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Love of the Land is the blog of Yosef and Melody in Hebron.

Let me ask you, how much guts does it take for a Jew to live in Hebron, the land that according to the Bible was purchased and settled by Abraham?

Jews have been living in that little corner of the universe for thousands of years before there were any such places as London or Paris or Berlin or Washington, D.C.

And, yet, we are supposed to believe that it is both just and right that John Kerry, Barack Obama, and the European Union condemn a Jewish presence on historically Jewish land.

We are supposed to believe that it is not traditional Arab theologically-based race-hatred toward Jews that is the problem, but that Jews like Yosef and Melody wish to live where our ancestors came from.

That, we are told by people like Barack Obama, is the real problem.  Jews are living in the wrong place.  Like some medieval Italian prince he believes he has the right to tell Jews where we may, or may not, be allowed to live.  At least the Italian princelets were pushing us around on their own land.

Barack Obama is trying to push us around on Jewish land.

In other words, the very foundation of western-left understanding of the Arab-Israel conflict is grounded in the acceptance of Arab-Muslim racism toward Jews.  Even as Mahmoud Abbas insists upon the faux “right of return” for millions of Arabs to flood into Israel, he and much of the rest of international community are demanding something akin to a Judenrein Palestinian-Arab state right in the heart of historical Israel.

Furthermore, if any of us consider such an arrangement to be entirely unjust and racist toward Jews, it means that we are the problem.  The problem is not their racism.  The problem, from the point of view of people like Obama and Kerry and Abbas, is our objection to their racism toward us.

I have to say ultimately I feel sorry for progressive-left diaspora Jews.  Jews like Yosef and Melody know who they are and have the guts of their convictions.  I am not particularly religious, but they are and I respect that.  I respect the fact that they, and all the Jews under siege in Hebron, are taking it on the chin for all Jewish people, everywhere.

This is not a matter of one-state or two-state or three-state or blue-state.

This is about Jewish rights to property on historically Jewish land.

This is about whether we accept flat-out racism towards us by much of the international community, including the president of the United States, or whether we reject that racism.

I say, we reject it.


Michael Lumish is the editor of Israel Thrives.

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One comment

  1. Why surprise at these attitudes. These so called leaders should consider the history over the land they preside can Kerry & Obama say they had thousand year proven unbroken connection to the land of their birth or their buddy Abbass who claims and 8000 year connection. These fantasies have become realities to deny Israel & the Jews their birthright.
    Arabs have become squatters in the various Middle Eastern countries once they destroyed the indigenous population. Yet, Kerry & Hossein Obama have blikers & drink Arab oil and have no sense of history except to Israel bash. As for EU an unelected body that assumes a power to continue the Church & Hitler legacy of institutionalised anti Semitism are also becoming prone to the Arab oil blandishments. Is there an honest broker in this world???