Ongoing harassment and vilification of students on campus.

AUJSThe Australasian Union of Jewish Students has voiced concern at the weak response from La Trobe University to the ongoing harassment and vilification of students on campus.

Following the overwhelming failure of a hateful anti-Israel motion proposed by the Socialist Alternative at the La Trobe Student Union (LTSU) last week, Jewish students, and their supporters, have come under attack.

Posters have been placed around campus claiming Labor and Jewish students who opposed the motion support “genocide,” including the full name and a photo of three students.

Furthermore, there has been substantial ongoing verbal abuse.

A Jewish student has been persistently called a “genocidal pig”, “a Zionist piece of shit” and told to “f*ck off” by Socialist Alternative members including Ryan Higginson, Naomi Farmer, Elliot Downes.

There have also been various hateful, untrue, and defamatory claims made through social media.

 “All students should be able to safely and comfortably undertake their studies without fear of constant abuse directed towards themselves and their friends,”

said AUJS Political Affairs Director Matthew Lesh.

Despite requests by University security to take down the Socialist Alternative and Students for Palestine material, the posters continued to be placed around campus this week and the harassment of students has continued.

During an anti-Israel rally at the La Trobe campus on Wednesday students were instructed to approach the Jewish student to undertake verbal abuse.

 “We have been disappointed by the response from La Trobe, who have chosen a slow bureaucratic investigative process over dealing with the immediate abuse,”

Mr Lesh said.

This Jewish student who faced the barrage of attacks is unable to attend class for the rest of this week due to ongoing abuse, and AUJS at La Trobe are currently incapable of undertaking social or culture events on campus due to these fears.

 “There has been a planned, methodological series of attacks against a single Jewish student,”

Mr Lesh said.

Following strong AUJS advocacy, La Trobe University sent an email to all students warning against unacceptable behavior, however Mr Lesh said this does not go far enough.

“The issue calls for drastic and immediate steps from the University. We are calling for the immediate suspension of all abusive students implicated, and a serious investigation of the issues.”

 “There is simply no time to waste when your students are being harassed in complete contradiction to the law and your own policies.

 “There is simply no time to waste when the activity remains ongoing and has stopped students from being able to attend class.


CONTACT: Matthew Lesh / 0401 075 673 /

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    Are Jake’s friends and co-ideologues in charge at that “University”?

    Because academia has been infiltrated and infected, Jewish students will be facing a de facto apartheid or numerus clausus reality in many Western universities, including Australia.

    • This is being perpetrated by the Socialist Alternative. I don’t think Lynch and co are of that ilk.
      It’s happening here in Sydney too.

  2. La Trobe University has always been a hive of Anti- Semitism , it is no coincidence That La Trobe university has also the largest number of Muslims .

    The University makes all changes to their facilities that the Muslim students demand>

  3. I didn’t notice any anti-Semitism there in the early 70s and early 80s. Am amazed, that LaT is permitting this current anti-Semitic activity…that is response is so limp. So many uni students all over Oz get with the Palestinian cause, cos its just oh so chic – or so they think!

    • Welcome to JDU Lizzie.

    • Joe in Australia

      I was student there in the late eighties. Anti-Semitism would probably have been more evident if there had been more than a handful of Jews on campus. As it was, I was the target of physical and verbal anti-Semitic abuse; anti-Semitic mail was stuffed into the JSS mailbox; and the “resources” filing cabinet had a big folder of Israel Shahak’s racist newsletters.