No Riots for Jewish Girl Killed by Arab for ‘Nationalistic’ Reasons.

Shelly Dadon was murdered by an Arab nationalist. Let’s not forget.

Shelly Dadon was a 20 year-old Jewish Israeli, murdered on May 1, by an Arab, who has now confessed. He was a taxi driver who picked her up and stabbed her to death. His motive is thought to be “nationalistic,” the very same motive that keeps being thrown around in the Mohammed Abu Khdeir case. But no Jews ever rioted against Arabs over her death.

The murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir was a senseless act of violence, and the Jewish community has collectively condemned it. Bloggers are signing an open letter, and Israeli leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately made statements condemning the murder, even before any arrests were made.

World leaders wasted no time making it clear they would not tolerate Jews killing Arabs, without knowing who actually committed the crime, though now believed by police to be Jews after all. But this was a terrible crime that is not characteristic of the Jewish community, and it is difficult to believe. Three people have been arrested, but it remains to be seen if they actually did it, as police continue their investigation.

The circumstances surrounding the case are suspicious to say the least. Abu Khdeir’s father originally said that Arabs had tried to kidnap his younger son before, and coincidentally Jews kidnapped his other son? Very strange indeed. However if those arrested are found guilty, then so be it, as unfortunate as it is.

With that being said, this is a unique case. One murder of one Arab. And Palestinians went ballistic, rioting in Jerusalem, setting fires, throwing Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, rocks, destroying their own neighborhoods, with dozens of people injured as a result.

Arab graffiti on a light rail station they destroyed. Source: Israel National News.

The damage Arabs did to the light rail stations will affect their own transportation, and as odd as that is, more telling is the graffiti they painted there: “price tag,” (yes, ARABS wrote this, not Jews), “death to the Jews,” and “death to Israel.” They will likely take pictures of the “price tag” graffiti to reuse in the future, inciting more violence against Jews.

The media has been whole-heartedly on the Arab side in this mess, with headlines in the mainstream media (even on Fox News) to the effect of “Palestinians believe ‘Israeli extremists’ responsible.” It is an invented term, ‘Israeli extremist’, meant to take attention away from the Palestinian extremists and transpose it onto Jews.

Another suspicious development in the case came when Khdeir’s American cousin was photographed after allegedly being beaten by Israeli police during the riots. The angle of the story was that he was an innocent bystander who just happened to get beat up by police, and photos of his swollen face were posted everywhere. The official statement from the US was that it was “profoundly concerned” over the use of force, that the US is “troubled” over it.

The Israeli police should have a right to defend themselves, just as the American police do. The boy was reportedly in a group of six rioters, and police found a sling on him as he attacked them and resisted arrest, and the others were stoning police officers and throwing Molotov cocktails at them.

The US should be troubled over the boy’s involvement in attacking Israeli police, but there is no concern over that. Furthermore, of the three Israelis who were kidnapped and murdered by Arabs, one was also American, just like Khdeir’s cousin. Yet the President of the United States made no official statements during the 18 days the IDF searched for the boys. He did not open his mouth until their bodies were found, and when he finally did, his supposed condolences added insult to injury.

It clearly seems like a ploy to draw attention away from the case of the Israeli boys. Three boys were killed by Arabs, but the world response lagged and was brief when it finally came. An Arab boy is killed, allegedly by Jews, and there is hell to pay.

Meanwhile when another Arab teen, Omaima Jaradat,was murdered by her own uncle, it barely got a mention in the news, just a one-line blurb in The Jewish Press. No international response. No one cared when an Arab killed another Arab.

And what happened when Shelly Dadon was found murdered two months ago? Nothing. She was murdered because she was a Jew, nothing more. Murdered in cold blood by an Arab. Jews did not riot. Again, there was no international response, and most probably, no one has ever heard of her.

Israel Police Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi, who was shot near Hebron on his way to a Passover Seder. Photo by Israel Police

That is Shelly’s case. And what about Baruch Mizrahi, an Israeli police chief who was murdered by Arabs on his way to a Passover Seder with his family this year? Why was he murdered? Again, for “nationalistic” reasons. And Arab leaders did not condemn his murder, as Israelis condemn the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. Instead, they sang the praises of the terrorists responsible and encouraged more of the same, just as they did in the case of the Jewish teenagers, Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar,and Eyal Yifrach, and just as they do every time an Israeli is murdered by Arabs.

Jews are condemning this murder, and no one rioted over any of the victims of Arab terror.

According to data on the Jewish Virtual Library (which has neglected to include the murder of Shelly Dadon), the Jewish victims of Arab terror compose a long list:

“From the Oslo Accords (Sept. 1993) until September 2000 – nearly 300 Israelis were killed in attacks.

“During the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Intifada (Sept. 2000 – Dec. 2005) another 1,100 Israelis were killed.

“Since December 2005, Palestinian terrorist attacks have claimed at least another 135 Israeli lives.”

See the list of names and their circumstances here.

Yet there are never any “Jewish” riots. Never any international condemnation of these murders or of the daily Arab terrorism Israelis are forced to withstand, like the barrage of rocket attacks inflicted by Palestinian terrorists on Israel right now. There is rarely any attention in the media at all. And this is what we have to contend with.

H/t Paula Stern on the Arab graffiti at the rail station, which she posted on Facebook before the photos appeared in newspapers. Please visit her blog:


Rachel Molschky Blogs at Cherson & Molschky

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    I am gravely concerned by the frequent multiple murders that occur in the USA almost every week it seems, particularly at secondary and tertiary educational institutions.
    The not infrequent instances of American police brutality against African American suspects must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. They are a stain on America’s reputation.
    It is high time that the Security Council of the UN and the UN Human Rights Council stopped turning a blind eye to these abuses and convened an emergency joint sitting chaired by the Distinguished Representative of The Iranian Islamic Republic to discuss and ACT with determination by, among other steps, despatching to the USA a Committee of Investigation which should report its findings back promptly, and recommend appropriate
    punitive action.

    I urge all civilised people of good will across the globe to make strenuous representations to The President of the USA, his Secretary of State, Mr John Kerry and their messenger boy, Dr Martin Indyk , stressing that America’s former status of superpower does not put it above the laws of civilisation.

    The peoples of the globe, particularly in the Middle East are rapidly losing patience with a country where, it seems, lawlessness has become almost a way of life.

    • I can but only concur with you! It must must be just so disheartening for the good people of the Middle East to have to seat helplessly by and watch this horrific spectacle of civil disorder, from the land of the free… being constantly played in the presence of a global audience.

      It is high time for Ban Ki Moon to intervene with a resounding …”enough is a enough” to this lawless state of affairs, for as we all realise, to be living in downtown Washington D.C. or New York can be as equally injurious to one’s health, as having a bricked lobbed through your windscreen anywhere else on the planet….not least the West Bank of Israel

      For our Uncle Sam be so self righteous in critical, social and political condemnation of another, while living in a glass castle, only serves to enhance the transparency of the accusers lofty, yet phoney forked tongue…..which can occasionally lead to a deserved tongue in cheek response.