Weekly Israel Advocacy Update. Written by Emily Gian.

There has long been a tendency for some commentators to claim they are afraid to speak out about matters relating to Israel for fear that any negative comment might be construed as being antisemitic. Whilst it is true that this might sometimes happen and moreover, that some of the most strident critics of Israeli policies are Israelis or Jews themselves, the claim is now being used more and more often by propagandists as a shield against their bigotry when they spread hateful lies and half truths about Israel and the Jewish people.


An article that appeared in Adelaide’s Sunday Mail last week, entitled ‘The Shame of Israel’s Palestine Apartheid’ penned by broadcaster Peter Goers is a good example of this, and no doubt the author would be happy to be accused of antisemitism so that he could trot out the standard line,

“I’m not anti-Semitic. I’m only anti-Zionist”

as if that gave him immunity from being described a bigot.


A closer analysis of this piece proves that line of thinking to be totally false.


1,241 people have been killed by Palestinian violence and terrorism since September 2000.

The writer views the conflict solely from the eyes of the Palestinians and weeps about the injustices done to them. Some of those are real and some are fabricated like the “apartheid” accusation, like his misrepresentation of John Kerry’s comments and those of author Amos Oz.


He brings no context to the situation. For example, there is not even the slightest attempt understand to why the Israelis found it necessary to construct a barrier – “not a wall”. Peter Goers weeps for the Palestinians, but cannot find a single tear for the Israeli men, women and children murdered by suicide bombers and shooters whose actions, by the way, have been dramatically curtailed as a result of the same barrier. There is no weeping from him about the loss of Israeli lives or injustices against Jews.


Perhaps the worst part is his generalisation about the Israelis and the Jews as if all or even a majority want to destroy the Dome of the Rock or condone the violence of a small proportion of people. That is what is racist about this nasty article. If Goers had been at all interested in actually meeting Israelis and not simply promoting his agenda, he would have been able to see this as clear as day.


Would a similar article ever see the light of day in a mainstream Australian newspaper if it accused all Palestinians as being terrorists and murderers of innocent women and children? Yet on officially sanctioned Palestinian Authority television that is the sort of incitement we see regularly while the Hamas government in Gaza allows children to talk of “killing the Jews”.


Do you know who I weep for Mr Goers? I weep for Palestinian children, who instead of learning to count to ten in Spanish from Dora the Explorer, are being brought up on an educational system which teaches them to hate. I weep, Mr Goers, because how can we expect to move forward when the younger generation is learning nothing new and when outsiders like you bring the same hateful message across the world to this country?


In fact, I weep a lot. I weep for most of the people you weep for but fortunately, I have enough empathy in my heart to weep for others as well. I weep for all of the innocent victims on both sides of this seemingly endless conflict.


Caterpillar bomb shelter in a playground in Sderot.

I weep for the children of Sderot, who for over ten years have been brought up to the sound of the Code Red sirens, which given them less than 15 seconds to run for safety. I weep for the mothers and fathers, who had to bury their children in wars and in terror attacks well before their time.


I weep for victims of other conflicts too. Such as the more than a hundred thousand victims of the bloody Syrian civil war. I weep for them because you would not weep for them. They are not a part of your agenda, despite the growing number of dead in that conflict.


Actually, Mr Goers I weep for you and for your friend Senator Xenophon, who are so one-sided in your views that you cannot see that you are actually prolonging the pain and not reducing it. I weep that you can visit the territories and return thinking that the best way to solve this conflict is to delegitimise and demonise one side, or to present one version of a narrative at the expense of, and not alongside, the other narrative. Mr Goers and Senator Xenophon, the conflict will not be solved by people like you, pointing fingers and throwing around dangerous terms such as apartheid. The conflict, and the weeping, will only end, when well-meaning outsiders arrive and declare that they want to find ways to unite the two sides and not to divide them.


And Mr Goers, I am sorry to say but when you write such an article and characterise the Jews as evil there is nowhere for you to hide.

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    For some years now both deranged Jew-haters as well as “respectable” Westerners who don’t allow their masks to slip, have been declaring open season on the Jewish People. Two high profile Australians have recently been shown to be part of this predatory movement.
    Their protestations of being innocent of atavistic animus against Jews are utterly worthless and hypocritical.
    The short-term objective of these predators is to break the spirit and morale of the Jewish People; therefore the answer is not to “weep” ( that is what the predators want us to do), but to expose them and, together with non-Jews of genuine good will, combat them.
    A role model in this respect is Shurat haDin.

  2. Mr Goers is living in a well insulated cocoon with a pinhole opening to the wider world.
    His anti Israel proclamation are done from the comfort of his South Australian studio. Never
    interested in facts, than, fiction will do as long as it is an attention graber. He would do well to crawl out from his cocoon and travel to the Middle East and visit the Israel he hates to see facts for himself rather than have these facts fed to him by his Philistine friends. To be credible a Journo you must have facts, not that “I know everything but know nothing ” .Hypocrisy is also an important tool in current day journalism. Whilst in the Middle East visit Syria and see well the Christians are treated by your other Islamist friends.