The Palestinian Authority Never Wanted Peace



It’s safe to say the Palestinian Authority shot itself in the foot with the Hamas/Fatah reconciliation. By joining forces with a terrorist organization whose number one goal is to obliterate Israel, there can no longer be any doubt that PA President Mahmoud Abbas never intended to make peace, and this deal proves it. It should be no surprise to anyone quite frankly, but does deserve one big “I told you so” to the Obama Administration and in particular Secretary of State John Kerry who repeatedly visited the Middle East and tried to shove “peace” down everyone’s throats by pushing Israel to give up everything and the Palestinian Authority to give up nothing.


Israel agreed to release 104 Palestinian terrorist prisoners in the name of peace, (though how peaceful is it to release violent criminals who will kill again), but ultimately “only” 78 were actually released; the final 26 remain in jail where they belong after the PA’s actions demonstrated no good will whatsoever.


As a slap in the face to the peace process, the Palestinian Authority submitted its application to 15 international agencies. Desperate to save the peace talks and hold Palestinians in the “highest regard”, (how not?), John Kerry initially argued that there was nothing wrong with this because the agencies are not linked to the UN- but they are. Subsequently, Abbas threatened to apply for membership to 63 more international agencies if Israel did not release the final batch of 26 prisoners. He was also pushing for 400 more terrorists to be released from prison as well as a construction freeze in Judea and Samaria. Gimme, gimme, gimme…


And Israel’s “number one ally,” the United States, essentially told Israel to give them anything they want or else, when Obama threatened Netanyahu to make a deal with Palestinians or suffer the consequences.


He said

“the US would not be able to defend Israel if he does not endorse the Administration’s framework for peace.”


That framework for peace was one-sided; Arabs would have gotten what they wanted, and Israel would have lost. The possible consequences might have been sanctions against Israel, yet he said nothing of repercussions for Palestinians who refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish State. Meanwhile US State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki stated there is no need for that, though with the new agreement between Hamas and Fatah, she is now changing her tune: Here:


“It’s hard to see how Israel can be expected to negotiate with a government that does not believe in its right to exist,” she said.



What else can she say? The US officially classifies Hamas as a terrorist organization. If a new joint Palestinian government is formed with a terrorist organization, the Obama Administration simply cannot go on making Israel out to be the obstacle to peace and would look like an absolute fool to continue peace talks.



Though in his second term, Obama does seem to be throwing his “rah-rah” Israel speeches out the window now that he no longer needs votes, and his actions have been less than savory toward Israel, the nation he once said is America’s closest friend and ally.


In fact, Obama’s Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, used double-talk to try to convince the House Appropriations’ subcommittee earlier this month that


“defunding UN Agencies for admitting ‘Palestine’ hurts the U.S.”


The Obama Administration does not represent the views of the American public, whose support for Israel is higher than ever. Instead, Obama’s actions have been against Israel throughout this process, but if he continues to support Abbas, now officially connected to terror, (though let’s face it- he’s been connected to terror all along, providing salaries and bonuses to Palestinian terrorists), he would openly be taking the side of the terrorists and could no longer pretend it isn’t so.


And what will the rest of the world do? Will they choose to support terror against Israel? How far will the anti-Semitism go?


Cherson and Molschky:  Link  

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  1. Fred Weisinger

    A new twist to an old story. Abbass devious machinations are worthy of a Byzantine mind. Since the inception of the so called peace process there was never a Philistine intention to recognise Israel .Its destruction was always & is always its agenda. The dewy eyes & the addled minds of the Arab UN ,US & EU seem to accept this. After all the Hitler experience seems to linger. The kowtowing to Arab capriciousness is done because of the ineptitude of so called leaders of the world, who would most certainly not have tolerated in their own backyard what Israel has to tolerate. The winging and whining one hears on the news from the Philistines plus the demands from the so called ” friends ” makes me cringe. Kerry is not experienced in the world of devious politics & it showed. Israel stands alone in this morass of
    political betrayals by so called “friends ‘. Now there is Hamas “the Peaceful” as Hanna Ashrawi calls them ,a new member of this band of cutthroats, who will show the world a “what for ‘. and so world turns…..