‘Carr’ Sickness !!

A terrific must read piece written by Jack Chrapot and very kindly submitted to ‘Jews Down Under’ by Emily Gian. Media and Advocacy Director, Zionist Federation of Australia..

This Monday night, we sit down to read about the liberation of the Jews from slavery back in the days of the Pharaohs. When we finally get through the part about our deliverance from Egypt, we eat because after all, who can reflect about this long history of overcoming evil and nasty tyrants on an empty stomach?

This year, we have a new Pharaoh for possible discussion at our Seder nights in the form of failed former foreign minister Bob Carr, variously described in recent days as “pompous” and “a tosser“.

But what’s all the fuss about?

The man might have released an encyclopaedia of self-indulgence that makes him look like a complete donkey but it’s not like he’s firing missiles at our women and children like the Palestinian terror groups. All he’s done is what most retired politicians do when they feel unwanted – write a book full of cheap shots and delusional ranting and nothing more.

I mean the release of his memoir as a foreign minister exposes the author more for a weakness of character than demonstrating any achievements of note during his time in office.

What he appears to be doing is a confirmation that he has no qualms about betraying friends which he did to his prime minister before being kicked out of office. He also did it to the principles of the working people he once was supposed to represent.

Would a true Labour person complain about not being able to travel first class or regard himself so superior as to not feel humble in the presence of Obama and Putin?

I never believed that I would ever come across a representative of a party representing working people complaining about a lack of pyjamas on a business class flight.


This egomaniac rails against the so called “Israel lobby” as if the Jews all think the same. Thinks we should just be quiet, cop the slings and arrows of those who hate us and never be allowed to defend ourselves as happened when we were slaves back in Egypt.

Never mind that there’s a well-oiled Palestinian lobby out there that seems to have the ear of someone who once famously played a role in awarding a farcical “peace prize” to a Palestinian apologist for suicide bombers.

And there has to be something wrong when the publicity for a book about how foreign policy is made highlights the supposed influence of the Israel lobby but ignores the carnage that went on in neighbouring Syria during his watch.

Go figure?

I learned long ago to distrust those who find it necessary to peddle the line that “some of my best friends are Jews” and Carr’s sickening self-defence by claiming he has knowledge of the Holocaust should ring some alarm bells.

A number of people have come forward to dispute the man’s version of events described in his book which leads me to quote one line which best sums him up.

“I lie in my tailored suit.”


In the days of yore, we were slaves in Egypt. We were the workers made to bow to imperious, arrogant and dangerous foes who we overcame one by one. Carr pales into insignificance among them and although that doesn’t excuse him of being shamefully bigoted when it comes to his position on Israel and the Jews, I’m going to ignore him from now on. We have bigger fish to fry.

Could someone please pass the matzo balls?

Jack Chrapot is a Melbourne lawyer and a member of the Executive of the Zionist Council of Victoria

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  1. Bob Carr is just a vulgar Jew Hater and could (should?) be dismissed as such because as you say in your article: you have bigger fish to fry.

    But, from memory, he used to be quite the “friend” of Jews. (As he boasted yesterday he even liked Primo Levi’s “If This Is a Man” and if that isn’t proof enough!) So what has changed him?

    As a taxpayer, I paid for his “fact-finding” trips to Israel-hating places and I’m left wondering what he brought back from those ‘generous’ nations. I’m inclined to think it had to be more than just “moral conviction” since he doesn’t appear to me to be a man of conviction nor of morals.

  2. Carr’s attempt to unilaterally change the then Government’s policy on Israel on the steps of the Lakemba Mosque is well documented in the following series of articles written by me and published on various news sites on the Internet

    Read them and the Jew hating comments at your leisure at:

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    Carr had ample opportunities to publicly deny my claims but never raised even a whimper.

    Carr is obviously very bitter at being out of a job for which he must share the blame as a result of his extraordinary attempt to subvert Labor party policy.

    Does his conduct rate a mention in his book? I do not intend to spend my money trying to find out.