Beware the Aims of BDS

This isn’t a brand-new video, but it’s timely and instructive nevertheless. For those who have never seen it before, it’s worth a look.

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    It is anti-Semites (both non-Jewish and Jewish), for example, Jimmy Carter, who tutored the enemy to adopt the strategy of pseudo-victim, pseudo-peace-lover, pseudo-sophisticate,pseudo “progressive and liberal.” Their Western collaborators turn a blind eye to the monstrous abuses within the enemy camp itself, with its internecine massacres, reactionary anti-democratic, pro-totalitarian ethos- and it’s not that they care about “the poor ‘Palestinians'”; it’s that they hate the Jews.

    • Someone put it like this: “they dont hate the Jews because of Israel, they hate Israel because of the Jews”.

      • Rita, it was Pat Condell who made that claim and he is absolutely correct.

        What we need to keep in mind, or so it seems to me, is that the great majority of western progressives, or liberals, or whatever, are not inherently hostile to Jews. But they are exceedingly susceptible to appeals grounded in notions of social justice and human rights.

        That is the key.

        The Jewish people are a tiny minority in the world and therefore it is much, much harder for us to compete against Arab and Muslim propagandistic campaigns of defamation that spread throughout Europe, America, and Australia, among other places.

        What we need to do is turn the tables by insisting that the Jews of the Middle East are a people under siege and should be supported by anyone who cares about social justice and human rights.

        That needs to be our focus, in my opinion.

        So long as the enemies of the Jewish people paint us as aggressors, and so long as we fail to counteract this toxic notion, then people throughout the world will assume that we are guilty, just as they have done generation upon generation, century upon century.

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    Michael, a great many western “progressives” and “liberals” ARE inherently hostile to the Jewish People. They utterly reject many traditional Jewish values and beliefs; they reject UTTERLY the notion that Jews have the right to national self-determination, arguing condescendingly that liberals and progressives can “protect” their client Jews.
    The only “Jews” with whom progressives and liberals pretend to have any affinity are creatures like Chomsky, Pappe, the late Bruno Kreisky and suchlike.

    Hence the ” liberal, progressive” imperviousness to facts, evidence, rational argument.
    Hence their nazi-like “selection” of Israel as their boycott target.