– or more cynically, like a small piece of meat the West is always ready to throw to an Arab crocodile if this crocodile becomes somewhat dangerous.

A treachery? Yes of course. And this treachery is so sweet! In it, there combines an eternal European antisemitism, and the guilt for the Holocaust (people hate to remember their guilt, and the bigger the guilt- the bigger the antipathy to those who remind us of it), as well as the eternal  “Jews crucified our Jesus”, and of course, a relatively new Western liberal slobbery mentality, which calls to feel empathy not to the murdered- but to the murderer- not to the robbed- but to the robber… All this, though only until it gets personal; if a Western intellectual feels the danger of being robbed or killed, he converts into a truly fierce demon.

Another driving force is of course- Her Majesty Money. Unbiased and objective Western media surprisingly often turn out to be on the Muslim Arab payroll. Muslim Arabs have oil. And Muslims also account for between five to 15 percent of the European population; a giant voting potential! Jews, with their less than 2%- and decreasing because more and more Jews emigrate from Europe to Israel– are evidently at a disadvantage.

As for the famous “Jewish money”… Well, Arab Sheikhs now have at least no less, and second, Jews in Europe and America are a total mess of opinions, points of views, visions of the situation, that it makes it  absolutely impossible to understand what the majority of them think and whom the Jews living in the West defend. Arabs, on the contrary, are much more monolithic.

Most importantly: just like in the 30s, when people in Western Europe and the US did not want to think about the scary facts- that Hitler actually was not only against Jews and Communists, but that he was against the West, and that after Jews and Slavs, the turn of the French and British would  come- so today Europeans and Americans do not want to see that Muslims are not only against Israel; they are against Europe and America.

The words “clash of civilization” do not penetrate nary a skull of the modern Europeans and Americans concentrated on such “important” questions regarding the survival of civilization as the rights of gays and lesbians or how many times a black thief can insult, punch and kick a policeman who just tried to arrest him after catching him stealing a box of cigars red-handed, before the policeman would have the right to use his firearm. Most people in Europe and in the USA just do not take seriously the idea that Muslims want to destroy the entire Western civilization. No, no, they just want to liberate their occupied  land and create their state… Well…eehh… maybe they also- we do not say they want it, we just suppose that maybe they may want- to destroy Israel. But of course, it’s absolutely unrealistic. But- if it turns out to be not so “unrealistic” after all, and they succeed- so what is it to us, to Europeans? An Israel more, an Israel less… Big deal!

This “neither do I know nor do I care” philosophy has become so widespread in the West that even 9/11 could not change it. Has anything changed in USA and Europe after this heinous and cynical crime perpetrated by Muslims as an open challenge to the West? Oh yes, of course; there are now two towers less- and one mosque situated near Ground Zero more. Ah, how could I forget another radical change in Western mentality: Americans chose Barack Hussein Obama as US President.

All this miserable story about how we fight “world terrorism” is a sneer. For ten years the Greatest World Power, supported by not-so weak allies, has been fighting a bunch of “marginals” who “do not have any support among Muslim population.” The number of losses on the side of the “marginals,” by the reports of the brave generals, was close to the entire Muslim population on Earth, and Osama bin Laden, who calmly lived for many years  in a privileged area two blocks from the Military Academy in Karachi with his wives and servants was finally “found” and killed, although he did not offer any resistance. The corpse was never presented to the public though, because the Seals dispersed it over the sea. Why? “In full accord with Muslim tradition.” (The only thing I want to know is who in Obama’s Administration could have invented such an idiotic answer to the question.)

But of course, the mission has been accomplished, the ugly dragon of world terrorism was defeated and driven back to its stinky cave where it ignominiously died? Aha, sure. Just look at Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan… and “Palestine” too.

Seems the West has no guts to recognize something as simple as 2 x 2= 4: that until the Palestinian- terrorism is rooted out, all these “martyrs of Al Aqsa,” “Martyrs Al Quds” and dozens of other Islamic terrorist groups whose only dream is to go and press the button on a suicide vest in the crowd of infidels, will go on procreating like bacillus in a nutrient solution.

Something could have changed after 9/11, if Europe had said: we shall not pity Muslim terrorists more than their victims; we shall help Israel fight our common enemy- or at least we shall not twist Israel’s hand when it is doing it- alone. But instead, Europe decided to pay terrorists with Israel, hoping to sign something similar to the “Munich Treaty” or “Molotov-Ribbentrop Agreement” with them.

Well all sides act in accord with their genes:  Europe is cowardly wagging its tail, like it was doing for the last 200 years, trying to placate the aggressor and chocking its poorly hidden anti-Semitism; Jews as usual were given the role of scapegoats; and Nazis – they are Nazis, whether they wear brown shirts or green turbans, and if on their banners we see a swastika- or a star with a crescent  moon.

A sad picture? No, not so. Jews today are not those poor defenseless  devils who obediently and quietly went with sad eyes to Babiy Yar or Auschwitz ovens. And today Nazis are more jackals than wolves. Not all in the Muslim world are ideologically aware that their goal is to destroy the West; most are interested in safely tearing their piece of a weakened pray, and they simply follow the hunting instinct of the jackals guided by the smell of fear abundantly pouring from a scared and demoralized West. Europe provokes them with its weakness, and chances are high that they will choose a weaker Europe than a strong and ready-to-strike-back Israel.

And people in Europe should understand that being weak does not necessary mean being right, that weakness and pacifism do not guarantee immunity. It is more likely, they guarantee the attack.

Originally published at Cherson and Molshky as

“Europe Should Know: Weakness Does Not Guarantee Safety”

Written by Y.K. Cherson


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