How Long is 90 Seconds?

A Soldier's Mother

You ever feel time is getting away from you? Well, I just lost 90 seconds. According to Israel’s Home Front Command, where previously I was told that I had 3 minutes to get to shelter in the event my area was attacked by missiles, the latest announcement says I now have 90 seconds.

What does that mean? Nothing really – I mean, they aren’t expecting a missile to hit here any time soon. My bomb shelter is on the main level of the house. It’s a nice size room we use as storage, a guest room, and an office. It’s right next to my bedroom, maybe 20-30 feet away. I could count the tiles and give you an exact amount, but it doesn’t really matter. My granddaughter could probably crawl there in 3 minutes. You can run there in seconds.

Even from upstairs, in the event of a siren, the two children who sleep upstairs could be down here in seconds…it isn’t the time. More than anything – it’s the concept. Three minutes is forever when the siren sounds. I know. I remember last winter. We walked to the bomb shelter – feeling silly. Would they really fire a missile at Jerusalem? It must be a mistake…as it was during the Gaza War in 2007.

Only this time, it wasn’t a mistake. This time it was real…and still we walked there. More than one missile did hit the Jerusalem area and though we don’t like to talk about it – one hit Tel Aviv as well. We don’t have 3 minutes anymore.

Beersheva still has 60 seconds. I’m glad for them…I was afraid their time had been cut in half as well.

Ninety seconds isn’t a long time at all...


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