Antisemitism rears its ugly head in Bondi.

Residents of Bondi and Double Bay, the Jewish heart of Sydney were shattered to find antisemitic flyers in their mailboxes on Monday August 25th.

The flyer appears to have come from a group by the name of  “Squadron 88” Facebook page here

They say:

squadron 88 is a NSW based group , the …… man was the tiller of the soil, this is our land. FIGHT FOR YOUR KINSMEN AND NATION.

This is the featured image on the page, which clearly shows them as a neo-Nazi/Aryan type group.

Squadron 88.

Reading their Facebook page, it appears they have some 10,000 leaflets to be distributed and are looking at the Blue Mountains as a source for these leaflets. They think the residents in the area will be ‘sympathetic to their cause”

They are not as yet identifying with Stormfront, though someone from the group appears to be posting on the web site and there is a ‘down under’ section.

The Sydney Morning Herald writes:

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff said several people in Bondi and Double Bay had reported receiving the letters on Monday morning.

It goes on to quote Vic Alhadeff, the CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies  saying:

“It’s concerning that such blatant hatred is alive and well in our country, and instructive that such groups believe the climate is conducive for them to come out of the woodwork.”

Malcolm Turnbull, who is the Federal Member of Parliament for these suburbs, posted on his web site.

“We are the most successful and harmonious multicultural society in the world today. We should have zero tolerance for racism and racial hatred. Racism and race hatred is a threat to our nation and its security. It must be opposed, called out and condemned wherever it is found.

The racist, antisemitic leaflets distributed in Bondi today  are not just a crude and vicious attempt to intimidate and insult the Jewish community, these leaflets seek to undermine the security and the harmony of Australia and hence of all Australians.

The leaflets and those responsible for them should be condemned  for this hateful and un-Australian behaviour.”

Statement by John Robertson, Leader of the NSW Opposition and Guy Zangari, Shadow Minister.

 Tuesday August 26, 2014

We are shocked and disturbed by reports that antisemitic leaflets have been discovered in letterboxes in Bondi.

The content of these leaflets is racist, abhorrent and has no place in contemporary Australia.

NSW Labor unreservedly condemns the publication and dissemination of this material and welcomes the investigation by NSW Police.

Every Australian – no matter what their religious faith or country of origin – has a right to feel included and respected.

Any form of racial or religious bigotry violates that right.

We live in the most successful multicultural society on earth.

In these troubled times across our world, let us remember that every Australian is owed respect – not just in recognition of our diversity, but also our common humanity.


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  1. Ugly looking bunch aren’t they.

  2. Wow.

    It is not very often that we get a glimpse of classic, old-timey right-wing Jew hate these days.

    I’ve become so accustomed to the contemporary prominent left-wing variety, that I practically forget about these cartoon characters above.

  3. I think you are giving squadron 88 too much credit. I’ll wager they are a bunch of nobodies with acne whose fantasies somehow make up for their inability to get a girlfriend led by a bald middle-aged loser with a pot belly. The picture is of Hitler Youth from the 3rd Reich. A quick Google search found the photograph five times on the Internet which is where they probably found the one they appropriated for their Facebook page.

    • You could be right David, but dangerous never the less.
      We’ve all checked the photo out and ‘Squadron 88 ‘

      Their FB page has gone, so no doubt it was removed by request from somewhere.
      Personally I think it should have been in situ. Banning people and groups drives them underground. They are best left where they can be observed.

  4. did you hear what the anti discrimination officer tim ‘something or the other’ said about this? he blamed george brandis!
    he’s an idiot. i saw him on ‘the drum’ after the mike carlton cartoon and he said, ‘i’m agnostic on this.’

    • Dr Tim Soutphommasane the Race Discrimination Commissioner, thus far as I have witnessed he is anything but pro-Jewish, unlike Stepan Kerkyasharian.