Riga Ghetto Museum

Submitted and written by Cory McLeod of the Riga Ghetto Museum.

This powerful online experience was launched for Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day in partnership with the USC Shoah Foundation.

Latvia’s Riga Ghetto Museum has created a new website that lets people anywhere in the world literally walk through the Riga Ghetto and learn about what happened there during the Holocaust.



The site combines a ground breaking mix of Google Street View, recently unearthed archival photos geo-location technology to allow anyone with a tablet or mobile device to literally walk the Riga Ghetto by walking around their apartment, office or neighborhood. Along the way, they’ll encounter a number of survivor stories narrated by a survivor of the Ghetto, and learn about the atrocities committed in Latvia, a little known corner of the Holocaust experience where more than 70,000 perished.

The site, which is available at http://www.rgm.lv/ also includes six full survivor stories told as interactive graphic novels.

The site shares the same mission as the museum: to offer visitors a window into the everyday reality of the Riga Ghetto and a graphic guide to the evolution of the Holocaust in Latvia.


Recently, the Shoah Foundation and Fast Company wrote about the site. Here are the articles:




Some  photos here of RIGA

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