Netanyahu & the West Doom Israel to Perpetual War.

With the recent alleged conclusion of Operation Protective Edge, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with the western powers, has doomed the Jews of the Middle East to perpetual war.

Unless we see significant policy changes coming out of Jerusalem viz-a-viz the security of the south, Israel can write off that part of the country and just accept the idea that their children will never be even remotely safe.  Furthermore, of course, if Israel had any plans to economically or agriculturally develop that part of the country they can simply forget about, at least into the foreseeable future.

Hamas, as it turns out, is actually far more effective in the ethnic-cleansing of Jews from Jewish land than is even the EU, the UN, or the Obama administration.  Obama has been twisting Jewish arms for years trying to get us to move off of Jewish land without success, but Hamas knows how it is done.


You simply hit Jews in the head until we go away.

One would think that within living memory of the Holocaust the world community might oppose hitting Jews in the head until we go away, but this is clearly not the case.  Just as it is not the case in Guatemala, where a small Jewish group is currently threatened with lynching unless they scram, so it is not the case even in Israel, where half the world’s Jews are under perpetual threat from their former Arab-Muslim masters.

The hatred toward the Jews of the Middle East takes the form of concentric rings of malice, with the rings closest to the physical body of those Jews representing the most fanatical and malicious faction.  That is, the Arabs who live within, and directly around, the Jewish State of Israel are the most religiously and authentically genocidal, to the extent that they literally dance in the street at the news of the kidnapping and murder of teenage yeshiva students.

Israel is therefore a fortress wherein the Jews of the Middle East protect themselves from their seething neighbors.  The Arabs within, and around, Israel are largely committed to the elimination of Jewish sovereignty and self-defense and have shown themselves willing to use any means necessary, not limited to chopping the heads off of three month old baby girls, as we saw in the 2011 Jihadi attack against the Fogel family in the town of Itamar.

Surrounding the Jews of the Middle East, and their local Arab antagonists, of course, is the larger Arab-Muslim world.  There are around 400 million Arabs in the Middle East and about 1.5 billion Muslims world-wide in generalized hostility to about 13 million Jews.  That is well over one hundred Muslims for every single Jew on the planet and somewhere between 60 and 70 Arabs for every single Jew in the Middle East.  For the most part those 1.5 billion Muslims are not particularly happy with the presence of a Jewish State on what was once a part of the Umma, the larger Arab-Muslim imperial realm.  Having conquered land all the way from Indonesia in the East to Andalusia in the West, the vast Arab-Muslim colonial nation remains uncomfortable with effective push-back from its traditional inferiors.

Thus the Arab and Muslim peoples put the weight of their collective influence behind the local Arab fighters who represent the front-lines of violent Islamist anti-Zionism.  Beyond the Middle East, of course, lies a slew of western organizations that are supportive of Arab efforts and who provide political, financial, military, and moral backing for anti-Zionism and / or Israel Hatred.  These include the United Nations, the European Union, the Obama administration, and the various NGOs and “humanitarian organizations” that perpetually lambaste Israel and drag its name through the mud, while ignoring human rights abuses elsewhere that dwarf anything that Israel ever did in both scale and depravity.

These also include the western media, both mainstream and alternative, that largely favors the Arab majority by ignoring its provocations and intransigence and by almost always interpreting Jewish self-defense as a form of irrational and racist aggression against a small, helpless minority population.  The Gaza conflict, like the others in recent years such as Cast Lead or Protective Shield, followed a familiar pattern:

1) The Arabs try to kill Jews via rocketry or kidnappings, or other forms of terrorist attack, but the western media ignores it almost entirely.

2)  Israel eventually is forced to fight back.

3)  Hamas hides behind women and children and when civilians are therefore killed they blame it on Jewish “aggression,” knowing that their allies in the western-left will repeat and expand that accusation throughout the western world.

4)  Western-left allies of Hamas, of the sort found in places like Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, and the UK Guardian, tell one another that, with the exception of Jewish anti-Zionists, “Zonists” are monsters who are doing to the local Arabs what the Nazis did to the Jews… which was Hamas’s purpose for igniting the recent hostilities to begin with.

5)  Pressure on Israel increases from all the western sources, including the Obama administration, which obliged Hamas through holding back military supplies to Israel during a time of war, through the FAA decision to temporarily cease flights into Ben Gurion Airport, and through the constant demands for a ceasefire despite the fact that Israel had yet to complete its military objectives, limited as even those were.

6)  Violence against Jews increases from Arab sources around the world, including Europe and the Americas.

By refusing to allow Israel to finish the job Benjamin Netanyahu, in collusion with the western powers, has ensured that the Gaza front will remain open and bloody for many years to come.

Furthermore, the areas of Israel around Gaza will have a very difficult time coming back economically – or as any place to raise a family – because Israelis can have little faith in government pronouncements concerning their ongoing security.  In this way Hamas has essentially ruined maybe one quarter of the small landmass that is Israel and did so with the help of far larger forces.

Originally posted at Israel Thrives.

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  1. Sorry Michael, mate, can’t agree with you this time.
    The now coined ” 50 Day War ” has achieved multiple good results for Israel, in fact it had provided multiple valuable indicators in terms of strategic positioning, political strategies, PR lessons AND achievements and, most importantly valuable damage to Hamas.
    Your assessment of Israel’s prospects within the Arab encirclement neglects the FACT that quite a number of Arab entities have already positioned against Hamas in a most ostensive way. The support from Egypts has been valuable, Jordan must be in favour of a weakening of the palestinians in general, the effects of the destruction specific and general targets in Gaza are a of long time advantage to Israel.
    The most important fact is that israel has come out of these 50 days physically almost intact, and I am saying that with a heavy heart for our lost Zahal wonderful soldiers as well as the civilian victims.
    Israel must feel extremly confident and secure in the wake of a prolonged operation, the longest since 1948, against its enemy. This has been one of the few in which only ONE entity was the object of a conflict and that is yet another proof of the isolation of the palestinian fighters. This is in itself an important achievement.
    The more or less abrasive rapport between Jerusalem and the White House must be accepted as the result or even necessity by Obama to consider the current interests/involvement America has with a number of islamic states which are either on side with America on other”fronts” or need to be persuaded to a closer cooperation – Pakistan is one that comes to mind – . Israel is no longer the only State entity which needs to be “on side” with America in the region. Saving of face in public terms must be an exercise of balance to which Obama must perform on his tight rope of multiple appeasement. Considering that, in effect, Israel was NOT abandoned to ANY extent by its most important strategic ally, USA, combined with the reality that Israel is completely back to normal and as prosperous as ever, we should all consider the “50 Day War” a resounding success.
    Inevitably more conflicts shall ensue with Gaza as they seem determined to continue in defying Israel’s demands for a demilitarised Gaza etc. and also considering that Hamas is still in full control over the strip, but we can be completely confident that even a tighter control of movement of people and “goods” in and out of Gaza is a priority with Israel as well as an increase on the pressure on the political structure of Fatah/Hamas to change radically their bellicose ideology. These are, for the foreseeable future the principal functions of the Israeli “specialised” institutions and I, for one, have complete confidence in their competence. I wish you the same……

  2. Otto, thank you for a very interesting assessment.

    If you do not mind, I intend to front page it on Israel Thrives but will, of course, give you full attribution.

  3. Otto, as I ponder your response, I have to say that I am puzzled. You write:

    “The most important fact is that israel has come out of these 50 days physically almost intact…”

    Coming through this latest spasm “physically almost intact” was not a war aim. There were two war aims that we know of. The first was to degrade Hamas’s ability to shoot rockets into Israel and the second, of course, was to locate and destroy as many of the terror tunnels as possible. Neither is sufficient because it just means the Israel will have to engage them again in a few years and each time Israel has this fight the more the west turns against her.

    This is why Hamas was ultimately successful. Their war aim was to erode Israel’s standings among the nations and it worked perfectly. Not only did it work, we even told the west Hamas’s modus operandi and it still worked.

    Furthermore, you say that Israel is coming out this latest whatever it is with confidence. I think that you are very mistaken on this score. Israelis saw rockets hit both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and the south of the country, near the strip, has been abandoned and people are reluctant to move back. This does not suggest confidence, but the reverse.

    As for Obama, no, his abrasive – if not abusive – treatment of the Jews in the Middle East is not merely unacceptable it is both insulting to the Jewish people and undermines the well-being of the Jewish State. When Obama held up weapons transfer to Israel during a war, he knew precisely what he was doing and same goes for the FAA shutdown of flights into Tel Aviv. Both were smacks in the head by Obama toward the Jews.

    So, yes, I am afraid that we are going to have to agree to disagree.