The Nazi Zombie

Talk throughout the Jewish press and blogosphere is consumed with the apparent death of the non-peace process.  Mahmoud Abbas says that Fatah is now seeking unity with Hamas and Nenazi zombies1tanyahu is claiming that his government will not negotiate with terrorists, thus bringing this long, miserable Obama-Kerry diplomatic fiasco to a staggering and stumbling non-finish.

Of course, the peace process is not dead, however.  The reason that it is not dead is because no one who counts has the will or ability or bravery to kill it.  Oslo is like a Nazi Zombie that simply will not die.  We watch the Nazi Zombie shuffle around in his tattered uniform and make threatening grunting sounds and gape in horror as bits and pieces of the Nazi Zombie fall off of the creature’s body.

It’s grotesque, but it is fascinating in a horror movie kind of way… except for the fact that it is real.

The reason, by the way, that I call the non-peace-process a “Nazi” Zombie – as opposed to your regular, run-of-the-mill, day-to-day kind of Zombie – is because ultimately the trend-lines within the process threaten the Jewish minority in the Middle East in a direct and physical way.  An obvious example is handing over psychopaths who think that killing Holocaust survivors is sanctioned by Allah and who get hailed as heroes by both Fatah and Hamas.

Many of us, I suspect, simply want the Nazi Zombie to wander off someplace and get lost – or perhaps someone can induce it to go play in traffic – but this does not seem likely.  Oh, sure, he’s crashing into trees and shrubbery and chasing around ducks, but he never seems to actually depart the village.  It is not that anyone really wants him here.  The Jews generally do not because we tend to oppose freeing the murderers of Holocaust survivors.  {We are funny that way.}  The Palestinian-Arabs definitely do not want him here because if the Nazi Zombie were to, by some miracle, find a truffle in the forest than the PA might have to make an actual negotiated settlement of hostilities, which would not be the least bit good for business, nor for Mahmoud Abbas’s already failing health.

So, the question becomes, as we watch the Nazi Zombie blundering about, what direction the creature might take and therefore how should we prepare ourselves for its next round of chaos and mayhem?  The only ones who show any genuine enthusiasm for this particular golem are its masters on Pennsylvania Avenue, but they have no real control over the beast.  Sometimes they might put some delicious roast mutton in a particular place in order to induce the Nazi Zombie to shamble in a certain direction, but for the most part they have no idea what the damn thing is going to do.

What they are mainly concerned about, needless to say, is that their own insidious creation will turn around and bite them directly in the tuchus – which if I had any influence over the beast I would very much encourage it to do.  Unfortunately, I have none and am just as horrified and disgusted as the rest of you people.

AlthougNazi Zombies3h, I have to say, you get used to that after awhile.  The sense of horror and disgust becomes a sort-of cozy blanket that one wraps oneself within.  The horror and disgust becomes habitual and normal and expected and, if not warm, exactly, at least something other than frozen-to-the-bone-cold… which is what full-on horror and disgust at the Nazi Zombie actually should be.

In any case, I do not know where the monster is going next and neither does anyone else, least of all the thing’s masters on Pennsylvania Avenue.

My suspicion is that the creature will upset the Europeans who will, in reasonably short order, push it back into the faces of the Jews.

We shall see.


Michael Lumish is the editor of Israel Thrives.

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  1. I’m amazed that you’re calling the negotiations a “Nazi Zombie” when they’re actually critical to assuring Israel’s long-term survival. Israel has now won ~10 wars in a row but eventually those that want to destroy Israel may well prevail. They only need one big victory. In the current pro-hate environment they’re constantly being strengthened. With technological progress, weapons are becoming cheaper and more powerful.

    Unfortunately Israel is hardly even trying to make the negotiations work. Israel’s government sabotages them, along with its international support by pursuing settlement expansion. Just to appease religious fundamentalists on the Jewish side. The Arab leadership of course aren’t that keen on negotiations either but because of the settlements it’s easy for them to blame Israel and they feel a significant fraction of the international community is on their side.

    Also, please don’t criticise people like me for spending more time criticising the Israeli government. It’s because we are closer to Israel and have much better communication channels with the Israeli side. Also, there’s not much point spending time criticising the likes of Hamas when the evilness of their terrorist acts is just so obvious.

    • For anyone’s interest this person’s name is Eugene.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      Well, well, well, metta, you’ve been beguiled by all the propaganda about ‘the settlements.”
      Guess what, they’re all part of the Jewish National Home under international law comprising The San Remo Accord, The Treaty of Sevres and The Palestine Mandate, not to mention our historic right, the right of the indigenous people of The Land of Israel (absent Canaanites), the Jews, who have never renounced our legal claim to that Land.
      When Israel suspended all construction in Jerusalem and in the suburbs and villages of Judea and Samaria for 10 months as “an incentive”, begging the “Palestinians” to negotiate, the “palestinians” refused. Why? Because they know that, just as the West did most of Hitler’s work for him in the 1930’s, cruelly pressuring Czechoslovakia, so the West would do all of today’s nazis’ work, and it has been doing just that.
      It may be news to you, but the most vigorous asserters of the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria were actually the atheist socialist fundamentalists of all those “leftist” Israeli governments following the 6 day War of Liberation.
      It may be news to you that in the 1947-49 War of Arab Aggression, the invaders killed and otherwise ethnically cleansed all the Jews out of Old Jerusalem and ‘the West Bank”, where they had been living perfectly legally.
      Now you and people like you want to reward those who committed those crimes against humanity. That speaks volumes!

      • Eugene Lubarsky

        Dear Leon,

        The issue with your argument is that Arabs are also indigenous people to the “Israel/Palestine” area and Arabs families have also lived in that land for generations. Since ancient times that land has been multi-ethnic & multi-religious, just like many modern countries are now.

        I’m not a history expert and hadn’t heard of the The San Remo Accord nor The Treaty of Sevres so I’ve just looked them up using Google. It looks like they’re about giving Palestine to the British, and include the principle of the Balfour Declaration -… “the establishment _in_ Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine…” Please note the word “in” and second part of that statement.

        The British subsequently had the land partitioned under the wings of the UN. As you can see on a map of the partition the current Israeli settlements are actually on the land assigned to the Arabs. Thus I just don’t see how your point about settlements being legal under international law stacks up. I challenge you to do some more research, especially on websites that you don’t usually visit.

        I also don’t understand your comparison of the West to Nazis. If the West wanted to hurt Israel they could easily impose economic sanctions and the USA could stop it’s massive military aid.

        Anyway, thanks for your reply as I always appreciate being able to discuss this very important problem. Main problem is just finding the time!

    • Hi Eugene, nice to see you.

      You write:

      “Unfortunately Israel is hardly even trying to make the negotiations work. Israel’s government sabotages them, along with its international support by pursuing settlement expansion.”

      This is a little thing that I like to call “racism.”

      I am sure that you are a delightful person and it may even be that we have met before on-line elsewhere, but when you tell me that Jews should be allowed to live over here, but not over there, that is flat out racism.

      And that is not nice, my friend.

      • Eugene Lubarsky

        Hi Michael,

        Thanks for replying and continuing the dialogue, apologies for my late reply, I’ve been and will be rather busy this week. I’m saying that Jews shouldn’t be building the settlements not because they’re Jews but because they don’t have the right to build them. Israeli Arabs have no right either. No racism. That land was actually allocated to the Arab side by the British/UN partition, and it’s not nice to take over land through military means, regardless who started the war. Building on that land further cements it within Israel and further angers the Palestinians, thus thwarting negotiations. Ideally once final peace negotiations conclude, Jews who really want to will be able to buy land and live there even if it ends up being within a Palestinian state. Maybe in the long-term once the hatreds settle down.

  2. Easy to work out which “meta” of the suggested balanced act we are dealing with here.
    Yet, you are not fooling this mob, far too tested in the art of detecting deceit or be it bipolar delusions.
    Message #1: The settlements are NOT obstacles to peace, the ONLY obstacle to peace is the palestinian determination to undermine and eventually ( G-d forbid )destroy the Jewish State.
    One does not need suggestive powers, great detective skills to “notice” that fundamental palestinian belief , it has been out there incredibly explicit for everyone to see. Blind Freddy or whatever your real name, shifting the poles of reality the way you attempt, is for web-sites populated by credulous, prejudiced solidly ignorant Jew-watchers.

    Message #2: The whole Zionist Jewish nation is made up of religious fundamentalists, for we believe that OUR land is Providentially our HOME and there is no greater power to deny it. That is our fundamental belief and rants of your kind are but a joke and a bad one at that.

  3. Yes, I got a previous message that the bloke’s name is Eugene Lubarsky.
    Well , Eugene, you have been told and I am not surprised that the only retort you have is ; “My name is……”. What can one say to that !!?? It settles the dispute comprehensively.

  4. Dear Shirlee
    I know the facts, you know the facts, EVERYBODY knows the facts. As a matter of FACT this very site is a complete encyclopaedia of facts regarding Israel. Our problem is not detracting from fats, but the manner in which facts are treated by those dedicated to pervert the course of reality. Their voices are getting louder and more arrogant and, in some isolated cases, they prevail. I reckon that by calling their bluff in “theoretical” terms, as well as the offer of relevant honest facts, we can convince the uninvolved audience that we ARE the right cause.

  5. Dear Eugene

    I don’t understand why it seems to be a goal of yours that you are “spending more time criticising the Israeli government.” What about the PA? Have they done everything to ensure peace? Joining with Hamas recently? Does that seem like peace is first and foremost in their minds. Also regarding the settlements. When Israel froze settlements in the past, did this bring the Palestinian leadership back to negotiations? And what of Gaza. Not one Jew lives there. Did that ensure peace with the Gazans?

    With regards to history – There were Arabs living in the British Mandate prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. Does this mean they are “indigenous” to the area? There were Greeks living there too, some for generations, are they indigenous?

    My husband’s family has lived in Australia for 5 generations, is he indigenous?

    Do not forget that the Arabs started the conflict in 1948 when they declared war on the Jews. The Arab leadership badgered the local Arabs into leaving and then as a result they became refugees.

    Israel has paid reparations and has tried to do right from the beginning when at the same time resettling a large number of the almost 1 million Jews who were made to leave, by the Arabs from Arab lands. Unlike Israel, however, the Arabs have not admitting their part in this, and have just blamed the Jews.

    Over the course of time, from that first war till now Israel has endured conflicts and intifadas but has still been interested in negotiating with those who have repeatedly said they want Israel gone.

    This conflict could have been resolved many times, but really, do you think the Palestinians have done all they could have to push for peace? Why just blame Israel? And what of the Arab world who began this conflict and who are to blame for the Arab and Jewish Refugees in the first place.

    If you really are about peace, then do something about it and be impartial and push for fairness, instead of just blaming Israel.

    • Eugene Lubarsky

      Dear Tania,

      Apologies for the delay in my reply. It’s not my goal to criticise just the Israeli government side, this is just what it may look like if you count the number of words I write, because more are spent debating with you about Israel. We can both agree that the attacks by the likes of Hamas are grossly immoral and go a long way to defeat prospects for peace. I also do blame the PA, particularly for not doing enough to criticise violence and terrorism. They really undermine trust with Israelis which is essential for there to be long-lasting peace.

      Just freezing settlements is not going to fix things. Gaza still has the blockade and Hamas. Freezing settlements is like a first miminal step to proper negotiations that will make the Palestinian masses have some sense of justice.

      The word “indigenous” is hard to define and I think not really relevant. All the people settled in the Israel/Palestinian area had civil and moral rights in 1948. Many of them, Jew and non-Jew, had ancestral links to inhabitants of ancient times. Even more recent immigrants have rights too, just like your family has in Australia. Even if some people did leave under false assumptions, is it really fair and just that they’ve been permanently expelled?

      Who started the conflict is really debatable. Like I’ve just replied to Shirlee, going to war was a terrible mistake by the Arabs, it certainly didn’t do them any good, not to mention all the lives lost and all the people injured and traumatised. However, it’s important to understand the other perspective too. The Arabs would say that the unilateral declaration of the State of Israel, without the consent of the majority of the local population really got the conflict going. I haven’t found any really good resources on the internet yet that explore things from the Arab perspective, the closest so far the PDF below, but as I wrote to Shirlee I don’t agree with everything there.

      Best Wishes,

  6. The two documents ( San Remo and Sevres ) are being “debated” here’s something worth clarifying.

    True, the provisions for a Jewish home mentioned in the above. docs provided for the respect of all religions, nationalities etc. in a future Jewish State. THE SAME conditions are just as valid for the Arab part of the…. partition. Fact is that the Arab side of the “deal” would NOT tolerate a single Jew in its midst. Compare that with the 20% plus of Arabs living as Israeli citizens, with MK members and all their civil rights intact.

    More so, the settlements are essentially claiming back not just REAL historical Jewish lands but also Jewish places where halutzim lived until the 1948 conflict.

    There are also legitimate spiritual/historical rights, something Jews would understand.

  7. Leon Poddebsky

    The Arabs are not indigenous to The Land of Israel; they’re indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula; the Arabs conquered the Land of Israel by military aggression.The “Palestine Liberation Organisation”‘s charter states that those Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” are an integral part of “the Arab nation.” For tactical purpose, they say, they call themselves “Palestinians”, that is, to pull the wool over the willing eyes of Western dupes and anti-Jews.”That Arab nation now exercises its national self-determination in more than 20 states, but they and their Western collaborators begrudge the Jewish nation a state that’s about one-third the area of Tasmania; that’s called “socialism”, “progressivism”, “leftism”, “humanitarianism’ and other nice words.

    The Zionist Movement was represented at the Paris Peace Conference following World War One, and there, and also in the post-war settlement the Jewish nation was recognised as a stakeholder in that settlement.
    That settlement was endorsed by The League of Nations ,which entrusted Britain with the task of “reconstituting the Jewish national Home”-with the proviso that when the Jews became a majority in the Land they would declare their independent state. The Land of Israel was never “given” to Britain; it was a trust held on behalf of the Jewish Nation, a trust which Britain betrayed, almost from day one. Britain was obliged to “foster close settlement” of Jews on the land,” but restricted and then prohibited Jewish immigration and thus during the Holocaust became a de facto collaborator in that crime against humanity.

    The post-World War One settlement clearly specified that only “civil and religious rights” of minorities in Israel were guaranteed, but the only nation who had NATIONAL rights in The Land of Israel were the Jews, according to The Mandate for Palestine. That’s why it refers to “the Jewish NATIONAL home,” not an Arab national home.
    Britain amputated 80% of the Jewish national Home by giving interlopers from the Hejaz an emirate in The Land east of the Jordan River.
    The 1947 UN partition resolution that recommended a further unfair partition of the Land was only a non-binding recommendation ; but the Arabs rejected even that.
    When they lost their war of aggression they started whingeing.
    Those Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” could have had a state in 1937 under the Peel Plan; in 1947 under the partition plan; in 2000 when Israel capitulated to their demands; in 2008 when Israel again capitulated- IN EVERY CASE they rejected a “Palestinian” state because that’s not what they want- what they want is to terminate the Jewish nation-state.
    The West betrayed Czechoslovakia to the nazis in 1938; Ariel Sharon told President Bush, “Israel is not and will not be Czechoslovakia.” He had good reason to confront “the leader of the West” with this truth.
    The Western collaborators of the politicidal and genocidal Middle Eastern version of the nazis are an abomination .They, too, are heirs of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Arab “Palestinian” friend of Hitler and his adviser on Jewish Affairs, who urged Hitler to exterminate the Jews and who today is hailed as a “Palestinian” “hero” for that reason.

  8. Leon Poddebsky

    Those sympathisers of the “Palestinians”who screech that Jews must not be allowed to live in Judea, those are the real Palestinian apartheid advocates- their fuhrer is that “partner for peace,” Mahmoud Abbas, a true believer, like Yasser Arafat, in the “mission” of Haj amin al-Husseini, Hitler’s friend and adviser on Jewish affairs.

    The German nazi hatred of the Jewish People was so pathological that the nazis were willing to clutch to their breast even Semitic Arabs, giving them the status of “honorary” Aryans

    There is a parallel today: large sections of the Western “left” and “intelligentsia”don’t give a tinker’s curse about the “Palestinians”, the Syrians, the Egyptians et al, and their grievous state of affairs: but in order to gain support for their antisemitic pogrom, they feign concern.

    When the Bolsheviks were murdering millions, Western “leftists”and sensitive “intelligentsia” were labouring diligently to explain that those murderers were the vanguard of the force that would lead the world into the socialist utopia.( Does the phrase, “Arab Spring” ring any bells?)

    Those apologists resemble today’s apologists for the “Palestinian” decapitators of Jewish babies, for the “Palestinian” eviscerators of the corpses whom they have murdered, for the “Palestinian” targeters of kindergartens, hotels and buses. Same level of morality and same hypocritical posing.

  9. As we seem to encounter at every turn the “left’ and by that we must define those tributary to some extent to Marxist teachings, it is important to state that Marx himself left a fairly clear anti Jewish legacy in his theoretical structures. One must associate the disgust and respective activism against the large generic “Capitalism” with the profile of the cosmopolitan Jew bent on exploiting the masses not just for his own selfish benefit, but, according to some of Marx’s own analysis of Judaism, for the benefit of the perpetuation of a religion Marx’s family abandoned. And when exploitation is exacerbated by the creation of a persecution mechanism, the very nature of the capitalist State of Israel ( more so considering WHO Israel’s main “sponsor” is, USA ), we have the complete package worth fighting against almost irrespective on which side the same leftists actually march, in this case the palestinian “identity”. Thus, the palestinian can do NO wrong. Everything and anything associated with their “struggle” is…kosher. Isn’t the Jew availing himself of all means to suppress their subject. occupy, impose apartheid methods, deny them access to international fora etc !!!
    Under these circumstances how can reason prevail, who do we really face in any attempt at a rational dialogue.Ideologies are NOT open for bargaining, concessions, for anything akin to dialogue could be conducive to the possible abandonment of some, if not all, tenets of the ideology itself. A dedication, loyalty to “principles” and their respective “methodology” till the end……

  10. Eugene,
    Let’s try to go through your points.

    “Arabs are also indigenous people to the “Israel/Palestine” area and Arabs families have also lived in that land for generations”

    Arabs may have inhabited the region for many years, but that does not make them indigenous.
    Arabs, as the name suggests, are indigenous to the Arabian peninsula.

    Jews, as the name suggests, are indigenous to Judaea.

    If you visit Israel you’ll see there is little or no Arab history there, whilst the Jewish history is evident going back to times BCE.

    Given that Muslim/Arab invaders throughout the region and Europe were prolific builders, how come there is no evidence in historical Palestine. Tania who posted above, and who is a field archaeologist, and who has worked extensively in Israel and Egypt will agree with me on that.

    Arabs invaded historical Palestine in the 7th century CE. They later were expelled and if you read Mark Twain’s book ‘Innocents Abroad”, “A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land” by Alphonse De Lamartine, which you can read online at ‘Open Library’ or ”Palaestina” written in 1695 by Hadriani Relandi, you’ll get a picture of what happened.
    I suggest you read this which verifies everything that I know to be fact, as told to me by my father who grew up in the Land Of Israel in the 1920s.
    This is good too.

    The surnames of these people who claim to be indigenous show they originate in Syria and Egypt in the main.
    The most common Arab name in Judaea and Samaria and Israel is Al-Masri, which means ‘from Egypt’ and is a modern name. The largest house in Israel is owned by Munib al-Masri, a billionaire. The name Najran originates in Yemen. The link I had for that has long gone unfortunately.

    This is a good account of why ‘settlements’ as you call them are not illegal.

    • Much of the land which you claim to be used for ‘illegal settlements’ is in fact land which was purchased by Jews prior to Statehood. My family has documentation of land purchased by my grandfather on the Jordan River, of which I have photos, in the early 1920s.

      Your ‘illegal settlements’ actually occupy around 8% of Judaea and Samaria. That includes roads and Arab housing. Any new building is WITHIN that land, it is not ‘extra’ building or ‘grabbing’ extra land.

      Furthermore the Arab population of historical Palestine has consistently refused to accept the land which was designated for them.

      In 1948, when Israel declared Statehood, instead of doing likewise 5 Arab armies attacked the fledgling State of Israel, who defeated them. Their brother Arabs from Trans-Jordan took that land and kept it. Nice eh? Later in 1967, Israel captured that land in yet another war, a war which was as a result of an act of aggression. That is why legally internationally Israel was permitted to keep that land.

      That land, I might add was offered as part of the peace treaty with Jordan.
      Guess what?
      The same as Egypt refused to take Gaza back, they refused THEIR WEST BANK OF JORDAN.

      I suggest you check out the Oslo Accords too.

      What you don’t get is the fact that the Arab population of the entire ME do want want Israel there. Pure and simple. If they did why do they consistently refuse to talk peace?

      1948, they chose to go to war rather than accept the UN’s decision to partition Palestine between its Jewish and Arab populations.

      1967, Israel offered to relinquish the land it had acquired in exchange for peace with its neighbours, the Arab world’s response was issued at a summit in Khartoum, was not one no, but three:

      “No peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel.’’

      2000, Camp David offered Arabs a sovereign state with shared control of Jerusalem and billions of dollars in compensation for Palestinian refugees. Yasser Arafat refused the offer, and returned to launch the deadly terror war known as the Second Intifada.

      2008 Ehud Olmert offered Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas a peace agreement that would have guaranteed a Palestinian state in virtually all the West Bank, Gaza, and part of Jerusalem. Once again, the Palestinians turned down the offer.