Hamas to the children: shoot Jews. Sydney protest: “Jihad is the answer”

This link to the Andrew Bolt blog which was sent to me.

I think our Government needs to have a good long hard look at where this country is heading.

Andrew Bolt BLOG

What does Hamas care that Palestinian children die in the war it started and will not stop?

After all, it’s been recruiting them for years for jihad. What kind of culture broadcasts this filth?

Filmed on the streets of Lakemba, this protest, with young men chanting [alternative link to video here]:

Philistine philistine (Arabic for Palestine),
Allah hedik Israel (God destroy you Israel)
Palestine is Muslim land
With the Umma we will stand
Palestine is Muslim land
The solution is Jihad
Palestine is Muslim land
Your oppression will not stand
You can never stop Islam
From Australia to al Sham (Syria)
One umma hand in hand
From Lakemba to Gaza


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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    Guess which former bitter foreign minister and his party will rationalise this, and actually blame the Jews for it?

    Pity George Orwell is not alive; he’d have enough material to fill several books.

  2. leon, i’ve always thought george orwell would have been shocked if he had been alive and seen what we are living through. animal farm, 1984 are my two favourite books and when i was 14 i read them and they stayed with me to this day. i’m 50 now and over the last 20 years watched how bad it has become, how brainwashed people are and manipulated while the very facts are ignored. what classifies as modern journalism is little more than opinion, and i think university has done freedom a great disservice by eradicating critical thinking from a generation of professionals. very sad, very tragic and probably will end in tears for everyone.