Antisemitism at RALLY for GAZA.

I decided, against my better judgement and curiosity, to attend a pro-Gaza rally in the city (Sydney) on Sunday 13th July with a friend.

…………… but let’s forget that for the moment.

The night before, Saturday,  I and a few other Israel supporters, were posting on the Facebook page for this rally. The ignorance of these pro-Palestinian supporters defies belief, they don’t know the most basic facts. It doesn’t take long to realise this has really has nothing to do with being pro anything, but all about being anti.

Antisemitic that is.

I experienced something I have only heard about. I and others were verbally attacked with antisemitic comments, though mainly me. I cannot begin to tell you how sick I felt and still do. Feeble word I know, but there are no words to describe how I feel. I am still churning inside. Never in my life did I expect this in our beautiful country where, apparently, multiculturalism has been a great success.!!

I think I was targeted more than the others, as I was the only person posting actual facts and figures, whereas everyone else was posting  videos and posters. The Max Brenner remark was specifically for me, as I have a Max Brenner picture on my profile. It was mainly one person . According to a surname search, he is Turkish. The last one is a young pretty hijab wearing woman.

Here are  a few of them. Only a few I might add.

Your wife must be blind mate you’ve got a head like a smashed pumpkin you filthy Jewish dog… Go have a shower everyone knows u pigs only wash once a month.
shame everyone in Australia has boycotted Max Brenner that u use as a profile pic… Stay away from the chocolate my Muslim mate works in the New town store u eat at and pisses in the food… Watch out its not kosher.
Ze tooraaah … Why do u guys sound like that when u talk?? Like someone straining for a shit and coughing at the same time. Do us all a favor and go wobble back and forth reciting Satan’s manual and sticking your cocks in the wailing wall.
These putrid people r so scared that in Australia when they drop kids off at school they check under the cars for bombs. The school looks like a prison and the kids Dont have friends from the outside society. Explains why believe the lies their told. Of course mummy thinks your brilliant little ***** and little ****** poo… U r the chosen ones!! Chosen to go fuk yourself you scummy chatty dogs.
And Samantha Saint guys will be dyeing to be first to welcome u into the country.. Even the Jewish dads who go who have to go repent at the synagogue bcos they watch and imagine you cos there wives are bald fat bitches. That’s not even a joke they wear wigs and have sex through a hole in a white sheet… That’s legit too I’m not making it up…
******** and ****** you scums of the earth get the out of here you scummy pigs. We don’t want jews in Australia go back to Europe so another Hitler can appear and finish you scums off. I don’t blame him for burning 6 million of you scums alive. You wanna know why youre the most hated religion on this planet? because god has labelled you as the prophet killers. He favoured jews over all his creation and all he asked for in return was their submission, but instead they boycotted and killed every prophet he sent them. You even killed Jesus (peace be upon him) you mutts!!!! so God sent down a verse saying “Become apes: Despised and Disgraced!”

With that out of the way, let’s get on with the rally.

When I arrived at Sydney Town Hall I was quite taken aback by the number of people there. Here I was in a sea of Arabs, keffiyehs, hijabs, niqabs, Hamas headbands, Palestinian flags, Greens’ banners, black “flags of Jihad” and  good number of Hezbollah flags , which was surprising seeing as this was supposed to be about Gaza.

It was comforting to see the Police there in such great numbers. There were Police from the Riot Squad, the Dog Squad, as well as regular and mounted Police.

I have to tell you I found the whole event frightening and very confronting. I was not comfortable, far from it. The anger, the rage, the hate was overwhelming and I really was quite scared.

I was especially upset to see tiny children dressed in Hezbollah flags, Hamas outfits with headbands too, draped in keffiyehs and pumping the air with their fists yelling

“Death to Israel” “Down, down with Israel”  “Israel, Israel, who can’t hide, you support genocide” and the original “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”

This is a photo of your ‘typical’ family at the rally from a Facebook page! There are no words necessary here.


The lies and hate there I have no words for.

The organisers were repeatedly saying they are not against Jews but Israel, yet the number of antisemitic posters showed that as a lie. According to a couple of people on Facebook there were some ISIS flags there too, but neither of us saw one.


Antisemitism 2

Antisemitism 3

The guy with the HOLY COST sign saw me with a camera and set it for me to photograph.

I was going to do a whole spiel about what all the speakers said, but I will just do bits as they come to mind.

The lies out there are not funny and our adversaries are doing a good job of getting misinformation out and we really need to do something to reverse that.

The woman who ‘conducted the whole thing , amid her screaming the usual well known slogans and riling everyone up to a state of  frightening hysteria, came out with a statement about McDonald’s which puzzled me and still does.

She said for people not to buy McDonalds’ because they support Israel. Her exact words were ….

“For every McDonald’s burger you buy, you are paying for a bullet to Gaza”

I have no idea where that comes from and find it rather funny and so will you if you watch this video I highlighted in “Arabs Down Under” where you can order McDonald’s from El Arish in Egypt, delivered ‘via tunnel’.

Another was that “Gaza is the most densely populated place on earth” whilst I know full well it stands at 22.

A man who apparently had just returned from a visit to Gaza told of how people are crying out for help as they are starving? Have no medical supplies? Have no power? Yet we know that even in the midst of this conflict Israel is delivering food, fuel and medical supplies, whilst people are crossing to visit doctors and hospitals.

Lee Rhiannon said in her speech that the silence from Labor and the coalition around the atrocities of the Israeli military towards Palestine is shameful.

“The Israeli and Palestinian conflict is not one of equal partners: there is an oppressor and there are the oppressed.”

“The international community, including Australian politicians, must not allow Israeli forces to unleash another bloodbath in Gaza and in the West Bank. The people of Gaza, who live in the world’s biggest open prison, endure much hardship every day in the face of Israeli military aggression.”

 See “Luxury in the world’s largest prison”

Basically she carried on about the Government supporting Israel and not caring about the poor Palestinians.

Next up was Vivienne Porsolt spewing her hatred whilst proudly claiming to be a Jew. That raised one the biggest cheers of the day. It makes me sick that people of her ilk trade on their Jewishness, when really they don’t care about it at all.

She perpetuated the lie about the timing of the kidnapping and murder of Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrah which is going around. It is that the kidnapping was  a carefully orchestrated Israeli government propaganda campaign designed to destroy the Fatah/Hamas unity government, in order to demonise the Palestinians as ‘terrorists’, and to give the Israeli government another excuse to start a war and that they knew about the deaths of those poor children for days without telling their families.

In other words Israel started an offensive against Gaza due to these deaths, with no mention of rocket attacks for the last 6 months.

My question to our so-called Community Leaders out there is ..

“Why do we tolerate people like this to be Part of our official Community?”

She is not alone. There were other Jews there who I know by name and sight from other ‘events’

“Are we stupid?”

No don’t answer that.  This apparently is democracy, well if this democracy you can have it.

Then she started an attack on Vic Alhadeff, who is the CEO on the NSW Board of Deputies over a recent email, I think it is. It has been blown out of all proportion and she was trying to score Brownie points out of it.

She called on other Jews to stand up and to publicly show their support for the ‘Palestinians’

Then came Jake Lynch. He heads the Department of Peace and Conflict studies at Sydney University.  He is his own ‘study in conflict’. He prevented Prof. Dan Avnon of the Hebrew University from taking a position there. Big story. The point is that Shurat Hadin had tried to take legal  action against him and the case was recently withdrawn.

He made mileage out of that. Shurat HaDin is an Israeli NGO  which fights terrorism through the legal system and is doing excellent work. He accused them of being the puppet of the Israeli government. Which received huge cheers.

He never got to finish his speech. Whilst he was speaking some protesters stormed the makeshift stage on the side steps of the Town Hall .

I wasn’t 100% sure what happened.  I heard some agitated people around me. The next thing I noticed was a man tearing down the huge Palestinian Flag accompanied by a man with a large movie camera.

There was some kind of a struggle with Police called on to the stage. According to the Telegraph it was ‘performance’ was about a Hezbollah flag causing offence.
I didn’t see one and if one was there, what was the kerfuffle about seeing as to how they weren’t in short supply at the rally.?

What I did see on the right hand side of the stage was a man standing holding an Australian flag aloft by its top corners before he was pulled away by Police. No doubt it was someone showing his anger at foreign flags being flown in this country, which traditionally we don’t like.

There were a couple of other insignificant speakers and the constant chanting the usual anti-Israel slogans.

The way they were whipping people up to a frenzy really was very confronting.

We followed the March around a City block. The noise was deafening. There really wasn’t much interest from people around and I did hear some complaints. I am happy I wasn’t one the drivers in the many vehicles stopped to let this rabble through.

Rally 2


We stopped to do a head count and figured about 4,000. We asked the police, they said similar, though I heard on 9 News last night 5,000.  The noise of their screaming at times was deafening. They have more organised for the 20th and 26th which they claim will be bigger and better.




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  1. Shirlee, the whole experience sounds horrendous.

    While people have a right to peaceful demonstrations, rallies like this are not peaceful and put many people at risk and, must surely breach various anti-discrimination laws with their incitement to violence against Jews, which is pure racial hatred.

    I believe the time has come to ban such displays of hatred and blind aggression. Police resources should be used to preserve the public order, and these thugs are misusing valuable police time and public money.

    If not banned, then the organisers of the rallies should be made to pay for the extra money it costs to provide such a heavy police presence.

    As for the Jews who support these thugs, they are a true lunatic fringe. My only consolation is they will be the first to be killed by the violent anti-Semites they are supporting.

    • what a nasty person you are Pam wishing death upon another human being, an eye for an eye makes everyone blind…Im just a normal mum but my heart foes out to those children that the Zionists are killing.

      • Jews Down Under

        I would suggest you apologise to Pam and that you learn to read.

        As to those “Zionists” read “Jews” killing children, I would suggest that you check out those you clearly support if you want child killers. Israelis are not targetting anyone. Unfortunately when Hamas use people, especially children as human shields, it is not an easy ask not to kill. The IDF is considered the most moral army in the world and by now could have annihilated the Arab scum holding the Gazans to ransom.

        During this conflict people and children have been going into Israel daily for medical treatment. Shame you don’t follow the news from reputable sources

        Hamas have killed 160 Palestinian Children to Build Terror Tunnels
        The militant group used child labor to construct the underground network in Gaza

        The Israel Defense Forces have uncovered so far more than 30 tunnels meticulously dug over years by Hamas as a means to infiltrate under the border from Gaza and launch attacks on Israel. Many of these tunnels have their exits under school and kindergartens in Israel.

        Do you suppose these thugs want to play with the children?

        The plan was to send 200 terrorists through each tunnel simultaneously – using dozens of tunnels – to six Israeli communities in southern Israel for a shocking attack on the Jewish high holiday of Rosh Hashanah which this year begins on September 24.

        Once there, the Hamas gunman planned to kill or kidnap as many Israelis as possible and bring the latter back to Gaza with them, again via the tunnels.

      • Jews Down Under

        You talk about children being killed. Why not do a search about children being targetted in Syria? 100s being killed daily. What a hypocrite you are. Syria

    • Linda, I hope you read all the information that has been provided and try and put your bias against Jews to one side, but I doubt it.

      I guess your bias drove you to call me a ” nasty person” and falsely accuse me of “wishing death upon another human being, an eye for an eye”, a common accusation made by anti-Semites.

      In your short comment you revealed that you are not “just a normal mum”, but a bigot who while claiming to care about people, blatantly supports terrorists whose aim is genocide against Jews.

      To be honest, I’m used to this sort of vitriol, as generations of Jews have been subjected to it.
      I doubt if you will reflect on your outburst, and feel sorry for your kids, being brought up by such a hate-filed mother. Let’s hope they grow up to think for themselves and become decent human beings.

  2. Time to except there is a problem, a real problem that will divide all civil societies.

    Australia needs to stop supporting Multiculturalism,(having been created by the left in the mid 70’s)we need to pride ourselves in our fantastic Multi-Racial mix. Australia is unique, Israel is unique and our strengths come from our common democratic values, legal system, and our love of freedom and life.

  3. Let’s be fair and realistic. I expect the NSWJBD, its President etc. will organise a counter-demo smack in the middle of the backyard courtyard of the Woohlara WIZO offices on any given Sunday at approx. 2 p.m. for exactly one hour, bring your own pretzels and cappuccino although there is new coffee bar just opened on Queen St., gorgeous interiors and yummy rolls not to mention croisants to die for. What more do we need to show our unity and resolve.

    As about Ms Porszolt, one must feel sad about gathering affection from a mob specialised in hating her kind.

    One more thing before I come back with a lot more…That “success of multiculturalism ” is EXACTLY what the author witnessed.

  4. Here’s a list of over 100 cities in the US which are more densely populated than Gaza.

    The ones at the top of the list having over 4 times the population density of Gaza. My North Philadelphia zip code has a population of 35,000 people in 1.5 square miles, which comes out to a population density of over 20,000 people per square mile. Over 150% that of Gaza’s. That ‘most densely populated place on earth’ claim is just ridiculously risible.

    Thanks for the report on this. There hasn’t been anything big around here, aside from a pro-Israel rally put on by ZOA and JFGP across from the Israeli consulate in Center City on Friday afternoon. I couldn’t attend, but I heard it went great. Pro-Israel demonstrators were beaten with sticks in Los Angeles the other day, though, and of course we know what happened in France to Jews who were the target of a vicious mob just for being Jews.

    Thanks for the report…

    • They are quoting countries not cities Jay

      • None of the cities in that chart are countries, either. And the phrase I keep hearing is “most populated place on earth,” which is clearly so far from the truth it’s laughable.

        • True there Jason.
          The point is they say “Gaza” in reference to an area.
          I was about to post ‘country!’ but hey it’s not one.
          That’s a point, what is it?

          It’s not a country. It’s not a State.

          Maybe it should be called an area?

          • Leon Poddebsky

            It is a state with its own coalition government of two terrorist entities, Hamas and the PLO/PA. Just ask Bob Carr.
            Being a state, a member of the U.N. / Mafia, its fuhrers must be held accountable for the myriad crimes against humanity which they and their underlings have committed.

  5. I know, its spelt Woollahra….

  6. Hate speech? Nope, just free expressions of multicultural diversity.
    Eichmann would have loved it. And where are Australia’s Judenraete?
    They rather invite IREA to recite the shahada in Temple Beth Israel.

  7. Yes, I have seen them. The ignorance of anti-Israel elements often defies belief and defies logic. Many humans are stupid like that. It actually supports my thinking that there is good & bad, right & wrong and people are on one side or the other, as if PREDESTINED. Israel, you and I are on good side and the right side as time will show they are supporters of the savage . Keep fighting the good fight 🙂

  8. All the enemies of Israel in the past have gone down and so will the enemies of today. They don’t realize they’re up against IMMANUEL; the GOD of the living; the GOD of Israel.
    Shalom Israel. Pray for the PEACE of JERUSALEM.

  9. Hi Shirlee,

    Thank you for posting this. You’re absolutely right – people here are so ignorant to what is “really” going on there. For example are they oblivious to the fact that Gaza’s/Hamas rockets destroyed their own power supply the other day!?

    Apologies in advance but this is going to be a long one…but necessary.

    If anything this is not a war on defending ones country and people in regards to Gaza but rather a power and hatred filled battle. Israel only wishes to have peace and live a normal life whereas Hamas just wants to fight for the sake of fighting and killing many innocent people including their own.

    Shirlee, I suggest that we “the Jews” “Israelis” and who ever else wants to come and “support” us has a rally just like they did in Sydney the other day and confront Palestinians, Gaza/Hamas supporters with the “real facts. I know that this will probably only fall on deaf ears but at least the facts are out there until it sinks in that they were wrong all along. The fact that they are teaching their children to HATE is SHAMEFUL! The only thing we will gain from being a beautiful, quiet, multicultural and tolerant country is more hate and destruction and before you know it Gaza will be in our own backyard. So I again suggest that we too have a “PRO” Israel protest to “clarify” things to the ignorant/stubborn minded.

    Keep on to your will! There will always be haters but as long as you know what you’re doing is RIGHT then you have nothing to fear and can at least sleep at night. I admire your work.

    Am Yisrael Chai! May peace come soon and may our children and civilians and the innocent children and civilians of those in Gaza find peace soon!

    • Sam, I’m with you and believe that Jews and supporters of Israel should be present at these pro Palestinian rallies. Not to agitate, but to have a presence. I have attended most of the Melbourne BDS rallies usually as a lone hand although occasionally a few other disparate supporters are there, but in those cases we were not united as one with any strong message. I would love to be there with Israeli flags at tables and have some ‘fact’ sheets to hand out. I have done this in the past and been punched by half a dozen Palestinian youths during the march stage which required the riot police to step in. At one BDS rally I was told to stay out of it by the police and at the last one over 12 months ago that i attended I was taken away in a paddy wagon by the police. The BDS rallies are the most frustrating because of the outright lies that are perpetuated.

      I was at the pro-Gaza rally on Saturday and took a lower profile. I really just wanted to observe what sort of things were being said. I felt I needed to be less visible, because in theory this was supposed to be more about a support of Gaza rather than an attack on Israel and emotions would have been raw given many would have family in Gaza. Nevertheless it was the same old Israel hate messages being trotted out. I went to the Public Forum titled ‘Why Israel is a Terror State’ at Trades Hall afterwards organised by Jane Vashti a rabid anti Israel activist in BDS in conjunction with the Socialist Alternative. I was again the only Israel supporter present and was given a pretty hostile response to questions I asked and some of the people there were pretty aggressive. Its cheering when you get to see at close hand what a generally ignorant and simple minded group the non-Palestinian rent a crowd types are, but on the other hand there are plenty of them. Once again, would have been good if we could have a bigger presence in support of Israel, although I am always reluctant to get others along because there is an element of danger.

      If anyone else is planning to go along this Saturday please post.

      • Debbie Robinson

        Sam I agree with you have had similar experiences in Melbourne and in
        Perth and find it easier to travel light and alone. Looks like another event in Melbourne this week

      • I was under the impression that the 20th was a Sunday?
        I will be attending the rally in support of Israel, however I will be keeping a low profile and observing. I will also be taking photos to forward to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. If there was an organised counter protest I would gladly take part, as I am a firm friend of Israel.
        The atrocities committed against Israel is what drove me to become an anti – Jihad activist in the first place. In the war between the civilised man and the savage, support the civilised man. Support Israel, defeat Jihad.

        • Pro Gaza rallies on Sunday in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

          There are no rallies in support of Israel.

          • At 1pm on Saturday a coalition of pro-Palestine organisations will hold a mass demonstration on the steps of the State Library of Victoria to protest Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip.

  10. Very true – Although we Jews/Israelis/Supporters respect that they wave their flag and voice their opinion.

    I know it’s a risk as I know we will probably not receive the same treatment but who knows we may be lucky 😉

  11. A pro-Israel rally should have been organised long, long before: ready to go the moment the shoe dropped; when Hamas stepped up the barrage and Israel began hitting back in a significant fashion.

    In fact, there should have been pro-Israel gatherings in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – in our capital and in the three biggest cities. Imagine if, before this hatefest in Sydney had even got off the ground, there had been a rally at least as big (preferably bigger) with music, intelligent speeches, and lots of blue and white balloons, and Aussie flags and Israel flags waving joyfully. They are scheduling rallies for the 20th and 26th, eh? Well, all of us Friends of Zion – and of Life and Freedom and Human Civilisation, Art and Music and pet dogs and wine a need to figure out how we can rally BIGGER. We need to be able to summon *our* insta-crowd. But not full of blindly screaming fools but I think about 3000 determined, intelligent, organised and well-informed people who are prepared to publicly stand with Israel.

    And pro-israel Churches, and synagogues, should be holding prayer vigils – praying for the deliverance of Israel.

    As for Lee Rhiannon – she should be sent letters from all of us, inquiring acidly why she chose to associate herself with people who wave the Black Flag of Jihad – and Hezbollah flags! She is either evil or blind, and she should be ashamed of herself.

  12. Otto Waldmann

    Those who know me personally will not be surprised by my stances on these current and old communal issues:

    a. Public demonstrations in support of right causes are part and parcel of our democratic society. Our democratic society and its institutions are also supposed to ensure that all voices are heard, people are seen etc. If the anti Israel camp is allowed to march wherever, so should the opposite camp and is US, the Jews.
    How we do it is part of what we call intelligent organising, communal strategies etc.
    Those present advocating passivity in the public domain on account of …retribution !!!! ought to visit the basic principles on which Australia functions.
    Fear of reprisals cannot possibly be accepted by intelligent, yes intelligent people. This also means that just as UNINTELLIGENT is the ENTIRE leadership of our Jewish community. And the other is point :

    b. For decades now I have been privy to the configuration of the NSW Jewish leadership and, by extention some of the groisse machers of the federal body.
    For the same decades I have been one of the most critical voices of the manner in which these ( the same people for donkies’ ) have been pretending that they know what to do. The words impotence, ineptitude and, ultimately plain stupidity describe accurately their demeanor, their complete gambit of preparedness , capacity to comprehend and act on behalf of solid, true Jewish identity requirements.
    It is tragic that I cannot nominate one single person from the formal leadership capable of leading us in these trying times.
    The present call to do bugger all is but an extention of the malaise inflicted on this Jewish lot by the well installed impotent, incapable, inept as I said stupid leadership. We have also young boys and girls, yes those we see time and again in those group photo opportunities happy as they should be at Sydney Int’l Airport on their way to schnatt, that magnificient whatever length time spent in Eretz Israel. Most come back and………………………..where are they NOW !!!!! What have they learnt, seen, absorb from their exposure to Israel and its people, the ones so COMPLETELY distinct from what I can so palpably witness here now !!!???

    I am now calling for the organising of a pro Israel demonstration smack in the Sydney CBD during bloody business hours, on the steps of the bloody Town Hall and I nominate Shirlee Finn as one of the speakers as well as David Singer.
    Any constructive, posiitve suggestion is most welcome .

  13. Geoff Dickson

    Shirlee, You are brave indeed to attend these hate fests but the truth needs to come out,
    On 23 March 2012, Interior and National Security Minister for Hamas, Mr Fathi Hammad, declared on Al-Hekma TV station that “Palestinians are not natives, but artificial people comprised of Egyptians, Saudis, Yemenis and others who have come to destroy and dominate Israel”. He said we have names like Al Masri which is Egyptian.
    So the Palestinians are not Palestinians at all but blow ins from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
    And the reason they have come to Gaza is to destroy Israel, not to build a better life and work hard for their families.
    Why can’t the world media listen to the Hamas Interior minister, Fathi Hammad?
    He is stating the bleeding obvious that they are blow ins who mean to cause trouble.
    The west should STOP all donations to both Hamas and its parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

  14. Most of us commenting here welcome a multiracial Australia and are firmly against racism.
    The media seem to have maliciously or naively (take your pick!) conflated the words “multicultural” and “multiracial”.

    it is racist to oppose a multiracial Australia, but it is folly (and usually quite racist) to support a multicultural society where all cultures are accepted and treated as equally valid.

    It’s way past time that we called the bluff of those who accuse anyone who opposes a culture that has beliefs that are incompatible with our free and democratic values of being racist.

    A belief system that calls for the death of the Jews is racist.
    A person who points this out is NOT racist.
    It really is that simple!

  15. Otto Waldmann

    Imust qualify by saying that my last “call to arms” was posted before others expressed the same opinion.
    This looks a lot better than perceived at the time of the “call”.

    Events are quite fluid and international interventions seem to have certain effects on Israel’s “in principle” attitude to the current crisis, although the kind of response from Gaza looks is bound to perpetuate the raw conflict and, thus, give reason for the pro-palestinian mob to take their message on the streets again.
    Considering the substance of their messages and the type of fellow travelers they are engaging, a retort from the opposing side would not be difficult to muster both in terms of actual rhetoric and feet on the ground.

    Good organising of this kind of “movement” takes only a few wise and realistic steps.
    We have among us numerous organisations, part of our civil society, very well placed “ideologically” in line with what we need to promote. To be sure, a decent society is one of the fundamental calls, not necessarily neutral considering the content and general spirit exhibited by the pro-palestinian marches so far. Then concrete notion of fairness and equity, the very golden rule which must lead the desired citizen of our society in his public life etc.

    If we engage in such anodyne lofty exchanges as per the suitability of multiculturalism we can only arrive at a numbing of the necessary allertness, vigilance to a reality which is fairly rapidly changing our lives , turning a decency accomplished in centuries of socio-political efforts and sacrifices into the domain of the primitive rule of sharia, the MAIN aim of those we should so resolutely march publicly against.

    The expression tachles has been created to be used, let’s see if our people understand it !!!

    I am still insisting that something concrete should be organised starting right here !!!!!

  16. Paris Jews received an ominous taste of where these demonstrations lead to.

    The crowd were shouting “Kill the Jews”. Not much room for ambiguity there!

    • Otto Waldmann

      a good lesson for all of us NOT to give up demonstrating intelligently, not abandoning our responsibility to put forward forcefully publicly our position, our resolve. I am not the one to run in retreat just because there are people out there who hate me !!!
      Whoever hasn’t got the guts can stay home and comment online about how to better our lot….

    • I was in Paris last month as this ismy home town. Not only were they calling to kill jews but they also attacked synagogues and jewish shops. Just like the pogroms. They hate the jews there. It has been getting worse for 15 years now but today we see a liberation for them. It is now ok to be openly antisemitic. I left France for australia 11 months ago to escape that hatred as i was getting really stressed and afraid for my kids. I have a feeling that australians as a whole support israel or do not have an opinion which is fine. But i feel really bad seeing those rallies here. And no counter rally like they have in the US. But i guess there is a very small number of jews here. I hope these idiots are a minority and i hope they will not generate new adepts and the situation wont become like France. The jews in France fear for their lives. All those i know want to leave. It is just history repeating itself as usual.

      • “is a very small number of jews here”..?

        in the whole Finland only 1000 jews,but there were about 1000 ppl on the Pro-Israel demo in Helsinki,,almost all of demonstrators were NonJews…see

      • ? “Next up was Vivienne Porsolt spewing her hatred whilst proudly claiming to be a Jew.”

        Where is a proof she’s jewish ? Actually ive got evidence that many of those ‘proud pro-palestinian jews’ are either christians or muslims pretending jewish to divide and qoncure the jews..This is old tactic …Speciaslly easy impersonate jewish to defame the jews on the internet where all users are anonymous.. frend of mine has been ‘infiltrated’ in one antisemitic ‘Jewish’ group .They post horrible antisemitic comments defaming judaism by writing fake quotes from ‘talmud’ etc
        Couple of them even admitted to him in p m they are not jews – they just imposters.
        As for term ‘self-hating jew’ – it is very BAD term playing in antisemites hands !!!
        Antisemitic jews DONT hate themself – they love themself while hating other jews !
        Btw often imposters (i e muslims or christians posing ‘jewish’) been called ‘selfhating jew’ on different sites

        • Believe me, she is Jewish. Known her for years. she has even been known to attend
          Community functions

          • Leon Poddebsky

            For every Pro….what’s her name, there are a million whose views and values are the opposite.

  17. Lee Rhianon, is a TOTAL FAKE. Her real Name is Lee BROWN. Plain old Brown. Why doesn’t she use her real name? Because she’s full of BS.
    Talk about making up a name for yourself. She comes from a long line of Jew Hating Communists. As for anyone voting for the old hag, Whom? When? Another rigged Branch of the Labor Party?

  18. Leon Poddebsky

    We can lament all we want, but ALL Western governmental authorities [ EXCEPT CANADA] are intimidated successfully to one degree or another by antisemites when the latters’ agenda relates to Israel’s self-defence or Israel’s other interests, and even to Jewish representations on behalf of fairness to Israel.

    In Israel it’s different: Israel has a capable defence force which has the necessary skills; but we in the dispersion do not have a self-defence force, hence the near-lynchings in Paris, the unpunished attack on the Jewish family in Bondi and so on.

    In summary, the Jewish situation around the world has not yet quite reached 1930’s European level.
    We hope it never does, but the writing on the wall is becoming clearer with each passing day.

    PS If it happens, Viv the KAPO will finally have a real job.

    • Its happening here in Canada!! Believe me when I tell you, that we are being overwhelmed by the tide of Islamic-Fascists that are immigrating here. The rise of hate-crimes against Jews and property are staggering. And where is our ‘Jewish Community’ Leaders??!! Well, they will give you many excuses on why they are not organizing the community, to confront PHYSICALLY these people!! The ONLY group, that organizes counter-protests to these Jihadists, is the local JDL. I recommend opening a chapter in EVERY major city where Jews reside!!

      • Leon Poddebsky

        Yes, Eli, I was aware that Canada has its antisemites, too; my point was that the current Canadian GOVERNMENT is decent, unlike EVERY other Western government when it comes to resisting the barbarian onslaught against Israel and the Jewish People.
        At best thy’re selectively tepid; at worst they’re collaborators, like Europe.

      • Leon Poddebsky

        Just another point which may not have come through clearly in my previous post:

        Western governments will not protect their citizens who are Jews from these trouble makers: this has already been shown, for example, during other protests the few Jews who attended were the ones to be warned off by the local police for exercising their right to show the Israeli flag. The Nations are not going to stick their necks out on behalf of all people, the Jews. let’s understand that CLEARLY.
        Now, the authorities argue that the reason for the discrimination is to “prevent deterioration of the situation.”
        That is an illustration of the way that over the decades intimidation has eroded the will of the West to assert itself and the erosion of Jewish security in the dispersion of the exile.

      • Leon Poddebsky

        the” 12 Tribes” site shows a video of a recent incident in which a mob violently beats pro-peace people in a Toronto street as Canadian police look on as interested spectators, not upholders of the law.

  19. Why do you censor posts by those who might not be Jewish, but are on the side of Jews and Israel? My post had nothing illegal, nor defamatory in it, yet it has been deleted.

    Obviously a waste of time. Bye.

    • Jews Down Under

      Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions.

      Check your mail an email was sent out to you last night explaining the situation.

      A number of comments were deleted or edited where possible.

      We have no idea what race, religion, creed or colour a person is.

      I am ashamed of you for your thoughts.

      • “I am ashamed of you for your thoughts.”

        ^^^ at best this doesn’t make sense – but as I said: Bye. (Life is too short to be insulted gratuitously.

    • Debbie Robinson

      Rita don’t be disheartened just keep doing what you do it is so important.

  20. Isnt it funny how we have all these so called professionals who scream out against Israel yet stay silent on what is happening in India. Allso if you look at the death at the moment in this offensive, more have been killed in Iraq and Syria by Muslims then Muslims killed in Gaza. We saw rows and rows of Shiite and Sunni massacring each other yet the likes of Lee are silent. A Shame.

  21. This is vital work, Shirlee.

    Thank you for allowing me to cross-post at IT.

  22. Leon Poddebsky

    The Chardonnay-sipping, armchair-sitting-in- Bellevue Hill “leftist”Australian Broadcasting Corporation shares the blame for inciting the mob; its “coverage” reveals, as usual, an intestinal detestation of Jewish self-determination.
    The ABC loves to gush crocodile tears over dead Jews; maybe that’s why it supports the criminal Palestinian State.
    A former member of the Australian Cabinet echoed this kind of mindset when he petulantly complained that Jewish advocates for Israel are no longer the liberal, progressive Jews that they used to be, but “right-wing” zealots.
    Translated from his “Leftistspeak”, he meant, ” Why aren’t Jews today like those who went like lambs to the slaughter?”

  23. Shirlee

    Hopefully you got my facebook message – happy for you to copy that article.

    London has already had 4 of these rallies in the last 2 weeks with another big one to come Saturday.
    The ‘overcrowded’ Gaza myth always perplexes me – in any case it simply proves how incredibly careful the Israeli strikes are given the low number of casualties

    • Thanks Edgar, much appreciated. Will do it tomorrow.

      Why don’t you go to a rally and write about it? I might go again this week with the same friend, we also know where to stand this time so we don’t get caught in the rush for the march. That part was frightening and I almost had a panic attack, as it was so claustrophobic.

      Yes I think it is absolutely amazing that the casualty rate is so low, more so because the way Hamas use people as human shields.

      Hamas are rather prone to exaggeration as was shown after Operation Cast Lead when Hamas admitted Israel’s quoted figures, which were much lower than theirs, were accurate.

      The ‘overcrowded’ Gaza myth is one of the many oft quoted remarks that they go to ‘training school’ to learn.

  24. I am an Aussie expat living in Israel for the past 5 years, and find it hard to believe that some Aussies are so rabidly and violently oppositional about events they have no knowledge, experience or understanding of. Australia is one of the most secure and egalitarian, safe and abundant countries in the world, and it looks like many Aussies have no appreciation for the wealth, freedom and endless opportunities they have. It seems to some of us who now live outside of Oz, but who were born and raised there, find it hard to understand the motivation behind the self hating Jews, some of whom I am personally acquainted with. I find them unbelievably narcissistic, and also sad, in that they are in denial of the Holocaust pain they absorbed as children of Holocaust parents. I find it awful that they use their Jewishness to justify their black and while, narrow, self righteous and self aggrandizing narrow points of view, that cause even more pain and danger to their fellow Jews. I once asked Vivienne, if she ever reflected on the damage she was doing to her fellow Jews by the anti Israel stand she makes, and if she had ever visited and spent time in Israel, proper (and not in just in the West Bank). Her answer was a definitive ‘no’. What a tragedy!

    • Shalom from Sydney

      It’s not only Australian Jews Janet. This phenomenon of these ‘self hating’ Jews is reasonably new here, but BIG internationally. I can’t work out where they are coming from, yet they claim to be pro-Israel? My parents were Communists and there never had these feelings towards Israel. They must be turning in their graves to see what the left has become. Anyhow you’d know that with the leftist NGOs you have in Israel.

  25. Otto Waldmann

    Last night’s Q&A demonstrated once again that the “self-hating phenomenon at the Jew is completely farcical. The disgusting display of idiocy put on by a pseudo-intellectual Louise Adler and the intellectually brain-dead David Souchet place them in other categories, both having to do with VERY LIMITED analytical prowess BUT massive vanity and respective desire to impress with “something” and prevail.
    Ms Adler is proud of her public position and vents cretinism and Souchet is just a stage clown heavily infused with self relevance and clamoring for acclaim. To be sure there NOTHING Jewish left in the persona of Souchet and he distanced himself from any topic brushing on Jewish matters anyway. He is a proper christian with no active interest in anything Jewish and self hatred does not come into it, he is a proud Anglican and that’s it. Tony Jones tried to pin something of the Jewish interest on him and the whole thing went dead, no response of any kind.

  26. Otto Waldmann

    There is a short list of communal irritants, and that show a more determined attitude to spill their home brewed venom and that Ms Porzolt is at the top of the list, but there are also those seemingly less pernicious, I mentioned earlier Louise Adler as seen on Q&A.

    I also detected by Facebook a kid on the block a certain Michael Cohen who is quite aggressive and very good at saying complex idiotic stuff and can imagine him being the new generation of degenerate strong opinions averse to Zionism.

    Trouble is this community has absolutely NOBODY of impressive public profile to make a solid case for Israel in the large public domain. Mind you we have in NSW alone some SEVENTY Jewish orgs., including shuls , all with Mr/Mrs PRESIDENT, some Vice-Presidents, some CEO’s, Chairs of C/tees, a battalion of groisse machers, NONE capable to show his/her face on mass media and utter anything that will impress.

    AJN is complaining this week about shameful mass media. OK they are so, but where IS our strong public retort to fix up all the drek they are dishing at us !!!??? I know, but, that I shall be kveching about this for a long time to come , so watch this space and I wish you all long life……

  27. Just one thing. Can you please explain to me how this protest was “anti-semitic”? Aren’t Arabs semites as well? Sorry but that logic is rubbish…

    • Jews Down Under

      Yes Arabs are also Semites, but it is the term used specifically to describe hatred against Jews.

      The term ‘antisemitism’ was coined by Wilhelm Marr in Germany in 1879 as a scientific approach to the subject, and a positive alternative to the more confronting expression, ‘Jew-hatred’.

      The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) adopted a working definition of antisemitism, developed by a small number of NGOs, which provides a useful starting point for dealing with antisemitism:

      Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.

      Beyond this, antisemitism is involved when Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity, is singled out from the world’s nations

  28. This is so sad to read! Those comments posted to you are horrendous! I can’t believe how ignorant people are! How can anyway back terrorists who then have “peaceful protests” and scream kill all Jews and death to Israel! People are so stupid! If anyone is in brisbane and knows of any rally’s etc for Israel please contact me

    • Jews Down Under

      We need a surname when you post

      Your IP address shows you live in Merton, United Kingdom, so how come you want details for a rally in Brisbane?

      • Sorry my surname is Louise, it shows I’m in UK as I am currently on holiday, I fly back to brisbane tommorow. Look me up on Facebook if you want to see my details of where I live and photos of me holidaying in the UK

        • Jews Down Under

          There is a rally tomorrow at 2pm which is organised by the Jewish Community.
          Cnr of Elizabeth and George Sts.

  29. Otto Waldmann

    Are you sure, at 2 pm in the City !!!!because there is one scheduled for 1030 am outside the Mizrahi.