Israel/Palestine: Labour Senator Anne Urquhart Shows Her Colours

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Comment posted on “Are we destined for Galut (Exile) forever?”

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  1. Jew Hatred, thinly disguised by the see-through fig leaf of “Sooooooolidarrrity wif Paaalesteeeeeenians” really attracts the uglies, doesn’t it. Ocker Ocker Ocker, oy oy oy.

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    Let’s face it: the Australian Labor Party, like the Greens, is an enemy of Israel because it is the nation-state of the Jews. Hence the love affair between the ALP / Greens axis on the one hand and the “Palestinians”, whose only concern in life seems to be to destroy Jewish national and human rights.
    Barry Cohen, a former ALP federal minister, quoting a colleague, has publicly accused the ALP of being an anti-Semitic party.
    How long will it be before the few Jewish MP’s are purged?