Palestinian Girl Killed by Uncle: Where Is the Outrage?

Crime scene of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khder. (Photo: Menahem Kahana)

On July 2, the body of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khder was found, and all hell broke loose.

On the very same day, The Jewish Press reported on the murder of a 15 year-old Palestinian girl named Omaima Jaradat, who was stabbed to death by her uncle near Hebron. Yet her story has not been picked up by the international media.

News of Abu Khder’s murder spread far and wide. Arabs rioted in Jerusalem after Palestinian leaders pointed the finger at Israelis for the murder with absolutely no proof whatsoever; the same day world leaders joined in the Israel bashing, assuming the Palestinian accusation was true that it was retribution for the murders of the three Israeli teens. The investigation is underway on the boy’s murder, and nothing is definitive yet, though it is more likely to be a murder committed by fellow Palestinians according to various sources.

Arutz Sheva reports that a former police official is familiar with the family of Mohammed Abu Khder.

“It’s a problematic family with internal clashes that have been ongoing for many years,”

“I have no doubt that as time passes it will be clarified that the murder was criminal and nothing more.”

And yet the world quickly rushed to judgment to blame Israelis and to pit Arabs against Jews.

With all the mayhem caused by the Mohammed Abu Khder case, it would seem another murder of a Palestinian teenager should also make headline news. No such luck. Perhaps because her own uncle has already been arrested for the murder, no one cares? It’s only a story if Jews kill an Arab, but if an Arab kills an Arab, no big deal? And once the police provide more details on the Abu Khder case, it will be interesting to see the international response if it turns out the suspect(s) are not Jews after all.

Omaima Jaradat



Too bad for Omaima Jaradat. Her death triggered no response. No condemnations from the US, the UN Security Council, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the EU, Israeli PM Netanyahu, or perhaps most importantly, PA President Abbas, all of whom immediately issued statements on the Abu Khder case. But the discussion of an Arab killing his niece would probably be considered hate speech.


UPDATE: Times of Israel reports perpetrators in Abu Khder case may have been Jews. We shall see: Revenge seen as most likely motive in Arab teen’s death

UPDATE 2: Arutz Sheva reports: Doubts raised over allegations Mohammed Khader killed by Jews in ‘revenge’ attack; father said ‘Arabs’ tried to kidnap younger son earlier.

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  2. Check the victim’s body for sexual abuse and pregnancy, and test the fetus’s DNA for incest. Was the victim raped by her family and then killed when she got pregnant?

    Paul Cerar
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