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J-Air, Melbourne’s new Jewish radio station is pleased to announce the launch of its latest programme, Nothing Left, which discusses issues of interest surrounding Israel advocacy, Jewish interests and multiculturalism in Australia.
Nothing Left will provide commentary on political issues from a centre-right perspective.
Co-hosts Michael Burd and Alan Freedman are long-time activists for Israel and the Jewish world saying that,

“For far too long, the media both here and overseas have been promoting a left-wing agenda of the Middle East’s conflicts, particularly where Israel is concerned. We intend to correct this bias and will inform our listeners of what most of the Jewish community really think, and whilst we generally support our mainstream communal organisations, there are certainly times when we are critical of them.”

Nothing Left will offer a platform to those views that are often suppressed by the mainstream media. Burd and Freedman add that they are frequently disappointed by the support given to Israel’s enemies by high profile members of the Jewish community and some Jewish organisations  and go on to say that in the rush to be politically correct regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, the human rights of Jews are often overlooked.


The programme will include interesting and controversial interviews from a variety of guests; to date these have included journalist and media identity Andrew Bolt responding to Jewish communal leaders criticism , Human Rights commissioner Tim Wilson, representatives from the Institute of Public affairs [IPA]  and Christians 4 Israel representatives ,  prominent barrister Geoff Bloch who has an opposing view to that of mainstream Jewish communal leaders on the proposed amendment to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

John-Michael Howson.

Media personality and controversial 3AW radio presenter,  John-Michael Howson, who will talk about  left wing bias in our media as well as his previous work and   experience with Jews in Hollywood when living there as a TV entertainment reporter..

·Jamie Hyams , Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council senior policy analyst and current councilor and former Lord mayor of the Glen Eira Council  who will provide an insight into the current state of the Israel/Palestine peace negotiations

Burd and Freedman also say that they welcome ‘talk back’ and are keen to engage in lively discussion with listeners who either agree or disagree with their views.

In the next few weeks, Nothing Left will feature special guests including

Ruslan Kogan.

Ruslan Kogan, a 32yr old Jewish entrepreneur who emigrated from Russia and subsequently built a business empire worth $315 million.


Danny Lamm President of the ZFA, who  will be questioned by Burd and Freedman why Israel is loosing the PR war in Australia.



Sandy  Gutman aka Austen Tayshus  highly controversial Jewish comedian who will talk about his experience on the ABC Q&A programme  defending Israel and his emotional  and confrontational trip back to Germany , Poland  and Treblinka .


Nothing Left can be heard every Tuesday morning (9-10am) on FM 87.8 in the Caulfield  and surrounding areas, or online live  at www.j-air.com.au  .

Podcasts of  all previous shows are also available on the J-Air website.

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