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BDS Fail – Jake Lynch

Boycotted Israeli embraced by other fellows. A HEBREW University political scientist whose initial bid for a fellowship application was rejected as part of a boycott against Israel has arrived in Australia expressing outrage at the action taken by Sydney academic Jake Lynch. Dan Avnon this week took up a Sir …

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How the Hatred Spreads

My alma mater, San Francisco State University, has emerged as among the most violently anti-Jewish universities in the United States. Dusty, over at Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers and San Francisco State Unbecoming, alerts us to the fact that SFSU not only sponsors student organizations that call for the murder of Jews, …

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Pyne warns universities to act on campus racism.

This is just charming and most unacceptable at our National University!!! For overseas readers of Jews Down Under, Christopher Pyne is a Federal Member of Parliament and is the Minister for Education and Leader of the House. This article from the Australian is behind a Pay Wall here: UNIVERSITY orientation …

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San Francisco State University and Calls for Murder


San Francisco State University is funding political student organizations that call for murder. As has been well-covered in the Jewish American press, SFSU’s General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) held up signs last year at an event honoring deceased Palestinian-Arab professor, Edward Said, reading, “My heroes have always killed colonizers.”  CBS …

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Palestine – Jordan Gets Jittery Again

Jordan is Palestine Conference review

Written by David Singer. Jordan has become increasingly jittery after US Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework agreement for peace missed meeting the second deadline for its release on 21 February – having initially been promised by the end of January. Now US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro has let …

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OzTorah: Ask the Rabbi.

Written and Submitted by Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple.   BEING DEAF Question.  The Mishnah has a very negative attitude towards the “cheresh”, the deaf person. Does this apply in modern times when such good hearing aids are available? Answer.  The “cheresh” spoken about in rabbinic literature is a deaf-mute who …

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Oxford Students Vote Against BDS Movement

Oxford University, which is ranked as one of the top five universities on the planet, has categorically rejected two motions supported by the BDS Movement. A motion that called upon Oxford students to boycott Israeli institutions and products was defeated, 69-10, with 15 abstentions. Another motion calling for students to …

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The “Peaceful” Rock Hurlers.

Written and published  by Rachel Molschky of Cherson and Molschky. Israel bashers always make light of Palestinian rock throwing, calling them “just a few pebbles” or trying to justify the violence. But this rock throwing is part of the Palestinian culture, and it can be extremely dangerous. Arutz Sheva has …

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