A Request to All Americans.


A Soldier's Mother

I would like to ask my American relatives and friends who voted for Obama to write to him and tell him that three Israeli children have been kidnapped. Maybe he doesn’t know it yet…since he hasn’t bothered to issue a single word of protest or condemnation.I want you to tell him that one of the boys – no less deserving than the other two – is an American citizen. Tell him the three boys – two of them only 16 years old, for God’s sake, and one of them 19 – were doing nothing but waiting for a ride home.

Tell Obama he has a choice – he can bring the full weight of America’s diplomatic power to the front here and now and demand from the new Palestinian government HE recognized…that they get these boys home safe and sound and fast…or there will be a war.Already the army is making plans, mobilizing, calling up what reserves it needs. Things are being moved in place; we are getting ready. If it will be, it will be Milchemet Mitzvah – an obligatory war because we will not leave our children in the hands of these kidnappers. We will bring them home and God help the Palestinian people of they are harmed. There will be a war to bring these boys home because we will not abandon them.

That’s right – a war – you see, we in Israel worship God…but we also worship our children. Maybe worship is the wrong word, but we love them beyond all words and we will not allow this to happen. Three Jewish children were taken – the Palestinians do not fully understand what we will do to get them home. They cannot understand. Any nation willing to send their sons to death cannot comprehend a country that commands its children to live.

We will get our sons home…

We don’t want war – but so help us, God – if the US does nothing…we will not stop when the US wakes up and Israel starts to move. You voted for that …that…God, I can’t even type the word – you voted for that man – you put him in office.

Now THREE JEWISH CHILDREN are being held by terrorists and murderers. You in America have as much of a responsibility as we do to get them home safely – so call your congressmen, call your president. Your government tied our hands, demanded we release prisoners, terrorists, murderers. They demanded, and we responded. We did it because we wanted to be seen by the world as doing all we could for peace. We came to the table – they walked away. We spoke of potential solutions; they demanded more prisoners and finally chose to unite with a terrorist leadership in Gaza.

From around the world, we are getting messages of support – from Canada, from Australia. Even, can you imagine – even from the United Nations Secretary General. I find it pathetic that the UN Secretary General has made a statement before Obama. It’s more than 60 hours since it happen. WHERE THE HELL IS OBAMA?

And to my Israeli friends – no, I don’t expect Obama to step in and save these boys. We will do all we can to make that happen. OUR sons are looking, searching, listening, doing all we can. Because yes, the future of our people, our nation rests here in Israel. But what we know to be the truth does not change the obligation of every Jew to do what they can to redeem hostages. It is a Biblical command – let’s see it happen.

We will bring our boys back. Operation Shuvu Achim – Operation Return our Brothers has begun.


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  1. This was nothing less than an act of war.