A Moral To The Picture.

A now-deceased British Conservative MP of my acquaintance, who was in equal measure a proud Jew and a proud Englishman, used to look aghast at the insistence, during the 1970s and subsequently, of the organised Jewish community to ingratiate itself with multicultural communities.

He believed that such attempts were not in the interests of Anglo-Jewry, since such attempts risked pitting the Jewish community against the British mainstream by committing the Jewish community to advocate for the particularist agendas of such minorities instead of identifying itself (as hitherto) with British society as a whole.

Convinced that the welfare and destiny of Anglo-Jewry was inextricably linked to the welfare and destiny of the British majority population, he was a supreme political realist who foresaw the evils that would stem from mass Islamic immigration, though of course he was condemned by the Left, and by most of his fellow members of the Board of Deputies, for saying so.

He was also condemned by other deputies for forthrightly opining that the Board’s attempts to cosy up to other religious/ethnic minorities was misguided, a waste of time and effort.  At worst it would entail appeasement and smacked of an unwise retreat from Anglo-Jewry’s traditional integrationist outlook; at best it would not make members of those other minorities love Jews or Jewish causes the more, he predicted: those minorities had concerns of their own to occupy them.

Knowing that for certain Jewish individuals and Jewish congregations and Jewish day schools in Australia today the concept of “social justice” seems to revolve almost exclusively around the issue of “asylum seekers” (a term the Left, including the ABC, uses for anyone who claims to be a refugee, economic migrant or not; advocating for them; performing acts of service for them; collecting food and clothing and money for them, including Muslims by the way), I thought of that British MP’s warnings when I saw this photo of a group of demonstrators at yesterday’s Israel-demonising rally in Sydney:

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  1. Drop a bomb on the Western suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne…and I can have my Country back again! I accept that this isn’t really a very productive comment…but the image of these ‘things’ holding their garbage posters sends my brain into melt down.

    I can appreciate the meaning of this blog ever so clearly, and while not being totally au fait with the British ‘migration’, our turn in Australia is currently taking place. I often times think back to the words of Enoch Powell, and his Rivers of Blood speech. Given it was the 60’s, we have had plenty of notice…for what has happened to the UK and now Australia….and that matter the World over the past 6/8 years.

  2. Daphne, I think your MP acquaintance made a valid point. When I was growing up in England, Jews wanted to integrate, while keeping their religious customs, and were extremely patriotic. However, this trend towards multiculturalism has meant that Jews have joined with groups which don’t share their values and are often hostile to the mainstream culture.

    This has certainly not benefitted the Jewish community, as has been seen by the recent anti-Semitic rallies in many European countries. The minorities which they have been so keen to ingratiate themsevles with certainly don’t show any reciprocation. Indeed, just the opposite; they have exploited those Jews who are at pains to insist we share the same values. We certainly don’t: Jews don’t hold rallies shouting death to any reliigion or race.

  3. i just think the representatives for the jewish community are crap. where are they? why do they always appear so weak, backing down to every other ideology and being so politically correct. they didn’t even have the balls to support andrew bolt, a man who’s done more for the jews of australia than any of these so called ‘representatives’ put together. very depressing to see what’s happening in australia, i left europe 30 years ago to escape its creeping demise and now i’m watching australia follow. as for tony robot, i wish he would stop trying to appease the religion of peace and just be a liberal but his globalist sympathies will be our undoing.