AUJS. Imagine rocket attacks on Australian Universities

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students has launched a new campaign to put Israel in context for university students.

The campaign focuses on imagery of university campuses under rocket fire with the text ‘what would you do?’.

“This intentionally provocative campaign puts students into the shoes of innocent Israeli civilians who are faced with a barrage of rocket fire every day of their lives” AUJS Political Affairs Director Matthew Lesh said.

The poster is adapted for each campus to display the local campus under rocket fire, with the text asking readers to imagine was another nearby university that had been firing rockets.

The posters ask University of Melbourne students to conceptualise that Monash University terrorists are firing rockets at their campus and the University of New South Wales students to imagine that University of Sydney terrorists are firing rockets at their campus, and many other combinations.

“The idea that somebody close-by could be indiscriminately attacking you with rockets sounds ridiculous, but this is the daily life of Israeli citizens,”

Additionally, AUJS has developed a series of Mythbuster pamphlets with myths and facts about the conflict to address the extensive misinformation on campus.

“We have seen groups on campus spread blatant lies and propaganda to support their anti-Israel campaign.”

“These individuals ignore the fact that every Hamas rocket is a war crime, that Hamas has been spending tens of millions building terror tunnels and encouraging their citizens to act as human shields.

“It also ignores the work Israel has done to protect Palestinian civilians and the extensive warnings process before strikes.

The campaign will be implemented at university campuses across the country over the coming weeks, including extensive postering, stalls to educate students with pamphlets, guest speakers, an extensive website, and ongoing social media posts.

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