Peaceful Palestinians Firebomb School Bus Full Of Jewish Girls .


There’s all kinds of media for the two Palestinians shot by Israeli soldiers while participating in a violent ‘Nakba Day’ riot. The same goes for the non-violent vandalism of ‘price tag’ incidents, a number of which have been traced back to the Arabs themselves as the perpetrators.

But here’s something you won’t about anywhere but one place…the firebombing of a school bus full of Jewish school girls,  sixth-graders out on a field trip.

The girls were on a school trip to Hebron to visit the Cave of Machpela, where Abraham and Sara are buried Hebron is one of the oldest Jewish communities in history  until it was ethnically cleansed by the Arabs in 1929, when the Arab residents of the town turned on their neighbors on orders of the British appointed Grand Mufti and began raping and murdering them – while the British troops who were supposed to be keeping order did absolutely nothing to stop them.

The Israeli’s peace partners set up a well planned ambush and targeted the clearly marked school bus as it returned from Hebron. One of the mothers on the bus described what happened:

“This was a bat mitzva trip that had been approved by the Ministry of Education, which included a visit to Rachel’s Tomb. The buses were bulletproofed and had an armed guard,” she said.

Chananel, the woman’s son, whose sister had been on the bus, wrote on Facebook on Tuesday:

“Three firebombs exploded on the bus. It was a direct hit. The bus was engulfed in flames and the girls and the mothers in the bus screamed, cried, leaned down toward the floor. There was a smell of burnt plastic.

“This time, it ended without injury. The driver stepped on the gas and the bus was fortified. The traumatic effects are not known at this point… I don’t even want to write how it could have ended.”

Yes, this time. Others haven’t been so lucky. Meanwhile, Israel gets demonized just for building homes.

The Israelis are looking for the four bombers. Needless to say, the Palestinian Authority claims to know nothing about it and as always, will never arrest anyone for killing or attempting to kill a Jew.

These are the sort of people the Obama Administration, the Eu and the UN are salivating to give a state to – violent, hateful barbarians who think targeting and murdering children is a holy act. This is what your tax dollars finance. These are the sort of people they expect Israel share a border with..’two states, living in peace next to each other.’

That’s the narrative – and that’s why you won’t hear about it. (H/T Professor Bill At Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion )

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