Palestinian Support High for Suicide Bombings.

The aftermath of the Sbarro suicide bombing attack in 2001 in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian support for suicide bombings is among the highest in the Muslim world, according to a recent Pew Report. The findings, dated July 1, 2014, show that Palestinian Muslims rank at number two, just below Bangladeshi Muslims, in their support for this type of terror attack.

The exact question asked of participants was: “Suicide bombings can be                         justified against civilian targets in order to defend Islam against its enemies?”

After holding the title of the biggest advocates for suicide bombings for many years, those surveyed in Bangladesh beat them out by only 1%, according to the Pew Report’s analysis, which combines those who answered that it is justified often or sometimes. It gives a total of 47% to Bangladeshis and 46% to Palestinians by this method.

However, let’s analyze the numbers a bit more. Support for suicide bombings is broken up into the categories of “often,” “sometimes,” “rarely,” “never,” and “don’t know.” The Pew Report is not including “rarely” in the total number of supporters, but rarely is still sometimes. When are suicide bombings against civilian targets ever justified? Anyone who answers “rarely” is still supporting terrorism, albeit “rarely”.

To answer “don’t know” is also a cop-out. You don’t know whether it’s ok to kill innocent civilians? Really?

The response “never” is the only answer which is a flat-out “no.” So let’s add the numbers again:

The Palestinian support for suicide bombing stands at around 68%. Only 32% said that it was never justified.

Breaking the numbers down even further, in Gaza, only 21% answered “never,” making the Gazan support for suicide bombing 79%.

Thirty-three percent of Bangladeshi Muslims answered that it is never ok, making the flipside 67%. In analyzing the numbers this way, Palestinians remain the title holder for the Muslim group most supportive of suicide bombings against civilian targets, with Gazans far ahead at 79%.

A scary statistic in the survey is the support for suicide bombings among Israeli Muslims. Only 48% responded that this method of terrorism is never justified. The remaining 52% is broken down as 5% answering that it is “often” justified, 11% saying “sometimes,” 30% responding “rarely,” and 6% don’t know.

Israeli Jews are walking around with Arabs who have equal Israeli citizenship and equal rights, but half of which think there may be times when suicide bombing is justified.

More Palestinians Support Al Qaeda than Any Other Group

Palestinians are Al Qaeda’s biggest fans.

Palestinians also continue to be the group most supportive of Al Qaeda than any other Muslims according to the same report. The results show that a higher percentage of Palestinians are favorable to the terror group than in any other Muslim country or territory surveyed.

The Palestinian support for terror is among the highest in nearly all categories listed in the report, but they are clearly the biggest fans of Al Qaeda. There were no questions on ISIS in this particular survey, but questions regarding the support for Hamas and Hezbollah were listed.

Though the report emphasizes the largely negative views toward Al Qaeda, a look at the flip-side shows that 25% of Palestinians support the terror group. Bangladesh comes in second at 23%, and from there the favorable views of the group whose former leader was Osama bin Laden, drop significantly in all other countries surveyed, mostly in the Middle East as well as some other terror havens like Nigeria.

As for Hezbollah, it’s no surprise that more Lebanese share a favorable view of the terror group than anyone else, but Palestinians come in at number two.

The survey regarding support for Hamas was done in the spring on 2014, before the start of Operation Protective Edge, but at that time, Palestinian support of Hamas was among the highest of those surveyed, along with Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon. The report shows that roughly half of Palestinians hold unfavorable views of the group, and about 12% don’t know what to think with supposedly only 35% in favor.

However, it is important to note that there were no questions regarding favorable or unfavorable views of Fatah, the main competitor of Hamas, or Islamic Jihad, another prominent Palestinian terror group. For all those who don’t support Hamas, how many support Fatah, Islamic Jihad or another terror group instead?

Al Monitor has the answer:

“… a recent poll by the Watan Center for Studies and Research in the Gaza Strip suggests increased support for the Islamic Jihad movement amid reports of declining popularity for Hamas. Among Gazans, 23.3% expressed support for Hamas, while 13.5% preferred Islamic Jihad. Fatah, however, was more popular than the Islamist movements individually, with the support of 32.9% of Gazans. Backing for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine stood at 4.2% and 1.5% for the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Of all those surveyed, 24.6% had no opinion.”

So less than 25% had no opinion, leaving the rest in support of the above terror groups. That article is from earlier this year and also stated that, “of those surveyed, 60.3% believe that armed resistance is the most appropriate way to ‘attain the rights of the Palestinian people’ if negotiations fail, while 6.5% support continuing negotiations.”

This provides a different perspective to that 35% supporting Hamas. For those who are not supporting Hamas, they are still supporting terror, one way or another. And with 79% of Gazans supporting suicide bombings, there is no question that violence against civilian enemies is strongly supported, and who is classified as an “enemy” is clear in the case of Israel.

Palestinians do not support the existence of Israel, and even Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas refuses to recognize Israel as the Jewish State. He also pays Palestinian terrorists in prison, one of many acts which institutionalize terror in the areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

Unfortunately, the report also failed to ask who supports kidnapping or murdering Israelis by other means. But no survey is necessary to see the results.  When news of the kidnapped Israeli teens, Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Frenkel, broke, Palestinians celebrated. When their bodies were discovered, more joy.

The same thing happened when it was announced that an Israeli soldier was recently kidnapped. They celebrate any death of an Israeli soldier or even civilian, and let’s not forget their jubilation over the 9/11 attacks as well as over the Palestinian terrorist murderers who have been released as a result of political negotiations. If they did not support terror, why would they be happy about the release of terrorists?

Abbas celebrating the release of Rabbo and other terrorists.

One of these former prisoners, Issa Abd Rabbo, was called a hero by Mahmoud Abbas, who raised his hand in victory upon his released.  Rabbo later appeared on television and proceeded to describe how he murdered two young Israeli hikers in cold blood.

Another Palestinian murderer, who would be described as a “freedom fighter” by her brethren, is Ahlam Tamimi. She played a pivotal role in the 2001 Sbarro suicide bombing, and after receiving 16 life sentences, one for each life she took, she was freed in the Gilad Shalit deal. Her reward once home was her own talk show, where she said that she did not regret a thing and would do it again because she dedicates her life to jihad for Allah, and in the Sbarro attack, Allah gave her success. It was successful, according to her, to kill all those innocent people including small children.

People like these are hailed as heroes by Palestinians, as terror against Jews is practically obligatory in the Palestinian Muslim culture. We really don’t need a Pew Report to tell us that.

Originally posted at Cherson & Molschky

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