Carr’s comments ’empower’ antisemites.


Yesterday I was sent a link to an article at ‘The Conversation’ enlarging on Bob Carr’s ‘take’ on the Jewish lobby in his memoirs entitled

Broadening the context of Australia’s ‘Zionist lobby’  5tr7vq4p 1397114198

written by Jordy Silverstein, an outspoken member of the AJDS – Australian Jewish Democratic Society.

I have  written about the AJDS on a couple of occasions. here & here. (The second involving Bob Carr) that’s why I have posted a link to an article which I think you should read.

She doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to giving a ‘heads up’ for her beloved New Israel Fund.

Even the claim that the AIJAC might represent all Jews who are Zionists — which, while being the majority of Jews in Australia, certainly does not describe all – would still be false. As just one example of many, the recent growth of support in Australia for liberal Zionist organisations such as the New Israel Fund, which raises money to build Israeli civil society and rights-based organisations, demonstrates that there is no consensus on what Israel’s future should look like.

It’s well worth reading the entire article .

The following  is taken from today’s  Australian Jewish News and it is disturbing and is clearly as a consequence of ‘BOB”s BOOK’. Written by ADAM KAMIEN.

Michael Danby it should be noted, is the Federal Member of Parliament for the electorate of Melbourne Ports and is Jewish

FORMER foreign minister Bob Carr’s description of the pro-Israel lobby as being “extreme right wing” and wield­ing “extraordinary influence” in Canberra has prompted a torrent of anti-Semitic vitriol online.

Jewish MP Michael Danby has been the focus of much of the abuse after he branded Carr a bigot over the comments, which Carr made while promoting his new book Diary of a Foreign Minister.

In one email to Danby, with the subject heading “You are scum”, the author wrote: “If the day comes when I read that one of the radicals have put a bullet in your head, I will say Good Riddence to that piece of Un Australian s**t”

Another wrote: “At the very best you are a moronic, Jew-loving A***HOLE, who will not acknowledge the damage Jews caused to the World.

People like John Curtin, Ben Chifley, and, in the State, Jack Lang, would have willingly choked the life out of swine such as yourself!”

A third person wrote: “We all know what you people are up to…same old nonsense as last 2000 years.”

White nationalist site lit up with anti-Semitic vitriol, with one poster writ­ing that Carr’s comments about the pro-Israel lobby “proves what we have believed all along!

“The pathetic rebuttals against Bob Carr accusing him of being a ‘bigot’ are laughable! Pretty dumb stuff from the moronic Jewish MP in Michael Danby!

“Jews are insidious and manipula­tive creatures that will do what ever underhanded tactic it takes to get their way. If ANYBODY ever says to you that Jews don’t influence the Australian Government they can be shown this article as undeniable proof!!!” the poster goes on to say.

Prominent American white nationalist, Holocaust denier and for­mer Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke posted an article on his blog about the con­troversy, which began: “In yet another example of something that could be straight out of the Protocols of Zion, former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr has revealed that what he , calls the Israel lobby in Melbourne controls that nation’s foreign policy and that his nation’s policy has been subcontracted to Jewish donors.”

Danby said that while Carr is not responsible for abuse directed at him, the former NSW premier’s comments had “empowered anti-Semites”.

“Bob Carr is not responsible for the statements supporting him by the Nazi Stormfront website or the KKK’s David Duke,” Danby said.

“His stereotypes play to the bigotry of the prejudiced. Bob Carr’s state¬ments have empowered people to express their anti-Semitic views. I have received many bilious and hateful pieces of correspondence as a direct result of Bob Carr’s comments.”

The website Expel the Parasite! For White Survival & Destroying the Jewish Menace also lauded Carr’s criticism of the pro-Israel lobby.

“I think that when a person like this [Carr] comes out and spills the beans about the Jewish pressure groups surrounding our political parties, then it’s worth mentioning.

“I can say ‘it’s those fu**ing rat-faced Jews’ till I’m blue in the face; no-one listens. Well now that our former Foreign Minister is saying it too, are any of you f***ing cowards who are too scared to criticize the Jews going to pay attention?

Jew rat Michael Danby
Jew rat Michael Danby

“If not, I sincerely hope the evil Jews give you everything you deserve – which is to live a life as a lowly, constantly f***ed-over slave to the rat-faced master!!”

A photo of Michael Danby on the site was captioned: “Jew rat Michael Danby”.

Bob Carr could not be reached for comment.



Bob Carr was the Founder of Labor Friends of Israel and there have been questions as to where and when he changed his alliances.

After his ‘grand statements’ prior to the Federal Election at Lakemba Mosque there can be little doubt. Read here:

The answer: the Labour Party needs the Muslim vote.

Muslims being an increasing majority of the population in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, which in turn has always been the heartland of the Left, so they need those votes.

Andrew Bolt says here:

True, there is a Jewish lobby, just as there are other ethnic and religious lobbies. True also, it’s more organised than most, and richer.

But also true is that many supporters of Israel — like Gillard, like me — reach their opinions on the arguments, not as quo for Jewish quids.

We see a democracy threatened by terrorism, an open society challenged by closed ones.

Carr also leaves out a critical fact, making the Jewish lobby seem unique and even sinister.

See, he actually defeated the “Israel lobby” in 2012 by warning Labor MPs of a more powerful lobby — the Muslim one.

As The Australian then reported: “Mr Carr is believed to have spent an hour with Ms Gillard … explaining the electoral problems in Sydney” if she did not become less pro-Israeli.

The Sydney Morning Herald noted: “Many MPs in western Sydney, who are already fearful of losing their seats, are coming under pressure from constituents with a Middle East background.”

Frontbencher Tony Burke also insisted Gillard back the Palestinian cause — and here’s why:

Burke’s Sydney seat of Watson now has an astonishing 20 per cent of Muslim voters. In fact, of the 20 seats with the most Muslim voters, Labor held all but one.

And so Carr rolled Gillard and overturned her support for Israel.

This is not the first time Labor placated the Muslim lobby. It notoriously reversed a decision to deport extremist preacher Sheik Taj El-Din Hilali.

Just last September, the Mufti of Australia wrote to Labor members to warn union boss Paul Howe had a “bias” towards Israel, and if he was not blocked from becoming a senator, Labor would lose the Muslim votes that helped “successfully retain the majority of ALP seats in Western Sydney”.

Did Carr denounce that “unhealthy” influence? No.

It seems there’s only one kind of “unhealthy”ethnic influence now for modern Labor.

This is an interesting discussion on the first 15 or so minutes on this video of the Bolt Report last Sunday.


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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    The demands of the ALP’s friends will not be confined to the extortion of anti-Israel=anti-Jewish actions ; there will be demands for a creeping or galloping (depending on the pliability of a putative ALP government) radical transformation of Australia’s entire ethos and way of life.
    Is Australian society aware of this?
    When deciding how to vote, will Australians weigh only their perceptions of the respective parties’ policy pronouncements regarding admittedly important issues such as employment, health, education etc, or will they perceive what might await themselves in old age, their children and grandchildren if they elect a party that is a de facto supporter of Australia’s transformation?

  2. Leon, I don’t mean to be patronising but we cannot use the term “Australia” as one homogenous entity. We may say that most non-Muslim Australians are acutely aware of the radical politicisation of the Muslim community with a strong emphasis on the Jewish presence in Australia and Israel . Almost by default, we can observe a positive effect on the cause for Israel.

    Back to Carr, it is impossible to detach Carr’s persona from the blind political “animal” opportunism. Considering, however, some of his antecedents , particularly that famous founder of the Labor Friends of Israel and what we are faced with today at the “same” individual, more serious derivatives from that opportunistic trait may be observed.

    Consistency in elective affinities may sound excessively “romantic”, but such polarised attitudes make for a distinct case. When combining these features with the obstinate pride in Carr’s defiance of criticism on PRECISELY the points I described, he remains, indeed, a very odd phenomenon. There is one thing in being singularly ambitious in pursuing a certain career, another to break with impunity some of the most NECESSARY cannons of specific behaviour, the one expected of public figures members of certain group, a group defined by precise conduct.

    Carr has shocked the political fraternity, particularly when considering that the same fraternity has NOT mistreated him, Carr was not rejected by his fellow politicians, quite to the contrary, he was treated with excessive deference by being called back into the political fold and, to boot, at higher levels.

    Carr demanded a portfolio for which he had no previous experience, he demanded a place in the Senate and all his were met. When he felt comfortable back on the political scene he manipulated the party machine at will. The electoral loss was NOT blamed on him at all, he practically had no reasons for resentment, YET, we are faced now with the actions of someone who would traditionally be construed as being harshly vengeful against a people ( his own Party ) who would have treated him PRECISELY THE OPPOSITE WAY !!!

    Some wires had to be malfunctioning seriously or we have been unable to observe a completely different profile to the one we thought far most of his public life.
    At the time of the Ashrawi “affair” Carr was quite emphatic that he was STILL protecting the interests of Israel and that he did not abandon the Jewish community. He conveyed through his friend, Frank Lowy, at the time of the “Peace Prize” all kinds of messages of sincere attachment to the Jewish Community etc. Most of us gave him the benefit of the doubt.
    Tracing back his actions we may find more telling signs of a mind as volatile as the dynamics of “autonomous” reliance on selfish ambitions may tolerate.
    Trouble is that, as mentioned in the article, Carr has produced yet another supportive “argument” in the farcical, but vile and hyper-active arsenal of Jew and Israel hate, whether his public career has any legs left or not.

    ( no pun intended about his other , right, leg or the “left’ side of his political/ideological preferences)

  3. You are right Otto. The Jewish leadership should have broken with Carr over the Sydney Peace Prize for Ashrawi. The piss-weak response to his opportunistic and arguably antisemitic stance, demonstrates, yet again, that those ghetto yids think that they are being clever by licking the boots that kick them. These self-same “leaders” scream for the retention of 18C and do zilch about the hate speech flowing through the internet sewers.

    • Dhimmis has nothing on this lot.

      What are they afraid of?

      Twice now I’ve had ‘words’ with Danny Lamm.

      The first, not long after my ‘return’ into the Community, concerning the acceptance of the NIF with no issue. The email conversation left me quite flabbergasted.

      Paul, you and others know I grew up in a very left, politically active home and grew up to know that I have to stand up for what I believe in. This dhimmi attitude drives me insane & is much of the reason I dropped out of the Community for so many years. I am happy to shout about what I believe in, I’d shout it from the rooftops. If you can’t/don’t do that then there is no point in anything.

      I spoke with Danny at a B of Deps function and he told me he agreed with me. I exploded “If you agree, why aren’t you saying that for people to hear you?” The answer was that he couldn’t, because Israel accepts them.

      How pathetic is that?

      The second was last year regarding all the trouble they had in Melbourne with the vile NIF supporters, the AJDS. I wrote about their antics here

      There was a great deal going in with the JCCV. Otto and I were in deep over at Galus Australis and there was a big discussion on a small FB group about it. Danny posted an extremely derogatory comment to me. I went berserk. The whole thing was wrong and very insulting. I deleted it.

      The ‘conversation’ stemming from that started around 2 pm and lasted until way after midnight. Finally he said that he agreed with everything I had said, but that my writing was too aggressive!!

      I answered that was an easy thing to do, because by ECAJ standards ‘even a mouse would be aggressive’

      After that I got “OK let’s get over it now and move on”

      G-d forbid these self-opinionated Community Grandstanders, as someone near to me calls them, can use the ‘sorry’ word. This isn’t the first, and I am positive it won’t be the last time, I hear from one of them “let’s move on., let’s get over it/past it, start again” or words to that effect. I am sorry I didn’t have the guts years ago to stand up to these bullies instead of dropping out of sight.

      If you knew how many times Muslim Village publish antisemitic articles on their web site and how many times I have complained to the ECAJ about it and they do nothing, you’d be astounded.

      I am stopping here because a couple I could go to town on, one in particular. Supercilious, egotistical, narcissistic and any other like word you care to add.

  4. Otto Waldmann

    My dear friend and fellow ghetto dweller, “ghetto Jews” are, by my definition very loyal to our principles, among which respect and defiant observance of Judaic principles are paramount. The kind of disappointing reactions we are seeing at some Jewish communal leaders are, if anything, a DEPARTURE from the strong Yiddishkeit responsible for our survival as Jews.
    Being part of the ghetto defines, for me, a reliable sense of belonging , a certified way of dependability as a strong Jew. To me the ghetto is not just a “refuge”, but a place of inspiration an identity strength.
    Last year I was visiting Venice and, of course the Ghetto and I was marvelling at the new presence of Yeshiva bocherim out in that large square playing soccer, payess, tzitzkes, the lot. I felt MORE at home. Not to mention a fairly new kosher restaurant right in front of it , booked out and not just by Jews. The owner , when told that we were from Australia, pointed to a table with an older couple also from Australia. I greeted them and the bloke looked at me tacitly, but with the clear expression of ” bugger off”…..I said to meself “Thats me lot alright !!”.

    So, there …..

  5. Otto Waldmann

    Shirlee is TOO painfully right.

    The kind of communal political juggling of some highly questionable respect for “political correctness” is just another way of defining the FAILURE of some of our communal leaders to simply UNDERSTAND what is needed to, indeed, defend our causes.

    Galus Australis, for instance, is a place where efforts are made to gather and IMPOSE almost EVERYTHING against staunch Jews have been battling to retain as ESSENTIAL in our genuine Jewish identity with all the pertinent causes it entails. Few have got the guts to tell them off and, anyway if one does, the “democratic” and “fair” editorial fascists will cut you off , anyway.

    As Shirlee said and she has been voicing, in fact DEFENDING, so clearly ( Shirl, you now bring tears to me eyes, serious !!) incredibly BASIC Jewish principles , we are seen by so many as a compromising weak, spineless lot, to the extent that any outsider would be forgiven to believe that the Yid of today in Australia sails with his tuches on two dinghies, each heading in a different direction.

    The image of a “balanced” citizen is pitted against the genuine AND justified Jewish concerns.
    And, when contradictions inevitably occur, guess which side is being sacrificed ….!!!!

  6. Carr’s riding the anti Jewish ( anti Semitic ) horse to sell his book is very sad , he had nothing constructive to offer to the people of Australia. He is obviously courting the Muslims where his rewards are higher. He was never a good politician. He has offered his services to a higher bidder, for shame.

  7. Just watched Q&A tonight.

    Two , in fact three relics, a clown and only one sane and intelligent bloke, Brendan O’Connor, most articulate not only because he said it straight and right ( kosher vyosher) on all issues.

    Among the relics, Eva Cox lost the few marbles she maybe had.

    I don’t know when and Bob Carr was put on the spot by both the question from the public and Tony Jones and proved once again, if we needed it, how miserably disingenuous and what a flapdoodle he is in fact, not all that smart.

    The clown had to be “Kennedy” who was claiming that Palestinian artists are being …boycotted all over the world! Just like the Israeli variety, if not even worse. Go figure!

    Funny how Carr spitted out with incredible promptness a rehearsed “retort” to the direct and correct comments of absurdities in his miserable book. Tony Jones did very well to redirect him to the ACTUAL charges which he could not challenge/dismiss.

    Just as shameful, Cox could not find within herself to stand up for Israel whilst anxious to neutralise, almost dismiss her Jewishness.

    A more exciting Q&A “episode”, yet one that left me with a bitter taste about some public figures considered worth being involved in relevant debates.
    Also wondered why unearth the long departed Kerry Chika…..

    • I forgot to watch this. I will check out the TV Guide to find when the re-run is.
      The ABC are abominable, as we well know. It is clear that they deliberately run this kind of ‘performance’ on an evening, which due to the religious significance of such evening, are not watching TV

  8. I urge you to watch it, Shirlee and I hope you will agree that Tony Jones was very fair and did stick it into Carr who, at one point, even admitted that he “stood corrected” on his attempts to mislead the true intentions of his comments regarding the “Jewish lobby”.
    I also hope that last night was the last time we’ve seen Bob Carr given any public attention or a platform to vent his bile, cancerously inflated ego and, mainly, his utter irrelevance.
    Same for Eva Cox who, most clearly, lost the plot altogether.

  9. It’s online at

    I somehow don’t think it is available outside of Australia

  10. I think it is, my Son, Felix, watches it regularly from UK and, now, Italy.

  11. Leon Poddebsky

    Eva Cox flaunts her Holocaust survivor status and disgracefully exploits it as a supposed validation of her views which are hostile to Israel’s existence and supportive of Israel’s mortal enemies.
    Her actions are an insult to all the Jews who were murdered in The Shoah.

    Her self-righteousness and posturing are caricature-like. No wonder the ABC loves her.

    She belongs to the category of Jews whom I view as the secular equivalent of the disciples of (St )Paul of Tarsus- they are as “Jewish” as he was and their influence, like his, is toxic to all Jews everywhere.

  12. Leon, next time I want to be precise, laconic, relevant and perfectly expressed I will say exactly what you said….